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  1. What are you going to do if you can't find it? I just searched to help out and couldn't locate this anywhere. I don't have a good schematic and I'm not sure what shape the shaft is that inserts into the reel but couldn't you use another handle of a similar size reel and do some kind of bond to the reel Mechanism. Welding etc or if it's an Allen wrench opening find the corresponding Allen wrench and weld that to another handle. Clearly I'm talking out of my a$$ right now as I've never even handled a Stella so have no idea what these components look like but you seem desperate and wanted to at least provide something. Good luck brotha
  2. Hey guys Looking for a used but in good shape backpack cooler. The Cordova backpack would be great if anyone has one for sale. Thanks!
  3. You can go to cape cod today and read the article, not sure if I can link it here.... But I believe it was a total of 50+ fish. They had plain clothes officers walking the canal nabbing people up and down it seems. I have little experience at the canal .... Only one two week stretch this summer and it was the best fishing of my life. People don't know how hard it can be to catch keepers on piers and jettys and they're spoiling it for everyone else. This 7 mile stretch is magical, really is. Place needs way more oversight especially at night.
  4. I say start with step 4. Like don't pass go in Monopoly
  5. Cape cod today just posted an article of a sizable sting on the canal this weekend. Over 50 shorts seized...8k in fines. Scumbags
  6. Actually a great point I'm going to call them this week and see what options I have for a rider
  7. So I'm in the house doing random stuff and I feel the house shake. At first thought it was my subwoofer going bananas but then I realized it wasnt on nor was the tv, lol. I looked outside thinking the house got hit with something and we heard a big boom. Now we know it was a 1.9 earthquake about 2 miles away from us. Don't think I've ever felt an earthquake even of that size before.
  8. This article says 500,000 striped bass caught in lake texoma since December. If these are even remotely accurate numbers if you multiply this by the entire Eastern seaboard millions upon millions of bass are being kept and caught. Do we have any idea what the sustainability figures are and how large the broad population is? I knew the numbers were bad based on conversations in here but don't think I've seen an actual number like this quoted somewhere
  9. Didn't mean to insult you. Just because I was going to use them for family coming on a head boat for the first time this Sunday. I figured these were 2006 or earlier reels if they're newer I'll gladly raise my offer but was hoping for a quick ship to possibly use them right away. I'd pay immediately. That was my intent behind the ask
  10. How's the corrosion on them and when was last time they've been taken fully apart and serviced? Given age if they're in decent shape and right hand retrieve I offer$120 for both shipped to 06457 but want to see photos first. I can only do this if they can be shipped first thing tomorrow with the potential for delivery this Saturday. Not sure where you're located Thanks for considering.
  11. Can you post pics if the shvs? I'm assuming these are older.... Like 2006 or so from last time I can find info on them.
  12. What would u like for it? I just bought a torium on here from another member. I'm going to use it once then can trade that your way if you prefer the toriums.
  13. Redfish dug deep in the thread to find this! Well done!
  14. Where you located? Details on the rod?
  15. Sent PM coming