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  1. This is what I'm considering also and clamping it down to my rack. Did you bubble wrap or add anything inside to protect your rods? I plan on traveling with maybe 3 for my upcoming trip
  2. This is perfect now only if I had a truck and not an SUV,! Why minuses or breakfast and restroom? Worried someone would steal your stuff if it wasn't locked down the old way on the roof?
  3. Now this is what I'm talking about! I plan on building something similar this week but definitely not as robust!
  4. What do you mean by double your running line?
  5. Hundred yards out at night in pitch black !!!! Eeeek
  6. This might be the best thread ever. Can relate to so much of this wow. My worst was the North shore of LI way East near a harbor area... Fishing pitch black soaking bait and casting plugs. I swear half the time I was there sometime was five feet behind me at all times and I was just too scared to turn around and look. Just awful feeling sometimes .. worse when no bite!
  7. I'll take it at asking if gellatly backs out
  8. That site you mention definitely doesn't have them. What's the model percolator you have? The whole thing would be cheaper
  9. Would you consider a whole new percolator in trade versus just spare parts for yours?
  10. I'm intrigued. Respectfully offer $12 even though I think I know the island well already. Willing to pay a little to confirm it!
  11. I can find the handles. Can't find this strap... Most impossible hunt ever but I'll keep trying!
  12. Respectfully offer 150. I'll be in Chatham starting next week and can meet up
  13. Where are you located? I can see if a friend can meet up and grab it for me. He's coming to Connecticut next week maybe he can bring to me.
  14. These are all 1 piece correct?
  15. Location?