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  1. Hey you fuker when we gonna meet up....been looking for you. Your ass is grass when I finally find you. AND I will...lets do this..get back to me

  2. Evac quite a bit of HI... hope you guys are ok... Lots of flooding on sound side and at Rodanthe flooded pretty bad.... Stumpy Point reported a 70mph wind just a while ago that SW wind is pushing a great deal of sound water *
  3. Very true... his colors pop and not a single ripple on the water ...
  4. No, only to just two or three ...you just happen to be one of them
  5. Borsig and Retainer, After this blow dies down ... try south of the Narrows north of where ramp 44 comes out .. ... the swell should not not be more than 4' and we will have a NE for at least a day or two. Also the south side of The Point near The Hook. Look for good current. Ramp 48 near Where Frisco pier used to be. Water temps are unseasonably warm this time of year and we have not see a spot bite to amount to anything.
  6. Try to look up Bob Tenbusch in KDH ..Overthehillphotography.. he did an incredible shot of Hatteras Harbor at night .. he waited hours for the right shot..I'd bet his print would look good on a wall in your home or office.
  7. Lights aren't a problem as long as you repsect the guy beside you. Turn it off when you have a bait in the water. Don't shine your headlights on the water either. If you're fishing Cape Point at night for big Drum, fish one rod and hold it. Especially when a bite is on and lots of folks are there. i keep a head lamp on my head and use it at different times. I also keep a small flashlight around my neck to shine up at my rod tip to see if my line is drifting down the beach. I turn it on momentary and move to where my line is. I hate when some guy shines his bright headlamp in my eyes and I will tell him to turn it off. Anywhere else on the beach and your by yourself, do what you want. Just be respectful of the guy fishing near you. If they ain't using lights you probably shouldn't either. Even if you're there first . ... The guy who showed up probably knew that spot was already there. Reading the beach and surf is imperitive for successful fishing down here. If you are unsure where the spot you want to fish is get there during daylight and fish into the night. Lots of troughs, sucks, drops and slews are constantly changing. Lots of youtubes for you to learn with.
  8. It's a shame you have no idea what you are talking about.. First when the gas company picks up the tank that is out of date they repaint the tank and if it needs to be tested , it is. Do you really think they throw all those tanks away? secondly, the tare weight is printed on the side of the tank. If you think you are getting shafted weigh the empty tank yourself. Most all tanks weigh the same amount give or take four to six ounces. Thirdly the tanks are designed for 20 pounds of propane which is 4.7 gallons of liquid propane there needs to be 20% of the space in the tank to allow the gas to escape through the valve. Lastly, if you're thinking your getting screwed by a place that does tank exchanges bring a electronic bathroom scale with you. Add your tare weight of your tanks pus 20 pounds of LP ....Unless there is some law in your state that prohibits filling a tank call the company that fills them and complain.put it on social media.
  9. Don't you guys up north have a tank exchange at retail outlets... you bring your empty and exchange it for a full one? Down here it usually costs between 13.99 to 18.99 for a full tank of propane... Even if your tank is out of date.. the gas company inspects every one they take in and re-certify it and put it back in their sales rotation.
  10. The same exact way they bring up, and Divide by, race, origin, sexual preference yada yada yada. They still think they own Black Voters. Prez DJT asked them for their vote and asked them "what did they have to lose"? I think its working out nicely for the Black Community.
  11. Look, I just want the Dem Dummies to keep telling themselves exactly what they are telling themselves at this moment... Just as they did before the 2016 election. I give women far more credit for their intelligence that the Demo Rats do.. If they cant see through this facade, then they are too stupid to vote
  12. Has anyone been watching CSPAN 2 and watching some of these homely looking women yell "we believe survivors" and all their stories? it looks like a homely woman/beta male love fest .
  13. That's basically what I was asking in a previous post I started... I think, he is thinking ahead more than the dummies on the left are giving him credit for....
  14. I've kept up with Prez Trump and his nomination process. Have you noticed he is thinking far ahead of just tomorrow with his methodical nominations. Knowing that Kavenough was the logical choice at this point in the game all the while telegraphing Amy Barrett was in the top two. Should RBG check out, or become incapacitated in his next two years... or according to the Unwritren Biden rule the next year for the sake of argument ...Amy Barrett is on deck and will not get attacked in the manor that Kavenough has endured. Marking her path easier. How big of a fight and how much dirt will the Demon-crarts dig up or lie about. From where I sit, She is as much like the Virgin Mary as Kavenough is a Boy Scout. Despite his accusations his records are spotless.
  15. Thanks for the update. Me and my buddies will be looking for you on the northern piers. Its about to get real.