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  1. With the almost, it’s clearly hyperbole. Without the almost, it’s a bold faced lie. CH and friends aren’t quite the idiots they try to appear to be
  2. To anyone who’s common sense outweighs any TDS affliction they may suffer, it’s pretty obvious that Trump’s statement was: hy•per•bo•le hī-pûr′bə-lē ► n. A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect, as in I could sleep for a year or This book weighs a ton. n. In rhetoric, an obvious exaggeration; an extravagant statement or assertion not intended to be understood literally. n. Synonyms See exaggeration.
  3. But he can’t really do that, and come out ahead. The headlines would be the same, or just in question form. “Is Trump admitting....?” “Is Trump finally agreeing with us......?” And I really love how y’all like to blame the lack of wearing masks on Trump and “his admirers”, and the like. I’m in SW Philly, and mask wearing is about 50/50, on a good day. Those not wearIng masks are most definitely not Trump admirers following his lead.
  4. You don’t really believe that, do you? I can see the headlines already. “Trump admits to killing hundreds of thousands of Americans.” “Trump finally agrees with us - the pandemic, and America’s economic woes are all his fault”
  5. If the country wasn’t already a clown show in 2016, Trump would never have won the primaries, much less become President.
  6. I’d hope that if Biden chickened out of all debates, voters would see it for what it is, and vote, or not vote, accordingly. Similarly, I’d hope that if the dems threw a curveball at the convention and nominated someone else, I’d hope some lights would go off in a few minds. I’m likely wrong on both counts, but I can hope.
  7. Can’t get the economy roaring again if people can’t get back to work. A lot of people can’t get back to work if schools stay closed, or remote learning
  8. Just one in person debate, and it’s likely all over for Biden. It won’t gain Trump any new fans, but Biden’s sundowning will scare the crap outta republicans/conservatives who would have state home in November. It’ll likely also have some Democrats/liberals deciding to stay home in November. Until a debate happens, the media can make Biden out to be whoever/whatever they want him to be, and I suspect polls will look worse and worse.
  9. And verifying that he was clearly in respiratory distress beforehand, makes 8 minutes with a knee in his neck look that much worse, not better.
  10. Y’all already did love him when he had a D after his name, then y’all suddenly hated him when he put an R after his name, soooo........
  11. They DID love him, all the way up until he said he was gonna run as a republican.
  12. So, thousands of young black men being slaughtered by their own, is nothing more than a distraction to you, huh? Wow. Just, WOW!
  13. Did 2-Guns stand up on the table, with both guns pointed at the guy’s head who was leaning on the end of the table?
  14. That’s funny right there. You actually got indignant about someone derailing your derailment. Hilarious
  15. What does today’s KKK makeup have to do with the OP?