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  1. Not yet, but we’re getting there.
  2. Last I heard, they’re expecting 2-300 people
  3. And yet, that’s exactly what they’re doing. Kenny is trying to use a long time criminal, doing criminal things, with illegal guns, to push for a ban for law abiding citizens. Of course, the useful idiots are lapping it up.
  4. Think it’s more that many don’t care that China has been shafting us for a long time, as long as it’s Trump that’s e fighting back. Orang Man Bad, you know
  5. For the same reason that so many instantly say “I have a right to feel safe. What’s the government gonna do about this?”, 2 seconds after they hear about a mass shooting on the news. If “We, The People” bear no responsibility for something as basic and personal as our own safety, and yearn to pawn it off on the government, what makes you think it could possibly be any different wrt something as distant as trade policy with China?
  6. Absolutely nothing you quoted there means “He's dropping out because he feels there's no place for him in today's Rep party”. NOTHING. In fact, he made sure to say just the opposite - “I’m still a Republican.” The fact that you claim to have heard the opposite of what he said, started a thread about your imaginary BS, and tried to summarily dismiss the first couple to call you on it, all perfectly illustrates one of the biggest issues liberals have - reality is unimportant. What’s actually said/done/meant by your enemy is wholly irrelevant. You and yours will decide what horrible thing the enemy really said/did/meant, then disseminate your fiction to be lapped up by the masses. Here you just forgot that most on this site are not the target lemmings, I mean audience. Oops.
  7. So they don’t even have that to go back on, and have to make s**t up? Hilarious!
  8. It truly is pathetic when you’ve supposedly been representing your people for decades, yet you and your supporters have to go all the way back to your days with MLK for any notable accomplishments.
  9. Double
  10. Apparently, nuggets of null crap do.
  11. Because that wouldn’t allow them to grow the government, and pull in more money. Simple.
  12. The unbiased MSNBC talking heads talked more about Trump in any 10 minutes of coverage, than the entire 2 hours of debate
  13. I got a chuckle out of that as well
  14. Warren declares “We are a Democracy!”, and no one called her in it. Not one of the other 9 candidates. Not either of the 2 moderators. None of them know that we’re a Constitutional Republic, or would acknowledging that just get in the way of their “mob rules” agenda?
  15. “The Dems refuse to do their job (impeach a President they KNOW committed all kinds of crimes), because those bad Republicans won’t let them.” Wow. Talk about grade school. If Nancy and the rest of the House Dems believe Trump haze broken the law, then it is their duty to the People to impeach him. If not, shut the **** up. Constantly running off at the mouth about this and that impeachable offense, while refusing to impeach, is pure political theater. That is a deadly threat to our democracy.