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  1. Exactly. We didn’t give a chit about these letters during the Trump years, so why give a chit now? On the flip side, considering how those on the left creamed themselves every time one of these came out against Trump, they should be calling for Biden’s resignation after this.
  2. It’s truly pathetic how someone posts a joke that’s been around for 20 years, and because they don’t like it, leftists act like it’s fake news.
  3. Almost didn’t read beyond “smart gun...... regulation” Ok. Done laughing now. So, you just confirmed that the Democrats have been utterly useless in the timespan you covered - presidents, members of congress, governors,..... I mean, it’s their jobs to get these things done despite the evil republicans, right? Haven’t the Dems had complete control once or twice in that time? They couldn’t do something that required more than a pen and a phone to reverse? Or, did they not know they were dealing with an existential crisis yet? smart gun legislation
  4. So, what you’re saying is the Democrat presidents we’ve had during that time have been utterly useless then??
  5. I really am laughing my *** off at that one. Thanks. Needed that
  6. As long as when we start growing a third eye, it grows in the top of the head. That way (the collective) we can see where we’re going as we walk down the street with our heads in our phones.
  7. It’s scary how popular government dependency and control has become in American culture.
  8. Well, at least everyone that showed up likely got hired. Even the guy that showed up in shorts, flip flops, and a wife beater. Lol
  9. So now we’re gonna dictate whether people can even have a car at all??
  10. So, the government will make taxpayers pay for infrastructure we don’t have money for, to support vehicles we don’t want. Awesome.
  11. In the meantime, inner cities will be up chits creek. Government will likely make ICE ownership cost prohibitive long before electric ownership is feasible in these areas.
  12. So, if I’m understanding correctly, you’d still need to install the charging pad under the sidewalk/street in front of your house ($$$), and pray that you’re able park in front of your home to use it.
  13. If only someone could’ve foreseen people making more/same on unemployment, and deciding it’s just not worth it to go back to work when things opened back up. Hmmmmm......
  14. Was talking to a friend in Jersey a couple days ago. There was a casino job fair, with 750 open positions, and either 5 or 50 people showed up.
  15. It’s called politics. While consumers are still very much in love with the ICE, politicians across the world have decided that electric is the future, and are doing all they can to make that a reality with incentives, ICE bans/electric mandates, increased gas taxes.... So, some manufacturers have decided that the writing is on the walls, and they’re not going to continue to invest in a technology that governments are not going to allow them to sell. Im curious though. When politicians decide we must go all electric, what happens to all those city dwellers that don’t have private parking, and have to park on the street? How are they supposed to charge their car when they’re lucky to park in front of their own home a couple times a week? Even then, are we supposed to have sidewalks covered in extension cords?