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  1. In civilian life, you’ve got an excellent point that I agree with. In the military, it doesn’t matter. Fact remains, they still ignored a lawful order when given.
  2. They had a fair chance, then they became a convicted criminal. How is it fair to landlords to force them to rent to entrust their valuable property to individuals who've been proven to be untrustworthy?
  3. I wonder if Kenny did a happy dance when he found out we were getting international play, like he did when we became a sanctuary city.
  4. It's amazing that, to this day, y'all act like the only reason voters opposed those that supported impeachment, or the 1/6 hearings is because of Trump, and not because they though those things were political theater. It's pathetic.
  5. If y’all didn’t care so much about everything he says and does, he would have stopped long ago
  6. What fuc***g resolution could there be?
  7. You wouldn't even have to rush
  8. That's because, even before polls closed, they were all focused on the next election. It's all about positioning for power and reelection. The People are simply a means to that end.
  9. We can't discount how chit a candidate Oz was. My first thought, upon hearing he was running, was "not that phony a$$". I used to bitch about him when he was on tv and people would bring up something he was pushin. Couldn't believe he won the primary. Had though he might win, since Fett is clearly incapable, but after-debate reactions knocked that out of me. If the Reps put forth even a half decent candidate, they'd have another seat today
  10. F****ing unbelievable, even though I picked him to win in the poll. This doesn't bode well for Pa., and really doesn't bode well for the quality of candidates put forth in the future
  11. “Voter suppression” would be the phrase of the day
  12. First time I've ever voted and walked right up to the table. Was about 11:30, and they were in the 80's
  13. Funny isn't it. Whoopi even said out loud, on camera, that she's leaving because certain attitudes were blocked, and now they're back