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  1. Another patient told a cafeteria worker who told a janitor who told told a nurse who told a Dr who then told the reporter he might have a slight cold . They finally have him, the smoking gun the Dems need . He is clearly to sick to continue .
  2. Probably the easiest way is to put them in a large can shaped container and leave by the curb . A truck will come by ,usually twice a week, and empty the container .
  3. Wow

    Beautiful catch of a lifetime..Too Bad She had to die ...
  4. This should be a sticky post in the forum .. Need to make everyone aware , thanks Biggie..
  5. I think we figured out your problem ...
  6. If he can do this please have him PM me some Lotto numbers, thanks ..
  7. Noticed a bunch of fish were hitting the lure with their heads first .Also a lot of tail slapping . Felt like I was losing more than usual . A few more than usual hooked in the side of their heads. I really like that yuzori 3d twitch bait when this happens . Its basically a glider but suspends so you can leave it and twitch if fish slaps/head butts it and they usual come around to hit it . I know they will also chase it but if in that last few feet of surf when there is no more room to retrieve it comes in handy .At $10 bucks its worth having in the bag ..
  8. It is not the covering of the boulders/small rock piles that hurt us it is that the new sand has no life in it at all . Whatever life is in the sand under the pumping is also hurt . That small micro bait is the beginning of the food chain and is what holds larger bait and then fish . The old jetties are gone to the eye but there are still nice rocks that were not totally removed behind them and they pop out after the new sand washes away . It is going to be covered again this year and the cycle continues . If you get a chance in the summer take a dive around what is left of the jetties and you would be surprised how much of the structure is still there . Probably too late for that now and they will most likely all be covered with this new round of replenishment .
  9. heard wind blowing hard south right now
  10. Tomorrow might be better with that temp drop .. they may put the feed bag on before the storm .
  11. were you watching me,lol... Nah, not that many but probably could of if I didnt stop ,j/k... Its still going on, that bite is from 10 am -now . I had two that could keep if I killed fish
  12. I think everyone had a good/great day today . Great to see that many fish regardless of size in the surf .
  13. A day of running into people from the site along with many others trying to be where the fish pushed in for the one minute they did . Finally found them a little south and it was a great bite . No big fish but they had peanuts pushed into the rocks and it was a fish every cast . Top water and rubber . When the water receded all you saw was bass tails sticking out of the rocks trying to get at the peanuts .,lol . Left them biting at dark . I had just taken off my waders and caught a wave trying to release a fish . Wet, cold but happy to finally bend a rod today. ...Thanks Chris !!!
  14. My new strategy is to check tide ,wind, temp and Kracker location .
  15. stepped on a short fluke today while wadding out,lol . I dont know who was more spooked . Also saw a school of peanuts inside the sandbar with one small blue swimming in and out of them , cool to see .