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  1. Nice axe. Record something for us and post it.
  2. Like I said, no one gets away with that **** anymore unless they're in the big leagues.
  3. ^ that pic is making Mc horny
  4. Absolutely. Can you believe not long ago NH required inspection TWICE yearly? Holy ****ing money grab. My bud in MT had two full-length windshield cracks.....I said how do you pass inspection....he said what's inspection.
  5. I'm guessing that guy doesn't have a printer.
  6. I hate the fact that o-bongo gets corrected to obama
  7. Guy was prolly a sovereign citizen.....just traveling through while enjoying a camel unfiltered. The nerve of that cop.
  8. Police: Driver tried to pass off Camel cigarette box for state inspection sticker A driver tried to get creative to avoid getting an official state inspection sticker, said Plaistow police, but they didn't get past one officer. A Plaistow police officer stopped a car that had a suspicious-looking inspection sticker on 19 Plaistow Road around 2:20 p.m. on Valentine's Day. The driver put a box of Camel cigarettes in the window and tried to color it to look like an inspection sticker, writing 09-19 on the front, said police in a FB post. "Although it is creative, it is definitely not legal," said police. The driver was issued a traffic citation. "Please do not attempt this," said police. "Get your vehicle inspected according to the law at an official inspection station."
  9. Please. Unless you're a clinton or Obama you can't get away with taking stuffed envelopes anymore......maybe cuomo but not low-level pols. I'm flabbergasted by her notion that a tax break fro amazon translates to cash from amazon to pay for more ****.
  10. Does it really make that sound when you open a can?
  11. ^ expert tip
  12. Lol....all you gourmets that can't appreciate good chicken fried steak. This thread spun outta control around 40 pages ago. Baked beans are white trash food?
  13. Did that treaty not hand over an absurd amount of Russian land, natural resources and factories to Germany? I guess lots of stuff would have been different if Germany won WWI. Carry on and disregard the question.
  14. Imagine Russia if brest-livotsk wasn't revoked after the war. Why would the bolsheviks ever agree to that?
  15. Was he on uncle floyd before sterm?