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  1. Saw that....wonder if these two and the other white girl will actually serve time. Can you be a convicted felon and practice law?
  2. I bet she cleans up well!
  3. Red you sound ornery this afternoon.....are the bud lights not icy cold?
  4. Once the shelves are empty these warriors for justice for george will lose interest in a hurry. The white idiots will keep going until mom texts dinner is ready.
  5. These quarter horse sprints tough to handicap belmo? Watching America's day at the races....churchill and ruidoso.
  6. Hear! Hear!
  7. Coming from you and a juiced, underachieving hypocrite it means nothing I assure you. Again, I understand it must suck being you and for that I'm sorry.
  8. Maybe because "they" were a buncha masked **** that live in mommy's basement? They were white so they're just out there to take selfies and protest the latest sjw issue no?
  9. Bet he's glad you're on his team now.
  10. Coming from fake father flanagan's butt boy that means a lot. What a pathetic punk you are.
  11. Both of those things were pointed out to me courtesy of the tavern.
  12. Tine to bring in the bucket loaders from soylent green.
  13. They have nothing better to do.