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  1. No sir.....have to keep my eyes open for it.
  2. You're half black. I'd stay away from ancestry.com if you were considering it.
  3. Didn't the blacks co-opt hennessy yo?
  4. you smoke kools too?
  5. Be back.....heading in to make some titties.......smaller......on a male.
  6. Maybe it's just the one in my truck
  7. Buds say it'd be cheaper to just buy one these days......but are both willing to help on the build!
  8. Those wireless chargers don't work with a case.
  9. Make sure she didn't pull the plug like that russian assassin did to her boyfriend before a paddle on the hudson......and got like 3 weeks jail time for it.
  10. Shots of that swill at the purple shamrock when I was a freshman at stonehill was the first and last time that sheet touches my throat.
  11. Woot woot!
  12. Nope.....he's a good surgeon as well. There's plenty that aren't.
  13. Just shy of lethal.
  14. Perfect timing actually......what's your opinion on combining horsepower and psychedelics?
  15. As long as it ain't my aiming eye....