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  1. Yes. A man's gotta eat!
  2. Wow.....that's heavy man.
  3. No but patients ask “when is it ok to have sex?” postop all the time.
  4. Went to a ton of shows back in the day.....it was easy living in north jersey.
  5. Not true for the first few albums but they didn’t tour. From royal scam on it was all session guys though as you said.
  6. You bet! All the cheap domestic beer you can swill is on me!
  7. Nice. I have some pretty interesting discussions with my patients all the time. Bedside manner counts......although not as much as clinical acumen and technical skill. Crazy but as you would imagine this new era is generating plenty of guys that are better marketers than surgeons.
  8. Oh man.....8 figures at least. I'm still counting it because they paid me in unmarked singles.
  9. That's why it takes 7-8 years of residency for plastics......and some guys still suck. Glad you found a good one. BCC is overtreated....SCC not so much.....melanoma is a different animal.
  10. All good.....making the world more beautiful one big boob at a time. Did 2 big melanoma cases today too.....saving lives man.
  11. No but gargle comes up with nothing.
  12. ^ the kinda **** you think of when you're stoned.
  13. Another load of steaming horsesheet to further undermine the occasional legitimate one he posts.
  14. They should close the canal to all fishing!
  15. That appearance the other week you noted was my allocation for the year in there.