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  1. So @TimS are your web folks paki or chinee? Just curious about the syntax "gave you reputation" thing.
  2. Everybody needs to start giving red reputation for every post to help in his battle with chantix!
  3. Oscar to myrna: you're the best secretary I've ever had.....disorganized, sloppy and lazy.
  4. Crazy scenario but sounds like pops had no choice.
  5. Yes, more marlboro reds and bud tall boys for junior.
  6. Exactly. A recent family portrait would be helpful for us to fully commit to trashing them all.
  7. Just don't utter any racial or sexist epithets in voice range of that thing.....and certainly don't mention where you buried any bodies.
  8. How bout the 17 year old latavius in MS that was out on bail for 2 SEPARATE shootings this year he's accused of murder in.....and killed someone else!
  9. Outstanding shoot. Killed somebody then no one thought to get him the help he needed before killing someone else. At least he won't be killing anyone else.
  10. Merry Happy Bb....see yiz next year.
  11. MIL makes bread all the time....then the wife started in with it almost daily a few years back. Finally quit when we realized it was delish but deadly to the wasteline.
  12. That thing is recording your every word and sending it back to the cloud.
  13. Btw is he the guy that broke it off with that little hottie arianna?
  14. You can literally watch SNL now from start to finish without cracking a smile. A skit ends and there’s silence until the applause signs flash.