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  1. Lol....same here. But you gotta grab what you got ese.
  2. The prize for doing that should be his hot teacher banging him.
  3. Finally!
  4. Pretty sure I lost more than I won....didn't matter.
  5. Sounds like a scene from goodfellas but it was coonassville.....go figure.
  6. And there's different shoes for day and night fishing.
  7. And grundens and white rim sunglasses with no shirt. Extreme fluking they'll call it.
  8. But they'll wear their special fluking shoes and it'll be glorious.
  9. Yeah sorta like that
  10. They tattoo them they don't brand them. *ly.
  11. I'm praying he already knew that.
  12. Now that's the kind of firsthand experience I was looking for.
  13. We gonna find out!
  14. Who said anything about using heavy tackle? You don't really fish do you? Or are you a "6" native brookie on ultra-light is my dream come true" kinda guy?
  15. Oh no. They're gonna love us down there! Now I'm skeered.