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  1. Remind me what kinda doc you are again sonob? I know you told me I just misremembered.
  2. Funny how the whole scenario changes when all the facts are presented. The one I saw looked like fat bastard caused the entire ordeal and got the pizza he ordered. Post the full vid if you can.
  3. I had no sound where I posted that from lol.....evidently there's a better video if someone can post it.
  4. Unless you're fishing for tarpon get a 5 or 6 weight.......what do you have now?
  5. Need bigger chicken cages to make them feel better about themselves.
  6. Pics of moms or thread is worthless-er.
  7. I think next time you fight you should emulate said airport tough guy's fighting style weeeeeeeed.
  8. I used to laugh at statements like this but the more this craziness goes on I no longer see what you mention as an impossibility.
  9. Either way....throw a slap and then hang your chin in the breeze with your hands at your side.
  10. Maybe the one in the article starts earlier?
  11. Sorry. lol
  12. Keep on voting dem! Some nutjob running in WA wants $30/hr minimum wage and is asking a million homeless people to break into vacant homes. Left unchecked we are heading for implosion.
  13. Should be filed under "worst fighting skills by airport employee ever" https://nypost.com/2022/05/23/united-airlines-worker-passenger-trading-blows-at-newark/
  14. Turns out the crime was......saying jackie!