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    I haved camped & fished on Assateague for over 35yr.
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    Surf fishing , camping , NASCAR , A cold beer.
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    Retired ! But working for MACK TRUCK part-time.

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    Central PA.
  1. Photo loaded now
  2. Off of Assateague yesterday .
  3. I'm coming back and will be camping on AINS for 2 weeks . I want to forget what day of the week it is and catch a fish or two . Wish me luck !
  4. Heading down tomorrow . I going to hit the beach for two days . I need this . Do not care if I catch anything . Just need to be on the beach . It will be good for my soul .
  5. See you all in the middle of June .
  6. Fished for the last 6 days ..... not a bite. What is happening to my favorite place ?
  7. Hi All. I will be coming to AINS camping with my wife next week into the following week . I do not like the CRAPPY fishing reports . I know it is early in the season but it is going to change next week .............. There I have said it .. So it shall be done .
  8. I'm coming down the 21st . This is not what I wanted to hear . At least 2/3 of the OSV is open . I am still hoping in the evening I can be holding my rod and look north and south and not see another soul .
  9. Tides appear to be just as high tomorrow. I’m not getting my hopes up that it will be open tomorrow.
  10. I'm coming down next week . After being away for too long . I have been watching this form for awhile and it seems that it is not what it used to be ?? Is it lack of interest or is fishing just have gotten that bad ???
  11. Never mind . My license is good to the end of this week.
  12. Hi All . Are local Bait and Tackle shops around OCMD able to sell fishing license at this time . I'm coming down Monday.
  13. Social Distancing at it's very best .I miss you Assateague Island .
  14. I have been driving on Assateague for 30+ years and never have I come close to hitting a horse. It look like a J$&k is at fault !