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  1. Just ordered a Rise Shearwater after some friends highly recommended it. Excited to test it out and support a North East (Long Island) company. I've also got my eyes on a T&T... TBH you really can't go wrong with any of the well known brands. Me, I like to support brands that stand up for conservation issues, made in USA, and come with the backing of reputable anglers/guides
  2. SA titan tapers are pretty clearly marked as two line sizes heavy. Curious what was so off with the weights, because when it comes to providing info on their website, SA is by far one of the better line manufacturers out there. In the future, just email a question to line companies before you buy--I've found them to be very helpful (SA, Airflo, Farbank)
  3. The right shoulder sling packs have never impeded my casting (I'm a righty). However, I am looking at replacing my Fishpond sling (right shoulder) with the fishpond waterproof backpack. The primary reason is the ability to strap an extra rod to the left side of the pack.
  4. I'm right outside of DC in MD. Curious what shipping would actually be since we are 2-3 hours away.
  5. Where in MD are you located?
  6. Any idea on model and what shipping$ would be?
  7. great line. GLWS
  8. If I had to guess they are and will possibly introduce a beefed up drag NV-G. The new model, the GTX, has somewhere around 30# of drag, and the CCF-X2 models have more drag than NV-Gs per my understanding. 20+ pounds of drag is certainly overkill for most fly fishing, but...I like to hope to one day try and stop a BFT or a GT in their tracks
  9. yea not to the same degree. but if you're good at shooting line on your backcast and then really shooting on that final haul you can zip some line out.
  10. Still available?
  11. big fan of the SA cold redfish line. feels like a slightly beefier bonefish style line. Worked well for me throwing big poppers and squid flies in some pretty heavy wind. I was also very pleased with how little stretch it had and grip when fighting fish without the reel.
  12. I don't view this as a huge deal. I've seen cheaper reels come disconnected, but I've never had that concern with Smith nautilus reels. When I do need to take spool off I just wrap my pliers with a bit of electrical tape.
  13. I had a hatch reel drop out of gunnel rod holder. The 1-2' drop bent the frame to the point I couldn't rotate the spool. Ended up not being covered by warranty, so I bent it back. The reel still works and I still use it fairly regularly, but I trust the durability/structure of my Nautilus reels far more.
  14. My first real saltwater line was the rio striper intermediate clear tip. that thing lasted 5 years of no cleaning/ many fish/ many tangles/ many rocks dragged over.. It was a tough line. looking forward to casting the new version I have on my bench right now.
  15. Hey Brian, really curious about using this line for Black Sea bass. Were y'all just drifting or holding over a spot? Already thinking about putting this technique to use in NE for BSB. Although I am concerned about dredging a fly line through heavy structure/rockpiles. -Will (you may remember me from a certain 10wt going over this past October)