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  1. She's just too damn nutty. Now..... Gary Johnson, who ran in 2012 might be a good option now.
  2. These were the days............... *sigh*
  3. The guys fishing on the Cod and Ling boats have been limiting out on Winter Flounder in the 5-6 POUND range the past couple months. 2 @ 12" hardly seems worth it however 2 @ 5 pounds piques my interest.
  4. ^^^^^ AND WE HAVE A WINNER!
  5. MikeY and his extravagant ever glowing flundie rig creations were always a trip. That alone was worth the price of admission! Then there was of course the KoQ off the railing release method......
  6. Well...... they are fun on light tackle and one of the best tasting fish to eat. From the water to the table in the same day..... hard to beat that. Not to mention that if you take most of the guys who posted in these threads years ago plus a few others and put them all together on one boat you were going to have a blast whether you caught fish or not. No matter what species targeted. We did it for Flounder, Fluke, Tog..... etc. Winter Flounder if not for anything else was an anual excuse for us to get together and it was a blast. Oh..... and I never went home with nothing for the table even if I didn't catch. GREAT TIMES!!!
  7. I did personally witness PeterO and Billy40 put on a TOGGING CLINIC in the stern of the boat one day.
  8. It depends on what we are targeting. Fluke for example I like to be in the stern, Tog, (or any species where you are anchored) I believe it's better in the bow, less sway when you are anchored up unless of course it's insanely windy in which case being in the stern with the cabin blocking the wind has it's advantages though those advantages would be more for comfort than for anything else.
  9. Sad....... before the two fish limit was imposed a bunch of us from here would hit a party boat out of AH for Winter Flounder on opening day of trout season. Lots of people going for trout meant we could storm a boat. Good times back then, high hook would be crowned "flounder king" for a year.
  10. Pound for pound? Little "Red Eye" Rock Bass IMO.
  11. For what it's worth, I have seen Striped Bass in the Raritan River as far up as Rahway at certain times of the year. They never hung around for long, talking maybe two weeks tops in the Spring and Fall. Dont know what they were doing but they go there. Maybe some of them get lost.
  12. Outstanding!!! Thank you!
  13. The guy who "owns" that boat is apparently homeless and lives on the thing. If that boat belonged to someone with money and property you can bet that the state and local government would be all over them with court dates and fines but because this guy has nothing of any financial worth to take, no one wants to pick up the tab for cleanup so they are doing nothing.