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  1. ill take them for 150 plus shipping if they are still for sale
  2. Thanks. I'm going to pass
  3. How about $45.
  4. I'll take the goo goo
  5. Steve thank you and all the BSC members it was a great time. Nice to see everyone.
  6. Batter up .
  7. From the album A tail or not.

  8. Thanks for the offer. It was a challenge to do something like this especially that the wood came from baseball bats and they are VERY special to me and wanted to share them with you. My son's going to play baseball in college next year so I will save one for myself.
  9. I think you're right after all I don't really want to drill into the finished work to put the tail on. But if someone wants me to I well for them. I am making others that will have tails on it so you can choose which one you like.Don't own a Noris Jets Squid so I had to make these from a picture using my handtools not always the easiest thing but I hope you like them. Thanks All
  10. Not my design it a old one. (Norris jet squids) Thank for the input.
  11. And this one
  12. From the album A tail or not.

  13. My summers are spent watching my son play baseball in a wood bat league . I started to save the MLB Pro maple broken ones. This is what the squids are made of. So what do you think ! Tail or no tail. I will have some available this weekend.
  14. From the album A tail or not.

  15. From the album A tail or not.