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  1. Thanks, will pass.
  2. Over the years I have owned different Orvis waders, never really happy with any of them. Biggest issue is bootie size, followed by how baggy they are. Last week I found myself trying a new pair of Orvis boot foot waders, and again the fit was off. Sales guy bought out a pair of boot foot Simms and they fit as if made for me. Was shocked at the price and it took 3 days to swallow my disgust at spending $600 (on special sale from $700) but damn they fit great and are worth every penny.
  3. Want to buy small 1-2 W reel. Tell me what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks, /C
  4. close
  5. It’s the smooth.
  6. bump
  7. Bump, great rod.
  8. Boston
  9. Will pass on trade for now. Thanks
  10. Selling Phenix Black Diamond ESW-C 708MH 20-50 (Excellent Black Fish Rod) $195 Free shipping CONUS
  11. How old is it, are you first owner, do you have box?
  12. no, I will do $400 picked up