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  1. A couple of spooks for the bass season time to epoxy then hardware..
  2. What issues are you having with it..
  3. Thank you for the advice I really appreciate it I will definitely with my lure and catch this season.
  4. I was at a show and someone said ten coats I almost died lol once I put first coat and get ready for second do in have to sand first then second coat ??
  5. Coat sand coat??
  6. How many coats of epoxy do you guys normally put on plugs..I need help on how multiple coats are done.. What's the process thank you in advance
  7. When measuring for mix what do you guys normally take out on syringe?
  8. Here's that bunker attempt
  9. Fishrman3 your part of the crew that I owe all the credit to and the bunker pattern attempt was somewhat of a success
  10. If I just have spin and no bulb what are alternatives until I build a better I really need bulb
  11. First time posting some plugs I tested and weighed them all around 3.5 to 4oz ready for epoxy tonight getting ready for some top water.any advice and tips is greatly appreciated.thank you to all the guys who have helped me so far.
  12. How did you get the eyes to the hooks?
  13. I was using a scroll saw for the cut outs.once the pattern was cut out I noticed a guide line for the curve on the plug what is the dimension on that
  14. I need some quick advice if I cut.out the side template instead of top side first does that make a difference? Do I have to start over if that's the case..TIA
  15. edited. We don't allow hijacking here. Please start your own thread. Thanks.