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  1. Watched a couple of videos on how to bridal a mature bunker. Even read a few articles. No where did I see the size rubber band that should be used, mentioned. So, I purchased a couple of R&R Tackle rigging bands on Amazon. Both small and large and they both appear way too small to bridal a bunker with. Has anyone any experience in doing a bridal with rubber bands and can advise what size rubber band they use and perhaps where they purchased it. I realize there are other options including hooking directly as well as metal made bridal rigs. However, I want to master it with a rubber band. My guess I will be using between an 8/0 and 10/0 in line circle hook. Thanks, I suspect this knowledge resides somewhere in the forum.
  2. Wondering if someone can tell me what kind of soft bait this is, but more important where can I purchase one. My buddy said we purchased them at a show about 10 years ago. I had 3 of them. Never used them until this winter. You guessed it, it turned out to be the go-to bait. Large sluggo's etc. just did not work as well. We were focused on slot and above fish and the rubber/color out fished everything else we used. Per the picture the top is ribbed, pointed tale, 9" long and the body tapers to the mid-section (second red band from right) approx 1" high 1/4" thick. Have in black also, but despite fishing at night this color seemed to work best. Thanks for any guidance.
  3. OK, I did my research under old topics on Cuttyhunk. We are heading up the last week of September We are all set with the water taxi, have the wives making sure we have the meals and we have accommodations, (The old coast guard building near the dock I am told) and a golf cart. My buddy and I will hopefully be able to leave the wives for a few hours of fishing a couple of times a day. We are no longer rock hoppers are even of a youthful age.( We don't have one foot in the casket either). Based on my research I have read about the boulders etc. and yet have seen some videos of area’s that don’t look to difficult to fish.Have no clue where they are on the island We don’t need a 40lb memory but schoolie bass would make our day. We will have 10 foot surf rods with heavy braid as well as some light tackle outfits. (Assume us to be novice surf jocks compared to all you pro’s on this site. We fish mainly from our boats). So, with that said, and without putting the fear of god into us by saying Cuttyhunk is for the young and boulders are as big as the two-story building, what and where would the three easiest places to fish be. We will have our corkers and waders but really don’t plan on wading beyond our ankles. Also, what can we expect fishing to be the last week of September? Blues, Bass, Albies? Recommendations for a ½ day charter for the two of us? Thanks for your help on this issue.
  4. I am not challenging their fish catching ability; however I don’t understand the rational for calling one certain color “bunker” which I am sure we have all caught many stripers on. I am talking about the brown with black stripes. Now one may say they have a bunker color in the water. However I would argue then a bunker out of water should look like the wild eye bunker out of the water. (Also I don’t get the black stripes) Also I have seen many of bunker and peanuts in the water and they look just like they do out of the water. So am I color blind or does someone have a logical reason why the brown with black stripes are called bunker other than good old fashion marketing. I know if it works why question it, but the logic choice behind this color has always made me wonder. Yes it is 1:30 EST and I can’t believe this is on my mind.
  5. My lovely wife bought me a new Stradic FJ 4000. Nice surprise in that I have been talking about it, and so she went ahead and purchased it on line. I was surprised there was no spare spool in the box. So am I wondering, did Shimmano stop putting the extra spool in the box or did we get short changed? The box does not say spare spool. If no longer a spare spool, seems like a pretty big cost jump. from the FH:confused:
  6. From the album Forum Attachments

  7. From the album Forum Attachments

  8. I read somewhere, maybe here, but one person went out, found the seals, cast sab. rig and caught herring.
  9. Always around the new moon in LIS. I remember in the 60's we had them in Western Sound and in a calm morining the bass would just slurp them in. I believe I remember one morning seeing one person with a bow who would shoot the bass with a bow and had like a spinning reel spool or something attached to the bow. Time has clouded these memories some, but it was an interesting way of getting the bass. Back then we did not have the options you have today with all the twisty tails and rubber imatations. At least I can't remember them much. On the hand you did not have a million boats either.
  10. Lordship lures are based out of Ct. I have a bunch of his plugs and at least in LIS they swim very well. Fine-tuning the eyelet downward they leave a great V wake. I can't speak for the ocean, but my guess they would work fine.
  11. do know what these creatures are, and I sure wish I knew where I could get some because these things are delicious. They are mantis shrimp, Squilla empusa, a burrowing shrimp that occurs in muddy bottoms from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico. As far as I know, they are impossible to find commercially available, despite their delectability. The few that I have eaten, never enough for a full meal, I found in the wrack and seaweed blown by a strong onshore gale of wind. I remember that the aftermath of one such gale on a south-facing beach here on Cape Cod gave me two lobsters, a half-dozen blue crabs, three mantis shrimp and a peck of bay scallops, all gathered before breakfast. It is first-come, first-served after these storms, you must beat the gulls to get the scallops. Be careful if you come upon live mantis shrimp because their forelimbs are strong and sharp and can deliver a very painful cut. These limbs are much like the limbs of the insect after which it is named, the praying mantis, and they have the shared purpose of capturing prey. The mantis shrimp has two sharp spines on its tail that can make nasty puncture wounds when it reflexively snaps its tail as it tries to escape; if you are not careful, the shrimp will wound you repeatedly in its frantic efforts. The shrimp you found in your bass looked good enough to eat; I might have tried them. It would be great to have a bass trained to gather them for you. The Chinese have used cormorants for fishing, South Pacific Islanders have used tethered remoras to glom onto sea turtles, so why not a fish to gather mantis shrimp? I think I'm getting soft.
  12. What would be the best artificial imitation for a Mantis Shrimp?
  13. Well were not culling, because we don't keep the fish. How does a large net help a fish. Never tried it with a net to get them going. Again, it is the leaning over. A longer boa is a good idea. will invest. Thanks
  14. In fishing from a boat with high sides, it is very difficult to hold a striper by the tail and get him up and running again with out endangering myself with falling over board on rough nites. My buddy for fish that don't look like they will make it, despite all attempts on our part, has been putting the fish on a small cord with a small hole under their lip that the lines run through and out their mouth. He then puts the tired fish on the back of the boat. 99% of the time, those that did not look like they would live are up and lively do to the current etc in ten or so minutes. (If not,thier brought home to eat.) He lets them go and they look nothing for the worse. In fact they look a lot better then some we revive with the old method of holding the tail despite the hazard of leaning overboard. My question, is this good or bad. Does anyone have any information if this hole behind thier lip on the bottom jaw would ever heal. I know this is a surf spot, but it seems that someone has the right answer for everything. (By the way, maybe this sight should run Washington)
  15. In discussing different idea this year with a friend, we were discussing floating eels in shallow water over the flats. Somehow we came across an artical, but no picture on Break Away eel bobbers. I guess when a fish hits, the line snaps off and allows the bobber to move up the line as you play a fish Anyone have a picture and where you can buy them Thanks