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  1. I like a lot of the elements and thoughts behind this. Can I justify one now? No. But like everything the new revolutionary tech is always prohibitively expensive... But maybe in a few years foam core carbon or glass kayaks will be the new high end standard...
  2. So, I just got jn my new tfo bvk and after looking down the blank the tip came out of the package with a small warp... I know tfo has a good waranty but I wonder if it is worth it to see if they will replace it of if I should just use it... How much of a warp is too much to use?
  3. The spot i was in is mostly a night spot so I think at night they move shallower... Could be wrong though
  4. First fluke of the year and first salteater fish on the fly... 20in is not a bad place to start haha
  5. Yep! Wish it hit further out though if I wasnt almost at my leader already it may have gotten to the reel
  6. So, just getting into saltwater fly fishing, what would you say is the least expensive but decent reel that i should look at? i have a large pflueger medalist that i am going to use at the moment but the drag isnt very strong and its heavy(but seems bulletproof). I did order a piscifun crest, but got an email last night a week after ordering saying it will ship from their chineese warehouse and could take 15-30 days so I am going to look for different or better options. there are so many options it seems for a wide variety of prices its tough to know what is a good deel, what is junk and what will self destruct in the saltwater in 1 season... thanks for any help
  7. First saltwater fish on the fly... 20in fluke who knew how to fight. Wrapped me around a dock piling and shredded my leader but somehow landed it!
  8. So, how does this look for a surface squid imitation fly? the hook is bigger than what i would have liked, but i worked with what i had for this one. any sugestions on how i could improve it? the head is tied on some stainless welding wire
  9. so, I was just browsing through an online rod makign site and noticed that pac bay makes their minima guides in titanium. has anyone done anything with these? i feel like they should be incredibly light. Any idea what the ring is though? i know the regualr ones are pressed stainless, but what about on the titanium ones?
  10. Some stuff came up preventing me from working on the rod this week anyway so i called them and couldt be happier with how easily they were willing to replace the blank tip... super impressed with their response
  11. So I just checked and the one i have is a 1598 rc
  12. Already had ordered it, but cancels since it is shilling from china. Could be 30 days to get here
  13. Thats my plan but something lighter would be nice. Especially since this will be a lighter rod
  14. Well, between the lamson and the echo it sounds like i habe some great options...
  15. Honestly though I can be kind of ocd with that stuff, but I also want to get building so I can use it... If it wont effect preformance at all I may just keep it, if it could. Ill get it replaced
  16. So, a few years ago I picked up a fly line that seems to have interchangeable tips, it was new in the box, but I wasnt that into fly fishing yet and didnt pay too much attention to it, and I seem to have misplaced the box. It is clearly a heavy weight line, for some reason I was thinking 12wt? The light gray tip weighed about 10-10.5g(dont have a scale that measures grains) and the dark green was about 12-12.5g. Anyone recognize the line at all? The spool says its us made so im guessong somewhat of a known brand.
  17. So i was thinking of turning some smallish topwater flies for saltwater to use besides my gurglers (some poppers, maybe try to get some to walk the dog etc) Is balsa light enough to actually work for a good topwater fly or should i jsut stick with foam?
  18. It definitly tapers. If it didnt come with the other tips I would have thought it was a normal wf line
  19. Should I also weigh the first 30ft of the yellow line?
  20. Ill measure them and see if the gray floats. The yellow line though seems much much thicker than the tips
  21. Haha yeah I figured it could be a long shot, unless someone else threw the box away on me it should be around somewhere... But its been probably 2 years so who knows where...
  22. what foam did you use? i havent seen a foam that to me was easier to work than wood
  23. true, never been exposed to salt, water or sunlight
  24. Well it feels like brand new, ao should work for me!
  25. grabbed this line NOS the other week, has onyone tried this one from orvis?