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  1. Yeah, I realised from my other kayak that less can be more, figured I would go for storage for 3 rods In back including built ins, and one up front for me to troll with or deadstixk bait while i jig. Throw in a fishfinder and attachment point for my drift sock and I'm done
  2. So I finally pulled the trigger on buying a predator pdl, and so far from the short time i have been able to use it I am loving it!(if you were at the RISAA show friday or saturday, it was the lime green on at the kayak center both)
  3. I grabbed a c tug, and I saw those... looks tempting but for the moment I'm going to stick with just one track on it
  4. There was a shirt, just no sleeves haha. I plan to be out there a ton this year, although I may go easy on the mudding for now, besides a fishfinder, and a few rod holders
  5. i would say so from the bending i have done, looks like a very soft tip, but a very strong backbone, ill take some pictures later when im home
  6. So, I picked up a north fork steelhead blank at the RISAA show this weekend, and while i am trying to think of the best aplication for it, the rating on the rod confuses me... its very lift, 8ft 2, but says 3/4-4oz weights and 10-20lb line... i feel like if i cast 4oz with this thing it would just snap the tip. so is it possible it really is strong enough for that, and that its just that I am not used to these rods, or is it over rated?
  7. just by that comment i think i remember her haha
  8. Oh I only wear the most advanced cold weather gear, utilises the same technology whales and seals use haha. I'm in RI, it's a small pond though so a very short swim to the bank should something happen
  9. That's fine, when I go to build it I'll probably make a thread on there
  10. you would be surprised how easily it paddles i mean i wouldnt choose to paddle it long distance in current, but its doable if necessary
  11. its 250cm, but to be honest its actually not too bad to paddle! i was kind of surprised haha
  12. something similar may, im going to play around with it a little and see whats best
  13. So, at the recent risaa show I picked up an assortment of plastic squids after realizing I dont want to tie bucktail on every jig I use, especially ones for fluke and seabass. I tried gluing them on last night with epoxy and while that worked with the larger jigs, I had to go back and try supergluing and wrapping some on the smaller ones to get them to stay. Does anyone have experience with attaching them to jig heads and any recomendations? If needed I could always wrap the collar area with thread but a avoiding that step would be nice Here are how the first batch came out btw(the smaller ones I had to superglue are still hanging off to the side drying)
  14. ahh ok, was just curious, i know i grabbed one from the edge rods booth and the aquidneck island rods booth
  15. Does anyone have any experience with the jigging world shogun blanks, or any of their products in general? looking for a new 7.5-8ft blank to use with my slammer 4500 from my kayak mostly. planned on using an 8ft hanta hybrid like i had on the past but apparently shipping costs on 8ft blanks has gone up a lot
  16. ahh ok, i see what you mean now
  17. Has anyone ever used or seen a "saltwater" spinner bait? kind of like the freshwater bass ones, just bigger, heavier and built to hold up to the conditions, so like 2 or 3 oz heavy wire etc?
  18. do you have a pic of what that looks like? trying to envision it
  19. which booth did you grab the blanks from?
  20. That's good to hear, I kind of fealt 2 would be its functional limit, but I plan to use it for mostly light bucktailing and for smaller plugs. I think I'll keep it the full length for the extra distance on the cast, but I also dont have any waranty so i could cut it down, got it from someone at the rissa show for 30$ Anything else about the blank you can tell me? Should I have guides reletivley closely spaced?
  21. Yeah I would imagine that bulb helps a lot, in now the lip on the collar of the smiling jigs gripped the skirt well ... they were smaller skirts though so that could have helped also
  22. that actually makes a lot of sense
  23. these are the exact specs, and its technically under their "salmon and steel head" line Plug SSP 828-1 10-20 3/8-4 8'2" Ex-Fast Mag M
  24. I dont think so, from the listing I found for this model it said steelhead plugging if I remember corectly
  25. first time leaving that show with something big, if you saw a green predator pdl at the kayak center booth, its in my truck now haha some good deals on rod blanks if you looked around too