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  1. that actually makes a lot of sense
  2. these are the exact specs, and its technically under their "salmon and steel head" line Plug SSP 828-1 10-20 3/8-4 8'2" Ex-Fast Mag M
  3. I dont think so, from the listing I found for this model it said steelhead plugging if I remember corectly
  4. So, I picked up a north fork steelhead blank at the RISAA show this weekend, and while i am trying to think of the best aplication for it, the rating on the rod confuses me... its very lift, 8ft 2, but says 3/4-4oz weights and 10-20lb line... i feel like if i cast 4oz with this thing it would just snap the tip. so is it possible it really is strong enough for that, and that its just that I am not used to these rods, or is it over rated?
  5. first time leaving that show with something big, if you saw a green predator pdl at the kayak center booth, its in my truck now haha some good deals on rod blanks if you looked around too
  6. Yeah, the shipping weight is 3.2oz, but the actual lure weight is .5
  7. Found exactly what I was thinking of at the rissa show, 2.5oz spinnerbait, sold out before I could get one, was at the born to fish booth
  8. I realise that how you work the jig is a lot of it, but I feel like a lot has to do with the shape of it, although I dont have a huge amount of experience with jigs as evident by this thread haha
  9. Nice, sounds like ill definitely have to try it this summer. Sounds like pretty much everything goes for them
  10. No one wants to come in only flying a sea robbin flag
  11. How would you retrieve it? And what kind of depth and current did it work in?
  12. Oh, I'll look at some of those, might work for what I'm thinking. Mind if I see what it looks like?
  13. I guess theres one way to find out if it would work well... time for me to make a custom mold and cast some!
  14. any idea how heavy it was? thinking with like 2 or 3 oz and only one spinner blade it should stay pretty deep down. could be effective on fluke from shore
  15. Has anyone ever used or seen a "saltwater" spinner bait? kind of like the freshwater bass ones, just bigger, heavier and built to hold up to the conditions, so like 2 or 3 oz heavy wire etc?