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  1. So, I picked up 2 old automatic fly reels at a yardsale today, one pemcoand one shakespere model ft automatic, along with a 7ft 5wt shakespere wonderod. I ended up spending the second half of my day fishing on my kayak, and figured why not take the Shakespeare along with me... after that I may have to start using more automatic reels, it was just such an awesome experience! So, what's everyone else's opinion on automatic reels, and are there many modern options?
  2. Thanks, dont think I have ever seen a northern, only striped
  3. i just did some research, and we seem to have northern sea robins (smaller and darker) and striped sea robins (big orange ones)
  4. People better not start talking bad about our precious sea robin's, they are a national treasure!
  5. Intereating, do the different species seem to live in differing areas?
  6. I always figured it was just variation in the species
  7. how big are these things getting that we are mistaking them for schoolies
  8. Can't wait to see what this thing will pull up from the deep.
  9. Any idea how much would it cost for adequate epoxy for one?
  10. Does anyone have experience building a paddle board? I was thinking of maybe laminating a few boards of foam board, shaping and then coating with fiberglass and epoxy(very simplified version of the plan).... it seems like its a pretty simple process all together, but I feel like I must be missing something... I could just buy one.... but why buy when you can build! I should mention I only plan on using this for fly fishing small ponds, lakes etc. so im not planning on having to make it high performance, extremely fast or anything like that... just stable and light enough to cary
  11. so should i still bring my rods?
  12. I think that should work fine, I do most of my fluking with 4/0 and 5/0 inline circles
  13. is there a good place to do it in RI?
  14. glad its not just me... this spot i can usually get multiple 3-4lb fish every trip there, this time just a few 1-2lbers... need to find where they are hiding haha, they are in there somewhere lol
  15. So, one of my favorite early spring spots has always been very predictable, especially for big largemouth... except for this year, with Rhode Island having had the most number of rainy days on record for April this year(21/30 if i remember correctly) it seems to be thrown off, i do still find a few smaller fish there, but nothing like what i'm used to. is it possible that this weather has delayed the normal patterns from forming, or just changed it all together for this year? I should mention it is a shallow northern tip of a lake/pond, along the shore. Has anyone else noticed similar pattern disruptions this year? has the rain and clouds muddied up the water and pushed them deeper than usual?