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  1. I went on Saturday and while it was still fun, the amount of booths seeminly only selling cloths and merch instead of used tackle was kind of disappinting, Did get a few good deals on some stuff but not what I was hoping for
  2. How many strands of it end up in the leader?
  3. So, after playing with some hand twisted furhled leaders in finally made a jig to make some bettwr tapered ones, but that got me to thinking. When making them from mono or flourocarbon, how thick should I go? I had some 8lb flouro that seemed to work well, but I wonder if it would be better too go with more wraps of a thinner thread, or less of a thicker ones, and for general saltwater fishing how thick do I realistically need to go?
  4. Weight wise the sportsman is 3lbs more fully rigged, when you are looking at that size kayak, 3lbs is nothing. I am not a small guy and standing is easy in it and I have taken on 3ft waves for distance never worrying about if the kayak could handle it
  5. While i haven't been in the sportsman 120 myself I would say you wpuld be better off in the sportsman salty, or ideally the bigwater pdl, i have the predator(same basics as bigwater) and it has fealt capable in very rough conditions
  6. Well no luck yet, but it really does amaze me ay the generostiy of other fly fishers... I think i actually have a decent idea how to be sucessful there if I show up on they are actually biting haha... Even got a ton of fly's from one guy
  7. Im not an addict, I just NEED more feathers, hooks and rods
  8. That is a dangerous store for me to walk into...
  9. Bump, any offers will be considered, besides looking cool i Dont have a use for these flys myslef and hate seeing them go to waste
  10. I was just wondering if I could get a little help on where to start fishing a certain popular spot this spring. I am new to fly fishing in the salt and a river keeps being recommend(I doubt i need to name it lol) I enjoy figuring out new areas but have never fished a spot like that, and knowing it is pretty popular i don't want to make a fool of myself or make other fishermens lives more difficult while i'm there, so I would appreciate any little tips, however vague they may be
  11. Im looking to trade these flies,l which i think are salmon flies and the box they are in for fly tying tools, materials, or anything fly related really, or even a bag/pack of some sort.. Open to suggestions If needed I can take more detailed pictures of the flies themselves Thanks for looking
  12. A little bit of both kayak and land. I may give silver spring a shot this evening with worms... Just sit back, relax and see what bites
  13. Ooh those zimmer built look great! And I definitely like trying to go with minimal equipment, although my journey with saltwater flyfishing is still just beggining, so until I learn to really read the conditions and know exactly what I will need I will have to pack a little more. A mix of surface and subsurface fly's, different colors and sizes, extra leaders, tippet, an extra spool so I have a floater and sinking line, maybe a boga grip and my pliers
  14. These are definitely all good suggestions, thanks!
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