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  1. It may be small, but for my first time fishing from shore this year(not proud about that) I am pretty happy to have actually found fish
  2. Yeah, honestly the biggest issue seems to be leveling the line onthe deep, but they seemed to have only a length of very heavy line on it so maybe that's not an issue
  3. Has anyone else seen this show? Shows west coast albacore fishing, but what confuses me is why one of the boats is using a senator mounted backwards under the rod...
  4. I noticed that about it being lower too, kind of wish they kept them high
  5. yeah, most models right now seem to be putting a high pressure just north of mass, either way though looks like bermuda is in for something
  6. Oh yeah, definitely too far out to tell what is really going to happen yet, but I would say it's close enough to start watching it. And where did you get that ensemble? Haven't seen that before
  7. These are its position about a week or so from now, showing the low pressure in the storm, the lower the stronger the storm, these numbers are pretty strong, around a catagory 2 or so
  8. Gfs, euro and cmc forecast models respectably... Too early to know what will happen but it's time to start watching this thing it seems
  9. what, do you expect people to try and land a 3lber on 50lb braid, or even... 30?
  10. Who needs a trialed when you have an 8ft bed and kayak cart Haha, it I guess they open up a lot of possibilities for the people who need a larger "kayak" but may have physical issues
  11. I believe you that the one you got wasnt sealed ontop, but I inspected my friends who got his this spring and there is a definite seal ontop on his, so to me it seems they realised a mistake in their design and addressed it
  12. there may be some hidden source of carbs you are having, bacon and ham have a fair amount of sugar, i hit a similar plateau myself, and ended up switching to a carnivore diet(only animal products) and its working amazing
  13. i probably didn't do the best job describing it(hard to really describe well in words the model that i see in my head), but what i am talking about is pretty different than the scupper, although that kaskazi marlin seems a little closer, but still substantially different
  14. you could for instance have the extremely low cup like cockpit of a sit in, with other parts of the kayak designed like a sit on, giving it lockable dry storage, and making it as unsinkable as a SOT
  15. So, I'm curious what people would look for in a hybrid between a sit inside and ontop kayaks, like what qualities would you want brought over from each style?