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  1. So, i know these would only be useful with the wind at your back, but has anyone given these or similar round kayak sails a shot? could be useful in certain situations.
  2. oh thats very good to know
  3. I mean it's not a lite kayak, but it's really not that bad. Not that much more it felt like than the outback. I dont cartop, but with a more cartop friendly car I dont see why I couldn't. Yeahz they really are. And it's a 5 year waranty on the drive. And lifetime on the hull, so theres that too
  4. im loving it so far, and its nice being able to instantly reverse, which I have been loving so far, I would say demo a few kayaks if you can, i did and this is what felt right to me
  5. fast, stable, nice layout and construction quality.i picked up one this spring and have been loving it so far
  6. I personally would really recommend the old town predator pdl
  7. That's funny that tape is their recomendation haha. I may put a piece over the connections and build up a top of hot glue, the dialectic grease could work but would prefer something more permanent
  8. They really should. Is there any cap you can get for them?
  9. So, I finally got my new helix 5 di in today, and while looking at everything on it I noticed an extra port for it seems a speed sensor or connecting multiple units? I dont care that theres an extra port, but I figured there should have been a rubber cap to put on it so it's not just exposed to the elements... or is that not really an issue?
  10. Definitely not, if it was theres no way that water would look that fishy
  11. well i just tried taping a spinning reel to my 8ft 5wt fly rod, which seems like it will be somewhat similar to what i would be getting, and it felt great, don't mind the slightly slower action at all, so hopefully its similar to what im looking at.
  12. well im currently looking at the rain shadow unity... always have had good luck with them they have an 8ft 5wt for 48$ wonder if it would make sense to go up to a 6wt
  13. Do you know of any fly blank makers that are slightly faster than average for a fly rod?
  14. the funny thing is, my original plan was to use a fly blank but people convinced me not to saying it would be too slow of an action