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  1. So I am just kind of curious, what is everyones favorite handle profile for their fly rods? Recently I have been using one with a bullnose grip recently and have been loving it and am surprised I don't see it on more rods.
  2. The penn spools and jigs are still available if anyone is interested
  3. Deal haha and I choose the flashabou
  4. Definitely interested in the fly boxes and reel, the tying materials I could definitely use too. How much of the stuff you showed would you be willing to offer for all the rubber along with the reel?
  5. I didnt really find any of those... I only have a small selection of plugs at the moment that are the few I thrown, i mostly fly fish or fish bait these days. Need any jigs?
  6. You just gave me and idea i am going to try, when I tie the fly I will snell some 12lb mono dangling off the back with a loop on the end. It will have to be one dedicated to using with droppers but im hooing it works, and minumises twist
  7. So, there is a good chance I am just overthinking this, but when using a hopper/popper dropper rig, or any tandom fly rig I have seen you should just tie to the hookbend of the top fly, but recently I have been switching over to all barbless when possible. What that makes me question though is couldn't the line just slip off a barbless hook mid cast if it gets the right angle?
  8. Ill go look and see what I have. you definitely have second shot at it
  9. I can look around. I don't think I have any VMC trebels though. Anything else you are looking for?
  10. Ok cool, well I am definitely interested in that and the other other stuff you showed. You were just interested in the soft plastics?
  11. I can look around but I think that is all I have for rubbers. I dont usually buy then myself(hence why these never got used after I got them) and most of that stiff looks good to me, what model medalist is that?
  12. Ok great
  13. Maybe, I need to check how much shipping would be. Yep, pretty sure they are all 1oz, and make an offer? Trades work too.
  14. 6.6in and 18 of them
  15. Ill get a measurement and count