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  1. not a fan of it over the older design?
  2. any chance you are going to do any sort of a review of the new model?
  3. from the videos i have seen it seems like it will be a very wet ride in any sort of chop, raise the bow and put a flare on it and ill be interested...
  4. So do they do just a percentage of the original price?
  5. oh cool, then this may be worth while! what model did you buy it for?
  6. hey, so I today i got the bottom half of a st croix triumph tsr80m2, nothing wrong with the half that i have, except I don't have the bottom half. is it possible to get a top half from st croix for a reasonable price, or is it not worth it?
  7. It may be small, but for my first time fishing from shore this year(not proud about that) I am pretty happy to have actually found fish
  8. Yeah, honestly the biggest issue seems to be leveling the line onthe deep, but they seemed to have only a length of very heavy line on it so maybe that's not an issue
  9. Has anyone else seen this show? Shows west coast albacore fishing, but what confuses me is why one of the boats is using a senator mounted backwards under the rod...
  10. I noticed that about it being lower too, kind of wish they kept them high
  11. yeah, most models right now seem to be putting a high pressure just north of mass, either way though looks like bermuda is in for something
  12. Oh yeah, definitely too far out to tell what is really going to happen yet, but I would say it's close enough to start watching it. And where did you get that ensemble? Haven't seen that before
  13. These are its position about a week or so from now, showing the low pressure in the storm, the lower the stronger the storm, these numbers are pretty strong, around a catagory 2 or so
  14. Gfs, euro and cmc forecast models respectably... Too early to know what will happen but it's time to start watching this thing it seems
  15. what, do you expect people to try and land a 3lber on 50lb braid, or even... 30?