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  1. where did you find this info? ive been looking for the details of their promo at these shows for a while but hadnt found much
  2. as far as i have heard this spring old ton has the fishfinder deal on the predators, but not topwaters, i may be wrong though
  3. I can say I definitly found some great deals myself, is there any talk about a larger space so you can have a larger show?
  4. That narragansett show was pretty great, small is size but no bad booths
  5. I'm in, and I should be able to do some bucktail if I end up getting them to keep the giveaway going
  6. Well if things go as planned i will have a predator pdl, so a down trigger ball big enough to do that would be quite the sight haha, although I do like the idea of clipping the line onto a weight like a downriger though
  7. That definitly sounds like a good option for me to try
  8. I was thinking of mostly using it to troll tube and worms and umbrellas, and yeah a lot of the wireline setups I have seen seem pretty cumbersome so I was hoping that either i just saw bad examples, or maybe that leadcore may be more user friendly... also need an excuse to build another rod haha
  9. So, does anyone have any experience using leadcore or wire line to troll from a kayak? Indont have any experience with either even in a normal boat so any input on which is best, what types to use etc would be appreciated
  10. 2000 and 5000 show both ends of the spectrum
  11. oh, where did they hold it before? and yeah... at this time of year any size fishing show sounds fun to me haha
  12. oh awesome, thanks. so, how does this show compare to the providence show?
  13. when is it? didnt know about that show
  14. I definitly have an itch to fish