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  1. Has any one built with these? I am going to make either an 8 or 9 weight fly rod mostly for stripers and they have a huge sale on their site right now, went down from 125-62$.... do people like these blanks or should I look at something else?
  2. Also thanks for a the opinions so far everyone... This is definitly giving me a good start for my migration of fly fishing drom fresh to saltwater... So, as a go to 5 to start with how does this sound? Some variations of clousers Gurgler Deciever/ baitfish type pattern Surf candy Some sort of crab fly?
  3. What as far as performance/ environent difference is there with bucktail and synthetic clousers
  4. So, if you had to choose 5 flies for fishing in saltwater in the northeast/ New England, what would be your 5 you would always take?
  5. Perfect! Ill check those models out!
  6. So I tied a few flies on 2/0 wide gap worm hooks, and while it went decently well, it would have been even better if the shank right behind the eye was a little longer. Does anyone know of any models that may have little more shank there and maybe are a lighter wire size?
  7. yeah... im lucky it didnt damage anything... probably thanks to me hevaily greasing the area
  8. Heres another reason to not just leave your line floating in yhe water... Happened in yhe first 30 seconds on the water... Probably 10+ yards of line.
  9. Sounds like that was what it was then. Only caught a few small wild brook trout years ago in a river up in mass... Wish I knew what I was doing better back then haha! I miss thay river. Thats interesting... Didnt know they werent true trout. What about wild browns I hear about? Are those introduced too?
  10. that was my guess, either that or they were the smallest stocked raibows i have ever seen by a large margin. good to know to try those for them next time. hmm, ill have to give it a try there some day, maybe hit a few places along the way and make a worthwhile trip out of it
  11. Double posted
  12. So, has anyone had experience with using a small sinking fly tied under a foam bass or panfish popper? Thinking of trying it to see what it can attract. And if anyone has tried it, any tips or observations?
  13. Wow I am going to have to go over your response a lot haha. I went there with a 7ft 5 wt and glad I didnt bring something longer. Had some luck on a wooly bugger but also saw what i think were brook trout that wouldn't even look at my fly haha, definitly going back though. The toughest part honestly was working around people kayaking past every 15min. Next time I may gice dry flys a shot
  14. Ended up with success on an olive wooly bugger. Luckily thats a large part of what I throw for large mouth and panfish. In general I have been sticking to wooly buggers, clouser minnows of varying sizes. Some other baitfish imitators and poppers/gurglers... All fun and easy to tie, and they catch fish
  15. Now this was a successful weekend... First rainbow on rhe fly, and first rainbow from a river, along with by far my biggest white perch...