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  1. I’ll take it. Thanks.
  2. I have an 1801. It is low maintenance. If you buy one and it doesn't have trim tabs, add them. Improves the ride significantly. I take mine in the ocean all the time. But I do pick my days.
  3. Got three naked gobies in one of our killie traps yesterday. I’ve caught them over the years but always much smaller than these guys. I think they’re my favorite addition to the tank thus far. They’re total spazzes and fun to watch.
  4. This is a fishing reports thread. Quit gaying it up. Yes we held hands. That’s an option on my charters that he chose to pay for. Nothing wrong with that. Don’t expect the same if you fish with me. To keep this on topic, I fished on ferret’s boat Saturday and we got skunked.
  5. Most of my bass fishing this spring has been night chunking from my boat. Got out quite a bit. Fish quantity was better earlier on with teen and 20lb fish. You could throw away the bunker heads for those fish as they wanted chunks. Then the big fish came to town and you could throw away the chunks as they only wanted heads. Once those big fish showed up the number of fish caught each night dropped way off but on the bright side you could always expect some 30-40lb+ fish. Last night's solo trip was right in line with expectations, only 3 fish. But two of them broke my previous personal best. First one was 49" and 48lbs and made a long sizzling first run. Second one was shorter but fatter at 47lbs and fought like a bucket. Special night, knocking on the door of 50lbs. No answer yet, but hopefully soon.
  6. Share a report with a guy and suddenly he thinks you’re best friends and starts tagging you in every post of his. I need to be a better judge of character. Been a while Tom. You should come over sometime and have a beer 6ft away from me. Good luck seabassing.
  7. Please stop harassing me ferret.
  8. Boat at night. Pretty much all my fishing is by boat now. All times of day/night are fair game for me. Nighttime is much more weather dependent, though. Safety first, right? That was the first time we met. I almost didn't recognize you the next time when you weren't covered in blood. That was the only way I knew you!
  9. I work from home a lot. But even when I don’t, no one blinks an eye if I show up to the office at 11am. I just stay late to get all my hours in. My hours are pretty flexible. My wife has to get up super early so she also goes to bed very early. Adds to the ease of me getting out and going fishing.
  10. Once the kids are in bed, I’m free to go fishing and my wife gets the whole bed to herself to watch her lame shows. She’s happy, I’m happy. On nights where I’m stuck home due to weather, I try to be annoying so she better appreciates the nights I go fishing. If she jokingly asks why don’t I go fishing, I know I’m doing a good job.
  11. Who are you trying to impress with your false bravado?
  12. Gotten much better where I live. Water has resumed its usual brown. Can see crabs scurrying around in the shallows. Had 20 in the crab trap. Think it’s time to go crabbing.
  13. Nice fish. Funny looking plug.
  14. See last page in this thread.
  15. Jersey fish . Stuff I catch with my son in our traps or while clamming. We’ve had killies, spearing, stickleback, silver perch, a few different kinds of shrimp, hermit crabs, mud crabs, blue crabs, Asian crabs. May or may not have had a small horseshoe crab. All small stuff. It’s just a 40g.