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  1. Mini blitzes all over the Shrewsbury this morning while we were crabbing. I’d expect the same in the navesink.
  2. Self contained.
  3. Currently just charging at the dock when I get back. From what I’ve read, I should have no problem with battery life for a full day of fishing. Maybe if you set up in heavy current where the motor is working nonstop you could drain them. So far it’s been calm conditions and the motor just does minor adjustments here and there.
  4. I just installed a Rhodan GPS trolling motor on my boat. What an incredible fishing tool. Like everyone else who's bought one says, tossing and hauling in an anchor is a thing of the past. Fished on Friday. Locked in a spot in 150ft of water about 10ft away from a wreck. Sat there and picked ling after ling. Hit the forward button on the handheld remote twice which put us 10ft forward right on the edge of the wreck to see if anything else was lurking down there. Kept snagging so backed off 5ft and picked away at some more ling before moving to a bonito spot. Locked in on a spot atop a lump and it was instant bonito and macks in our chum slick with seabass on the bottom. Held the spot perfectly til we had our fill. The motor really shines when bottom fishing and systematically working an area of structure or staying on top of smallest piece that would be a PITA to line up and anchor over. Can't wait til tog season.
  5. Hope you don’t need to borrow a rod with that tone.
  6. This is a reports thread! What was on the stringer? And what did you catch it on?
  7. Well I meant in the river.
  8. Lots of them in our neck of the woods.
  9. This was in the ocean, not bay. Filleting isn't so bad if you use this technique.
  10. First time trying this year. Morning was slow just a couple. Afternoon was lights out. Swarming behind the boat. All on squid. Took our sinkers off and just flipped our weightless rigs out and dozens would come up and nip at the baits. You just had to look down and watch when a fish ate the bait then set the hook. Most of the time you never felt the hit. Left them biting. Fun day.
  11. Got some fish for the week. Fluking sucks. Even when they're biting (which they weren't today) it sucks. Glad the triggers are here!
  12. Played hooky Friday to hunt down some bonito that everyone is reporting. Had to fight through a million small blues, but the bonito were there. Got a bonus small spanish mack. Only the 2nd I've caught in NJ. The last was 15+ years ago and twice the size. Sushi for days! Not from the beach
  13. Isn’t the coimbra about 90 miles from sandy hook? Lol. That won’t be my plan A. But I’ll keep it in mind!
  14. Cool thanks