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  1. Less than your boat. Dry weight listed at 2500lbs. So add a motor, fuel, and a couple guys and maybe 3500? I think 5-6 hours should be no problem for you.
  2. Can't help. But good to see you're still alive. Enjoy the waders!
  3. If you can make it down to the sandy hook area, hit me up next summer. I mahi fishing. You're welcome to come along. Started catching them in late July this year.
  4. If I only fished the river, 60" would be fine. Reviews won me over. They all break, but Rhodan could get you up and running again the quickest if needed. Only reason I would have chosen Minn Kota was for the auto deploy but seems it's prone to failure. Then if it sits in a shop somewhere with a mess of other broken ones, who knows when I'd get it back. I'm fine manually deploying.
  5. Just for reference, I had a 60" 24v Rhodan on my 18ft Parker. It would pop out in a swell. Heavy wind + current would also over power the motor and push me off my spot. Upgraded to a 72" 36v Rhodan and no issues at all anymore.
  6. Boy did you create a stink in here. Sounds like you did some cheater fishing, too. Maybe if you had a better captain, you would have experienced the chaos Still lots of peanuts conserving their energy way in back before entering the gauntlet on their migration. The daily view from my dock...
  7. Why didn't you go with the Ionic charger if you bought the Ionic battery?
  8. That's about how far away I live. But this isn't a fluke fling.
  9. Can't help with local availability, but I've been using a 36V lithium battery since the beginning of the year. It's a 50AH Ionic battery with their charger. Not the cheapest nor the most expensive. Didn't want to be in either category. Looks to actually be on sale right now if you google ionic lithium and visit the site ending in "hub". Wish it was when I bought. I use my trolling motor on two boats (18ft and 21ft) and wanted a single lightweight battery I could easily swap between boats. This one fit the bill. Has a Bluetooth feature where you can monitor the battery through an app. It's great seeing how much battery life you have left. I was concerned about it only being 50AH, but I do lots of bottom fishing, sometimes for long days and have yet to run out of juice. Happy with my purchase.
  10. I wish I didn't live so far away
  11. Never would have expected to see one of these way up the Shrewsbury in November. Caught in a cast net while netting bunker. If I had a bigger saltwater tank, it would have been a cool addition. But we let him go. Hopefully it finds its way to warmer waters.
  12. Good riddance you filthy lurker I bet you used intel from these report threads to catch that fish in your profile pic. And you didn’t even post a report after you caught it.
  13. He's old. You can be sure of that.
  14. The "bigger" blues and schoolie bass should be mixing in any day now. Keeping a lookout. Tons of little peanuts moved in but mostly just swim around the dock carefree. Love live-lining the peanuts off the dock with the kids.