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  1. I've been waiting for this match to get posted. Knew the results but still wanted to watch. Levan vs Ermes was posted the next day but this one took a while. They're all taking steroids. Some more than others. Denis has been around a long time now but is making a resurgence after health issues had him sidelined.
  2. No need to settle for mediocre. Avoid the fluff.
  3. I don't think the spacing is critical. Just do your initial 7 wraps down and on the way back up try to cross a down-wrap with every up-wrap. 1 for 1. Then as I start to pull on the main line and tag end together to tighten the knot, I'll pinch below the wraps and slowly slide the wraps towards the loop to compact them. Since I compact the knot some, the initial spacing isn't very important. Cut the mono tag end as close to the bottom of the knot as you can. If you want extra insurance, tie an overhand knot on the braid tag end as close the alberto knot as you can and singe the tag end of the braid right up to the overhand knot with a lighter so it doesn't unravel and get all fuzzy. This has been my go-to knot in my limited time jig and pop tuna fishing. Fish up to ~85lbs so far. Much easier than an FG or PR. I don't like it with very light line as I've had it come undone. Never had it fail with heavier line.
  4. Confirmed reports of a red hot golden shiner bite in certain parts of that body of water! PM me for details.
  5. Second guessing my plans now. I get the feeling somehow word got out about this spot and it might be crowded.
  6. Almost time! I'm pretty excited. I want to try a spot on the Hackensack I just learned about. Will probably dead stick some worms and maybe throw a shad around while I wait.
  7. How did it taste? I'll take a steak next time.
  8. Permit, amberjack, mako shark, wahoo, off the top of my head. Mako shark was on a spreader bar. Obviously not the intended target. I'm not much into sharking. The wahoo was in Costa Rica and I'm really hoping the next one comes in NJ. I've been building an arsenal for them. Such a cool fish.
  9. Only if they’re pelagic. Nice pic.
  10. I had to look that one up. Keep trying!
  11. Pfft. I'm no accountant. But my brain is fried.
  12. You never told me this story! I've held resentment ever since that night cause you didn't call. Water under the bridge now, my friend.
  13. Maybe someone fishing straight braid with no leader.
  14. Stacked nearly 30ft high this morning. Readings like I’ve never seen. But what’s really exciting is it’s almost tog season.