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  1. Please stop harassing me ferret.
  2. Boat at night. Pretty much all my fishing is by boat now. All times of day/night are fair game for me. Nighttime is much more weather dependent, though. Safety first, right? That was the first time we met. I almost didn't recognize you the next time when you weren't covered in blood. That was the only way I knew you!
  3. I work from home a lot. But even when I don’t, no one blinks an eye if I show up to the office at 11am. I just stay late to get all my hours in. My hours are pretty flexible. My wife has to get up super early so she also goes to bed very early. Adds to the ease of me getting out and going fishing.
  4. Once the kids are in bed, I’m free to go fishing and my wife gets the whole bed to herself to watch her lame shows. She’s happy, I’m happy. On nights where I’m stuck home due to weather, I try to be annoying so she better appreciates the nights I go fishing. If she jokingly asks why don’t I go fishing, I know I’m doing a good job.
  5. Who are you trying to impress with your false bravado?
  6. Gotten much better where I live. Water has resumed its usual brown. Can see crabs scurrying around in the shallows. Had 20 in the crab trap. Think it’s time to go crabbing.
  7. Nice fish. Funny looking plug.
  8. See last page in this thread.
  9. Jersey fish . Stuff I catch with my son in our traps or while clamming. We’ve had killies, spearing, stickleback, silver perch, a few different kinds of shrimp, hermit crabs, mud crabs, blue crabs, Asian crabs. May or may not have had a small horseshoe crab. All small stuff. It’s just a 40g.
  10. It’s been much longer than that. I do water changes for my saltwater fish tank with water straight from the river but have held off for awhile now because of the gross water. West wind, East wind, high tide, low tide, rain, no rain. Doesn’t matter. Refuses to clean up.
  11. Went out Saturday afternoon. Couldn't leave the dock til around 2pm. After fishing a little over an hour, my wife who was on call this weekend calls me and says she's been called in. Perfect. A short trip cut even shorter. Fished another half hour or so then packed it in. Didn't find the sea bass mother load but had a nice mixed bag. Got a keeper tog on an ava tipped with a squid head that went back and a cod on a jig that went in the cooler. Trolling motor has been out for repairs but thankfully it arrived back today. I'll be able to work my spots a lot more efficiently now, particularly as I'm fishing solo.
  12. They’re up the river. A sea gull was pecking at one on my neighbor’s dock a couple days ago.
  13. Skeleton shrimp! Just stumbled upon it while researching something else. I'm willing to bet that's what they were. Finally figured out how to get the stickleback to eat. They ate those skeleton shrimp but they wouldn't touch flakes, pellets, fine powder for used to feed fish fry, worm pieces that I got from clamming, frozen bloodworms from pet shop (not the kind we use for bait). Stubborn fish. They were starting to get skinny but I wasn't about to gather skeleton shrimp every week to feed them. Brine shrimp were the ticket! They scarf them. I have to use a turkey baster to spot feed the shrimp to the stickleback. If I just dump them in the spearing are too quick and will eat every one first. Pulled the killie traps today and one had 20 stickleback and the other had 2 more. Crazy. I may have added a few more to the tank after this video was taken.
  14. We all know how you feel Drew. You’ve already successfully converted all NJ residents on this site into conservationists. Congrats. It’s tiresome now and a waste of time on your part. Why not head over to a popular nj fishing site where all the boaters report and preach your disdain for nj there? That’s where you can really make a difference. We’re all counting on you.
  15. My tank just keeps evolving. I can't help myself. Surprising amount of life in the river in the middle of winter. It's been a stickleback blitz lately. Every time I pull the trap there is another one in amongst the killies. Also got a couple interesting little sand shrimp that mostly stay buried with just their eyes poking out. Last time out clamming I gathered some sponges and seaweed to add. They were covered in some kind of worm/larvae that the stickleback love to eat. So the stickleback hang in the plants and hunt all day. Tank is getting interesting. Upon first glance, it's just spearing, but the more you watch, the more critters you see. And with no predators, each creature just acts natural and goes about its business.