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  1. Good for you. You need to build up the brownie points...
  2. The current scientific opinion is the coronavirus will never go away since not everyone wants to be vaccinated and the virus could continue to mutate as a result so annual boosters are likely. If that turns out to be the case, I’m fine with it. Pfizer is even looking into creating a booster shot for both the coronavirus and flu to be taken annually if so desired.
  3. I read somewhere having had COVID and the vaccine combined may give you greater protection against the variants. Plus the vaccine gives you a greater amount of antibodies than you would normally would from COVID. @Mikedoes this sound right?
  4. Scouted out back in OcCo this morning searching for bluefish. for me but there were definitely big blues in there. I had bunch of big swirls chasing my popper but didn't commit. A nearby boater caught a gator. No other action that I could see. Water was 57°, clean and clear
  5. Water was very clean where I was yesterday morning, so clean I could see bottom in 4-5 feet of water as I was heading back to launch. Some salad but not bad.
  6. “Your fun bags you will show me”
  7. An IRA is the better option
  8. I was exposed around the time I got my first shot (Pfizer) and got COVID. Five days of fever and chills, loss of taste and smell. No appetite which made me lose 15 pounds. I had just recovered fully from COVID by the time I got my 2nd shot 18 days after the first. No reaction except a slight a headache that only lasted a few hours plus a soreness at the injection site.
  9. Biden and his surprisingly progressive policies are too popular (even considering the current hyper-partisanship, and wide chasm between left and right) for his first 100 days to be deemed a "failure". The people yearned for a non-confrontational, non-narcissistic, affable president after enduring four years of batchit crazy authoritarian nonsense. And they got it and the majority has approved so far. Years of federal neglect started by Reagan with his "small government" nonsense and the failed "trickle-down" theory long ago proven to be a myth are hopefully over.
  10. 3 hours this morning early for first daytime trip of season. But went from hero to zero.
  11. "Sleep like a baby" is a ****ing myth at my age. And I don't drink any alcohol.
  12. Thinning the herd
  13. The ones with most bite marks you know worked the best!