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  1. I didn't know sp minnows can break in half Fish felt heavy, for sure, until it snapped it off.
  2. My bud riding off to the sunset
  3. Agonizing, frustrating night out at the bay on the yak. Lots of fish around, swirls all over, even got startled a few times when they hit the hull of my yak. Dozens of hits and misses, several dropped fish, could only bring in five bass to 36". They were just not overly aggressive. My sp minnow got snapped in half by a big fish. Line snapped by another decent fish. I was cussing under my breath the whole night.
  4. Confirmed. Can't wait to tackle the big yellow-eyed brutes.
  5. Never ever not sleep with the ex-wife for almost 40 years (before the separation) and now gf. It just doesn't any sense to me to sleep in separate beds or rooms. Y'all are a bunch of snowflakes.
  6. I was going to get a BerleyPro for mine too but with the retractable transducer guardian and the front guard, I think I’m ok without it and getting sand gunked up inside.
  7. Heard they’re in Barnegat. If true, they should be up north soon.
  8. The Mueller report also largely vindicated the professional journalists who covered the probe since the beginning and on whom Trump waged his "fake news" war against. Many of them actually got it right, as it turns out. At their best, journalists are everything that Trump is not. As a rule, reporters sweat over details and facts and try their hardest to get their stories right. The Mueller report reveals that negative coverage isn’t the product of a dishonest media vendetta against the president. It’s the result of reporters having eyes and ears.
  9. That is true. It started in 2014 and the Obama administration knew about it and did nothing.
  10. The report shows how weak, afraid and clueless/unconcerned about the Constitution and federal laws Trump is. The details are very damaging. Almost criminal even. It’s funny how his officers and aides refused to follow his orders or listen to him when they knew it was illegal or foolish. He should be thankful they saved him from being actually charged for obstruction by Mueller. He may be President by title but he’s no leader to be respected or followed.
  11. So glad I didn't have to go through the online dating crap. I met my gf through a mutual friend.
  12. Tried a spot I never been. Didn't mark much fish or bait and only caught a couple shorts.
  13. Me too. My kids, my gf and so many others kept bugging me to watch it but I've nobly resisted so far.
  14. This is why night time is the right time
  15. Ed, if you install the transducer the way I did you can then install the BerleyPro over it for added protection. I didn't get the BerleyPro; instead I put in that guard piece that came with the Outback in front to force the guardian to retract if it hits some object underwater. I pretty much followed this video in installing my ff: