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  1. I have that extender for my kayak and works great so far. My vehicle is a Subaru Outback and my kayak sticks about 5.5 feet beyond. My yak has a hard plastic loader in the back that’s used to car top so I painted a safety red flag on it.
  2. A whole lotta nuttin’ on a charter with my three friends from Ohio this morning in NoMoCo. I was hoping they’d catch their first ever stripers but of course I was the only one to catch a fish, about 35” - everyone else skunked, even the captain. Plenty of marks all over but as has been the case all spring, they had lockjaw. Meanwhile one of my kayak buddies had 13 bass, all overs, during the same time. In fact, we passed by him several times. I told my friends he’s gonna out-fish us, just watch! And I was right.
  3. If you can’t understand why people support dRumpf that means you’re normal and rational, not brainwashed or a cultist needing some serious deprogramming.
  4. Poor Sleepy Donald, looking "sad and trapped and small" after having to silently listen all week to the judge reading out the potential jurors' social media posts and memes that insulted and mocked him.
  5. I almost capsized. Seriously, that's how heavy it was, lol.
  6. Surf-caught PB: 48.3lbs, 49" long with a 28.5" girth. 6/26/2006 Yak PB: 51" long. 11/8/2023. Didn't measure the girth cuz I wanted the big girl back in the water as quickly possible but it was definitely at least 28, 29". I'm confident it was 50+lbs, it was that fat. It was a real bear to take her out of the water. I needed both hands - never done that before. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  7. FinDiesel is a man of few words with a thumb feared by many. I give him two thumbs up!
  8. It was great how the no-nonsense judge slapped Drumpf down like the whiny entitled toddler he is.
  9. Distributions from IRAs, 401Ks, pension, etc. Any income that is considered retirement income, aside from SS (which is already not taxed).
  10. Nothing to do with luck. If you do your homework with lots of research and feedback like I did for several years, it's doable. If you don't mind living in a 55+, it's more than doable. Mine is pretty casual with the HOA rules with no stupid gate to get in or out, just 10 minutes from the closest beach. NJ has too many amenities and perks for me to leave. Plus my kids, step-kids and grandkids are still in NJ and for the foreseeable future, another big incentive to stay.
  11. And just like that, Trump will lose in AZ.
  12. Last fall wasn't that great either in terms of quantity in the usual hot spots. Could be the beginning of a downward trend in the bass biomass that fish management has been fearing and the lousy spawn due to unfavorable weather conditions last year doesn't help going forward either. Hard to say if this is a continuation of the trend because the weather with all that rain, wind and run-offs have been crappy which sidelined me more than usual. Hopefully the next few weeks things will turn around and improve in terms of quantity and quality. Time will tell.
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