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  1. Are Richard Simmons
  2. Point taken....but all it takes is one Sandy or Ian to cause so much damage it could take years to recover. There are a few Jersey shore areas still recovering from Sandy and that was 10 years ago.
  3. As much as I would love to live on or near the ocean, bay or river, I know I won't ever just because of massive, more intense and dangerous storms like Sandy and Ian with more to come.
  4. Since my bud moved to FL just two years ago, this was probably his first experience having to evacuate before a hurricane. Learning from this painful experience is surely one way to quickly become acclimated to being a Floridian, I would think?
  5. My friend told me he didn't get notice from the county to evacuate until just 21 hours before Ian hit. By then it was already raining heavily and very windy. I understand there was some controversy as to why Lee County waited so long to send out the evacuation notifications. Maybe the officials didn't want to believe the "hype" from the weather forecasters?
  6. No! But still would be a better choice than Trump, considering the 3,334 (seems that many) lawsuits against him, leading the Jan 6 insurrection, encouraging violence against his political enemies, saying the 5th 400 times in one sitting, blatant corruption, pathological lying and stealing top secret documents.
  7. Now I remember that one. The one KoQ was referring to. That was a huge mess too, coming on the heels of Sandy. The trees still had plenty of leaves left when the messy snow storm hit us. It was not a fun time with all the power outages and cleaning up all that debris off the ground. We were lucky none of those big trees fell on our house. Can’t say the same for a couple of the neighbors.
  8. No, the blizzard happened on Halloween 2011. Sandy in 2012. Yea, we would go to a restaurant for food, lights and warmth in Wharton because it had power.
  9. And that was after we got blasted by the Halloween blizzard the year before when we got 24” of snow. Then, we were out of power for five days. And it was so cold at night without heat. I think it was just below 50 degrees inside. We were sleeping in our winter coats.
  10. We were out of power for four days after Sandy. We lived in a heavily wooded area so the electrical lines were easy prey to fallen trees of which we had many. The next block over was out for 10 days. I was looking forward to going to work for the lights and heat, and dreaded coming home back to coldness and darkness. We had companies from out of state come over to help repair the infrastructural damages and restore power as fast as they could. We will always be grateful to those who came from long distances in our hour of need.
  11. Having lived in NJ all my life, it’s literally impossible, pre-SC ruling, for a civilian to be issued a carry permit in public. The only people I know who actually were issued a carry permit are retired cops. But if you were a civilian, fuhgeddaboudit!…until now after the SC ruling.
  12. This is just awful. Glad you’re ok.
  13. MLB Network to air all three games this weekend.
  14. No, they had already evacuated to an inland shelter with only a few extra clothes.