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  1. One thing's for sure, if I hadn't been exercising for all these years, I would feel like a real old man from decades of wear and tear of playing sports. I would be aching and sore from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. As much as there were days I didn't feel like going to the gym, feeling physically good as I do at my age is a great motivator to push myself and keep going. My gf will be 55 in May and although she looks fit, she has pains and aches already. She doesn't exercise hardly at all. The fact her bf is in far better shape even though he's 8 years older should be motivation enough to get her to the gym.
  2. I wonder what the percentage of 55+ dudes who can do 40 in a row?
  3. Yes. But chronic a-fib, like every day or every few hours every day, is a serious problem because it increases the risk of a stroke astronomically. It also saps your stamina quite a bit. That's why people who have the chronic kind have to be on blood thinners and/or blood pressure meds for the rest of their life. My ex-wife's cousin has chronic a-fib. I doubt he could do 3 push-ups before he's completely out of breath and his heart is going crazy.
  4. Just made it at 40 in a row, body length completely off the floor the whole time. But then I work out at the gym two or three times a week. I'll be 63 next month and do have a-fib although at the lowest risk, no physical restrictions. My last a-fib episode happened in Jan 2018. Actually the first time I did push-ups in many years so pretty pleased to say the least.
  5. With a rumored $60-80 million he got from the settlement, he doesn't have to and at the same time can walk away in relatively good health from football. And the NFL doesn't have to worry about Goodall being subpoenaed which wouldn't have boded well for him or the NFL, likely a good reason Kapernick got that much money.
  6. But our president* proved to be even more so than Kapernick which is why this got so much reaction and traction around the country. And made it an historical event.
  7. Ali was a racist dooshbag too in his hey day too. He was a deeply flawed man who loved being a rebel, and was boorish and insulting. He definitely wasn’t likeable. It was only because of his extraordinary boxing gifts he won people over as the years went by. But he was no saint.
  8. The funniest part was how tRump gets his gramma panties in a bunch - his tweet is priceless in a sophomoric way.
  9. Am I supposed to care what you think?
  10. The Yanks will show the Red Sox the door and win the WS
  11. My point has nothing to do with Ali getting away with it because of his legendary exploits but about a famous black athlete protesting against inequality and treatment of black people. The fact that Kapernick, while much less accomplished than Ali but nonetheless was himself a well-known star athlete, caused so much controversy and outrage/admiration for simply protesting police brutality against blacks on the football field is more than enough to ensure he will be much more than a footnote in sports history. That was my point.
  12. I am hoping the 2019 Outback tracks much better and quicker. The feedback in that regard has been positive. I fish 50% salt and 50% fresh and hoping the 2019 Outback is versatile enough to either pedal or paddle, especially in the rivers or shallow waters. I started out with paddle yaks and got tired of them quickly when dealing with windy conditions. No regrets since switching to Hobie.
  13. I’m thinking of going in the opposite direction and look at 55+ communities in North Brick, NJ. Can’t believe how cheap the houses and property taxes are down there. Even car insurance is cheaper down there. And brings me a lot closer to the beach for fishing.