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  1. I'll be moving to Toms River. Can anyone familiar with that region recommend any freshwater bodies of water to fish from bank and/or yak, besides Manasquan? If you do, please PM me. Thanks! Largies, smallies, pike, muskies, hybrids, channel cats, carp all get my attention.
  2. Next thing you know they'll expect someone to change the lure or bait for them.
  3. Lame excuses not to go bailless
  4. What about flying cars....they're gonna be starting test trials on those next year, yes? Uber Flying Taxis could be reality by 2023
  5. From the surf, bail less is the way to go. Bails are for sissies!
  6. Hell yeah! Used to catch dozens of fluke using a small bucktail off a favorite jetty (long gone) - some hammered it right by the rocks as I was about to lift it out of the water for another cast. A great boat-less yak-less way to fish for fluke now history
  7. Proof of a White House that is out of control with a president who as the alleged commander-in-chief is not in charge. It’s pretty clear from various reports Trump isn’t the one calling the shots and is only making decisions to fend off internal bickering and power plays in his administration. This won’t be the last time it happens. That’s pretty scary chit.
  8. What if it's really from the 15-yo gf sexting her bf?
  9. No vacation for me this year because I bought a townhouse.
  10. I tried the xrap but got no love. The hybrids in this lake prefer a Heddon Spook Jr ( which you can see in the net picture). Great topwater action!