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  1. I was a special ed HS gym and health teacher the first three years out of college and quit because the special ed kids were driving me nuts plus the union kept harassing me to join. This was back in the early 80s. I was earning $11,500 my last year and the job was way too stressful. Changed careers to IT, going on 33 years now. Thank God for it.
  2. That's because we get plenty of practice, lol
  3. Perfection! I love seeing chicks like her where I work out.
  4. Good lord, I just love brunettes. All my daughters and granddaughters are brunettes. My ex-wife was a brunette. My gf is a brunette. I just have a thing for brunettes. Keep up the good work, Mick!
  5. Working in retail sucks, never mind Wal-mart
  6. And now the National Enquirer is ready to sing like a canary in a surprise deal with prosecutors. Just piling on more legal trouble ahead. He’s certain not squeaky clean. Hell, they’ve only scratched the surface. Even usually reliable judge Napotilato admitted on Fox News there’s rock solid evidence tRump committed a felony. No wonder tRump is tweeting like mad crazy in recent days. He’s clearly very worried his political career is coming to an end and could possibly be indicted once he’s no longer president.
  7. It’s not surprising when you have a narcissistic TV president who has been trying to run the country like his businesses, building up a culture of lies and deceit, and wanting only yes men and women to treat him like a mob boss, and destroying democracy in the process along with cowardly, complicit Republicans too afraid to stand up to him. He’s proven to be a terrible manager who has a lousy record of hiring the wrong people whom he had to eventually let go or they quit on him or were convicted of crimes. He got beat very badly at his own game on TV by Pelosi and Schumer while discussing ways to avoid a government shutdown. He got tricked to saying he would be “proud” to shutdown the government if need be. Pelosi and Schumer had to be laughing inside. Meanwhile, Pence was frozen silent like the total schmuck puppet he is.
  8. It’s astonishingly laughable the misinformation and disinformation being thrown around about PP. If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one. Simple as that. It is a choice. My addict daughter accidentally got pregnant twice while she was high and she thought of having an abortion both times. My wife and I strongly discouraged her. Thank God she listened and we are blessed with two beautiful granddaughters. When I was in college my then-gf (and now soon-to-be ex-wife), as many college women did back in those days, used to go to PP for vital female health care services. Excellent and affordable. I have three daughters and as a father I’m grateful PP is there if they ever need it.
  9. I think Ridiculousness is cringingly hilarious.
  10. I love how Seal drive people nuts. I find it amusing how easily they are trolled by him. Just ignore his threads if you can’t stand him. After all, no one put a gun on your head.
  11. I was supposed to join a group of guys who have been catching for a night session but had to bail out at the last minute. Good thing as they all skunked for the first time this fall. The fat lady is about to sing...
  12. That formula will be revised, you can bet on it. Besides judges have alot of discretion in awarding alimony.
  13. They definitely will get lowered. That’s why my ex’s lawyer was in such a rush to get the MSA locked in before the end of the year. Our lawyers know the judges will definitely consider lowering the amount in light of the new law, even knowing women who are more dependent on the ex-husband’s income are more likely to get burned. The couple most hurt by the new law are where there’s very disparate incomes. Like the spouse who’s the higher earner and the dependent with much lower income or a housewife or househusband.
  14. Yup. Until they get used to the new law, it’s going be ugly. It’s going to complicate splitting up, especially for women who are more likely to be financially vulnerable in a divorce. Because there are going to be less money for them to divvy up. The alimony amount I agreed to would be hundreds less in 2019, which would have meant less income for my ex to work with than under the old law.
  15. My ex’s lawyer wanted me to pay a lump sum alimony but that would have cost me far more than the sum of all my monthly alimony payments, especially given the fact the payments would stop if I retire at full retirement age in good faith. But I was like eff that. My lawyer agreed so it got thrown out despite repeated attempts to revive it.