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  1. Nice. Where do you find that in the store, the paint department? I'd be concerned about the shelf life also, and I don't build that many lures, but even if it starts to age on the shelf, I would imagine it might still be ok for sealing. Thanks for the heads up, might have to go check that out at the store.
  2. Has anyone tried this stuff out for epoxy sealing or top coating? I'm probably going to grab some. I think it will be fine for epoxy sealing, but I was wondering if anyone tried using it as a top coat. Price is cheap on the auction site, 57 bucks shipped for a gallon mix.
  3. Sounds good, pm coming.
  4. Could you go $32 to help with shipping? PayPal goods and services so I can print a first class label.
  5. I could do 35 shipped PayPal.
  6. Message sent, please send payment.
  7. Yours, pm coming.
  8. Up for grabs are two Choopy magnum darters. These are big darters, around 5.5 ounces and 8 inches. These plugs may have been carried, but I don't ever remember tossing them. Colors are blackfish and silver ghost. $35 each plus $5 to ship, PayPal only. Buy both and I will cover shipping.
  9. One Smokey darter still available for $28 shipped.
  10. I could go $65 shipped PayPal on those two.
  11. Yours for $28 shipped, pm coming. Yours for 28 shipped, pm coming. Yours for 28 shipped, pm coming.
  12. Yours, pm coming.
  13. Sounds good, pm sent.
  14. The parrot Mac and the olive junior are left, yours if you want them. The yellow Danny is yours.