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  1. I can recommend stainless casio G Shock MTGM900DA-8 . I have had it for 7 years, and no problems. I have gone swimming in ocean many times and never a problem. Atomic time and solar/battery combo. Sells for around $100-$120 on auction sites. There a resin version as well for about the same price G-Shock GWM500F-1CCR.
  2. From what I have seen, the most used color of uncle josh pork rind...Red Commonly used on a white leadhead.
  3. I have used nail polish on jig heads, and it turns gummy and peels off. However I have used it to repair chipped paint on plugs and tins with no problem. One time bass and blues were only hitting Blue/chrome kastmasters. I only had plain chrome, so i went to nearby store and got blue polish. A few minutes and coats of polish later... back in business.
  4. $33 shipped? Ill take it if John822 still declines.
  5. If you stick with trebles, crush the barbs. This helps alot.
  6. I used the dryer sheets because mice got into the fuse box of my tundra, and ate through several wires. After some research I found out that they switched wiring to a newer "eco-friendly" soy based coating. Which naturally attracts rodents. Just like the airbags ( one company makes them for all manufactures) this soy wire is used for almost every automobile and piece of power equipment!!!
  7. Buy a box of fabric softener dryer sheets and spread them all over the place. Especially in smaller spaces where they would nest.
  8. In the enclosed bed of my truck, I use the Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier, zip tied to 2 expandable cargo bars. Keep the loops facing down for easier rod removal. Total cost $60 Guys that I know with SUV's use just the Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier attached to the vehicles grab handles or clothes hooks. $21.00 If you want more stability you can zip tie the Rod Saver Vehicle Rod Carrier to expandable clothes bars. Total cost (2 clothes rods @ $15 + $21 for holder = $51.00). Hope this helps
  9. Guys, Thanks for the input!!
  10. I was looking at the 10'6" 3-8oz version for jigging the canal.
  11. Has anyone used the Daiwa Coastal surf rods? Pros/cons?
  12. Does anyone have experience with the Daiwa CLSP1062MHFS? It is 10'6" 15-40lb line and 3-8 oz
  13. These are from my 5500ss Straight up is freespool and to the right in engaged
  14. Would you consider $40 shipped for lot#4