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  1. I understand. If something changes my offer still stands.
  2. I will offer $140 shipped if that helps. Thanks for the consideration.
  3. How much would shipping be on this?
  4. I was fishing a salt pond this morning, and snagged three of these fish. Just curious what it is.
  5. Once you pay by credit card you can select a date and time for the inspection. If there is an issue with either of those you will get an email. For example I had selected Saturday, and that was not available. I was sent an email to select another day and time.
  6. I use "US harbors" or saltwater With a little bit of clicking here and there on their websites, you can print monthly charts for the whole month. Much easier to use than the "Graph" type charts
  7. I just did mine last week. You NEED to go to their website and fill out all the forms and pay for the permit. Once that is done you will get an email to pick a date and time for an "inspection". When you get your date and time, show up at their Wakefield RI office and someone will come out and give you a copy of the permit, and they witness you apply the sticker to your windshield.
  8. How about $75 shipped for everything except the top bm that Goldy is interested in?
  9. Respectfully offer $95 shippedfor both lots.
  10. Thanks for the info, I'll take em!
  11. what size/weight are these?
  12. Thanks for posting the box. Would you consider $140 shipped?