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  1. Clinton, W, Obama all failed with respect to NK. Chit rolls downhill until the point action is eventually required. At least Trump has been talking about this dire issue since the late 90s. He's got the right military advisors, too. While I never got behind Trump, I fully support Mattis, Kelly, McMaster, and Pompeo.
  2. "We came, we saw, he died", Hillary laughing as she announced the news of Qaddafi's death. What ever happened to Libya, again? Nothing like turning another nation into a third world chithole. Thanks Obama and Clinton!
  3. Taint bm's first time. Flush it down is what I always say!
  4. You gonna pass around that peace pipe, chief? I think the smoke has gone to your head.
  5. Protesting alleged oppressors while wearing a Castro t shirt perfectly illustrates the liberal hypocrisy. Carry on, comrade.
  6. No mention of Hillary Clinton on the floor of the Senate giving an impassioned speech, imploring Democrats to vote for the war in Iraq? Hell, the damn Democrats made her their nominee in 2016!
  7. To be honest, I have on more than one occasion referred to FDR as a cripple, although always in the context of "That socialist cripple FDR doesn't hold a candle to Teddy."
  8. There is no suppression or suggestion of suppression of the first amendment. Nice try, but totally and completely false.
  9. c note says you never previously used the word, dotard.
  10. That didnt happen, patty. Nice spin though.
  11. Pig cop socks and Castro shirts really show the lack of mental capacity of that rightfully unemployed 'qb'. Hard to call him an actual quarterback when the only success he had was in a gimmick passing offense that relied on a great running game and historically ranked defense.
  12. Seems like peppermint patty is part of the very vocal minority. Free speech does not mean it comes without consequences. Some owners have already relayed similar sentiment to their players. iirc, the Chiefs owner, made his players very aware they would be fired if they participate in such protests while in a KC chiefs uniform.
  13. Personally, I'm a big fan of Governor Hogan's multiple road expansion plans. It's been needed for some time imo. Also glad I no longer live on that side for that multi-year headache.
  14. It's amazing how fast liberals, liberal political commentators, and certain "news organizations", within hours of the latest NK nuke test all fell in line in unison. A lot of "We have to accept and recognize a nuclear NK". How quickly the left capitulated to their comrades.
  15. Where the swamp rat at?!?!