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  1. My family and I am so sorry for your loss.
  2. Drove by Mike's near Tobey and seen it being worked on,like rehabbed .anyone know whats going on. A new bait shop maybe.
  3. Bob spray some water on scratch, if they disappear then it only scratched in the clear coat. To check if deep scratch use your finger nail , if it catches its too deep to buff out
  4. onset pier is good, use strips of squid
  5. that was cool
  6. shake and bake it was really 22in, good news talked to service counter at wally world and today i have a new rod ,
  7. I dont think they will ,i got at wally world a month ago.did tell my sons the story and they had a laugh about it.funny thing is when i turn rod opposite casting way it doesnt fold.i dont like the smart phones as dont need all the fancy crap.
  8. i decide to do some freshwater this am so leave at 5 am.get there set up new baitcaster and new berkley shock rod,first ten minutes get one of each,pickeral,small bass and a crappie on a popper,oh good this is gona be a good trip.switch to a white spinner and first cast wham the rod snaps in half but still have whatever is hooked.get it in and its a huge largemouth .get out phone (not one of those smart phones) start to take video of it ,id say about 24 inches im excited now that i got video so to show my son.with rod snapped i pack up but at least have the video.get home to check it out and the @#$%$ thing didnt record.what a bummer ,now i have a broken new rod (didnt save receipt) and no video evidence to show my son.
  9. dont know whats worse having no sol for 24 hours or a black out .
  10. what are you thinking for a price on it.my son goes to uct for mechanics and i thought this may be a good car for him to work on till he gets his licence hopefully in 2 years. you can pm me if that ok with the rules.
  11. bob put on cl for 1500.00 with the mileage and couple pics inside and out.state for parts or repair.
  12. thoughts and prayers