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  1. Diawa Emblem Pro.
  2. O wouldn't shop Red Top if it was the last place down there. Not friendly.
  3. About 6 years old and in good condition. Paid $1350 ........ asking $600. Don't need.......no more trees. Bob
  4. You better hurry because Benny's is closing the end of the year.
  5. Seals taste like chicken !!!!
  6. You're missing BIG fish !!!!!!
  7. Because I'm crazy !!!!!!
  8. I'm having a hard time trying to figure out a new post over an old post.
  9. I've used a Lami 136-3m cut down with a 700CL and 65lb braid and loved this set up. Worked pencils great and jigs. Retired it and went to spinning so it's hanging in the garage for a spare if ever needed.
  10. I had a striper do that on the big river.
  11. Should have pushed pinhead over and left and said he fell.
  12. Cutco fillet knife X22. Kid got one at the show and it looks real good. Like hoe flexible the blade is bot short and long.
  13. O ya......great day for fishing !!!! Just as it was today.
  14. Bird !!!!!
  15. Wareham had scouts and the water was fine.