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  1. shhhhh
  2. Took the dog for a swim last week and there we a good amount on a south shore river. They weren't working but flying in search.
  3. Caught them off smiths point on mackeral before.
  4. Anyone here fish any green crab patterns often? I am curious more about it. I am on south shore of MA. Do you fish most in tidal rivers or standing water? Best time of season for them? Do you like to fish weighted fly suspended or just let it do its thing
  5. Lil guy on the south shore.
  6. went out today and saw everything except a turkey until i finish and crossed the NH Border
  7. They make soundproof drywall
  8. Good sized one. you just using a bright shad fly?
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by guernseybass plenty of greenheads from july too... and sandfleas. As soon as the bugs come out the river becomes a war zone unless the wind is going steady.
  10. when are they going to throw some koho salmon back into the north river?
  11. what are native?????
  12. Anyone have any idea how many trout end up being put at each location? I'm sure it varies but I just moved to a river that is on the list this week and I'm curious as to if it is 10 or 100 not that it matters that much because I will fish it the same either way.
  13. Get that kinky muddler in some striper waters immediately!!!