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  1. I'll take for $115 shipped.
  2. Sounds like you boys are ready to join the academy and uphold that bad reputation. I don't think the actual officer involved would appreciate your comments.
  3. Hi TB. I'm interested in the Daiwas, but don't really need the Okuma. If you want to break up the lot, I will offer $60 for those two shipped. Thanks for considering.
  4. Don't crank it anymore if there is sand in the gears. Maybe even take the handle off and twist tie the rotor to the foot to keep it in place until you open it up or service it.
  5. Used to have some mixed in with our chickens ages ago because they don't need water. They are very personable birds. Awesome layers, although that looks like a male... I agree - you've been chosen.
  6. Thanks TB. If it's just the epoxy, then we can move forward with the sale. Thanks for the extra info.
  7. Hi Thumb burner - I'll take this lot for the fam. Can you please just confirm that the Castaway is in good shape (guides ok, no major concerns - can't tell from picture)? Thanks!
  8. Man, all this white people wallowing in self-pity and defensiveness is embarrassing. At this point, I think fishing topics might be secondary.
  9. Spinning the rotor uses a smaller gear to turn the larger main gear/handle, which relatively is easy, whereas turning the handle is the opposite, and could result in more apparent friction. Just something to consider. I had this same model a few years back, and something was never aligned right from the get go and felt tight when cranking. By the time I cracked it open, it had eaten its own gears up.
  10. If so, then it comes to cleanly cutting the rod tip off without splintering it if you need to replace the tip. Recommend a cutting fine disc on a dremel - will go through like butter without damaging it (like a even a fine saw might).
  11. Sounds like epoxy. Hot glue literally takes 2 seconds to melt with a lighter.
  12. You could tell some of these dingbats to wipe their asses with toilet paper, and they'd start crying about infringements on their liberty and burn every roll in the house.
  13. Reminded me of 'dinosaur rock' near where my mom grew up in PA. We used to climb all over it as kids - it was sturdy. Can't believe teenagers haven't wrecked it by now!
  14. Well put, makorider- the work ethic in many immigrants who are hungry for a better life is a force to be reckoned with. They are often willing to sacrifice a generation to put kids through academic bootcamp to get into good schools - unapologetic for the pressure they put on them. Others rise to the top in their native countries and make it here for grad school, often resulting in job creation. Unfortunately, it scares some people who are comfortable in a 40 hr week and, perhaps understandably, don't want to be pushed that hard, but that level of global competition is the only thing that will keep America on top. We continue produce many of our own top performers, of course, but there's no future without that energy and a meritocracy pushes people. The American dream is an opportunity, not a given - the polar opposite of nativism.
  15. "This is a major part of what's wrong with America right now, and yes cancel culture should cancel this piece of filth." Cherry picking our cancel culture, huh. Typical hypocrisy from the morally decent folk. Undo your top cardigan button and take a deep breath...