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  1. I have an older metal cased Spinfisher 8500 4.6:1 if that's what you're interested in. The exterior had some minor paint blister that I sanded down and put marine primer over at some point, but it feels fine inside. Lmk asap if that's what you're looking for and I'll try to pop it open and asses the gearbox to make sure it's clean before I head out of town Sunday. Prob ask ~$75 shipped if gears look good, but possibly open to trades (FW/SW gear, archery arrows, other?). It can handle just about anything - I love these reels, but I don't have a use for an extra one any more.
  2. Stabil-icers are good velcro strap-on winter cleats with metal studs that work on slimy rocks and seem durable so far. I tended to lose studs pretty quickly that I screwed into my boots, but I hike a far on rocks.
  3. I find it happens often enough to be a practical consideration for rod length. Fishing vertically in deep water, even a big fish can decide to go directly to the wrong side of the kayak/boat without turning you. I'd rather switch sides than fight with the rod under the water on the wrong side. Salmon and other pelagics can be all over the map in no time. Maybe bluegills as well...
  4. Make sure it's long enough to where you can clear the ends of the boat from where you're sitting if the fish runs around you, or the drift changes, etc.
  5. The source is one thing. The rapid spread of it here says a lot more about us.
  6. This site is at the point where it just needs an open racist section.
  7. Geez, I forgot about the kiddy birthday balloons... The irony.
  8. It's projected that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050 (The New Plastics Economy, ~2015. NGO report, but well done). Kudos for aiming to not use soft plastics and picking up trash. I've been converting to natural material as well, but haven't weaned myself completely by long shot. I think I walk away with as much trash as fish over the course of the year. The bulk of it becomes small/micro pieces that can kill larval fish, but I've occasionally encountered whole lures in stomachs of grown fish - too big to pass. I'm sure I've contributed to that myself. The real place to stop using is plastic bottles. 1,000,000 made per minute, and only something like 10% are recycled to a lower grade once or twice before becoming land/ocean fill.
  9. Will take small jig heads.
  10. At $25,000 per hour to fly a fighter, I bet those workers would rather have had the equipment they were asking for. We should say thank you in person to health care workers we know, for sure.
  11. I fish for some meat, but try to meter what I take based on my consumption rate (or sharing with friends/work). That said, I try to do an honest assessment of the fishery I'm in beyond the official regs- even though it's legal to keep a striper every day, for example, I certainly would not do that under present stock conditions. Not that it's an option for me... I'm stuck inland these days. I have my own personal regs concerning things like: limit of 4 trout/salmon in the freezer (=time to do a smoke) age (have to research age-at-length data on particular fish/locale online, can be difficult); old fish = good genes & higher repro rate (and probably too much mercury/pcb anyway!). Example: lakers over 27" in my area can be between 10-30 years old, so I decided to set my upper limit at 26". wild vs. stocked, if applicable (e.g. release wild trout = broaden gene pool, in theory) No fishing during spawning unless I want eggs - stress from CnR can cause fish to reabsorb eggs Can't take 'em for granted - just about every fish I've targeted has decreased, or changed (moved) in the last four decades.
  12. That's pretty much everyone in NY and NJ, not jut the irish and italians.
  13. Paddle tails are often great for a matching natural bait, but don't cast as well in the wind as bucktails.
  14. Small Man Big Mouth - Minor Threat
  15. More brain drain. If it was for health reasons, it would be a travel ban, not an immigration ban. Our global competitiveness is sinking under the populist movement. This country's greatness comes (came...) from attracting the best minds from all over the world who, along with our own best, created technologies and jobs that drove the world economy with the US at the helm. Now all the brilliant, ambitious up and comers who used to compete at the tops levels to get here will go to other countries and create even stiffer competition for us. Takes more than flags and eagles to make a country great.