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  1. I was told to bring an 11/12wt, so I am expecting to get into bigger fish. BTW - what is the body material on the 2nd fly? Is it the EP Streamer Brush w/micro legs?
  2. I'll be up near Tampa
  3. Thanks guys...keep em coming!
  4. Looks good...what is the body?
  5. I'll be headed down to the Tampa, FL area next June, and I am hoping to try and get a day or two to fish. Since I have a year to wait, I want to start tying. What's a good pattern/color to put in the box? Thanks, John
  6. There's one about 4 threads down...might still be available.
  7. BoneFishDick - you look much cuter in your new Avatar.
  8. Is the 8wt still available?
  9. At the terminal end of the leader. The tippet then has some other loop knot, so that if anything fails it is the tippet, and you don't lose the rest of your line system.
  10. Anyone have an extra they are looking to sell?
  11. Will be heading to Horseshoe Beach in December...can anyone recommend a guide in the area?
  12. Have a friend who's sister has a resort place at Little Corn Island. I can probably get you some info if you decide to go there.
  13. What weight rod are you using?