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  1. I have a 9'6 suzuki and don't think you can find a better or more versatile rod for the money. It's become my favorite set up , you can cast all night, throw 1/2 oz and sail 2oz plugs. I have a few custom rods and this has become my favorite
  2. What size reel did you put on it?
  3. Congratulations!! I'm jealous, I love the 9'6 Suzuki but that is next on my list. That's a great set up, good luck, looking forward to how you like it
  4. Yes for lrg mouth, I've never tried them. They look like they would be fun, I love fishing topwaters. Not sure how productive it will be but will give it a chance
  5. How do you guys like'em? Just got a couple of the spro rats, is there any suggestions
  6. Great info guys thanks, I found them for sale at my local B&T over the weekend and bought 6 packs. Going to rig them on jig heads and swimbait hooks and give it shot
  7. My 13th bday my uncle took me livelineing for stripers. After quite a few small fish and blue fish my 1st good fish exploded and inhaled my pogie. We were even treated to him jumping and shaking like a lrg mouth! 38" 28# and a memory that last forever. Thank you uncle Jim, R.I.P
  8. They look like schoolies and lrg mouths would kill them. They are expensive but might be worth a shot
  9. Has anyone tried them yet?
  10. Got a slammer 3 4500 for 163.00 with a little searching, on a 9'6 Suzuki, love it!
  11. Which do you like or use? Looking at 30# but haven't used either
  12. I have this set up 9'6 3/4 to 3 and just got a slammer 3 4500 and love it
  13. No problem, good luck on the sale
  14. Hey john , would you be interested in a trade for a 8 weight teton fly reel? Its like new spooled up with 8w intermediate line , I think its Rio saltwater but not shore.i bought it at fin and feather in essex a few years ago then realized I suck at fly fishing. I'm in Gloucester we could meet up. I'll post pic if interested
  15. Awesome guys, thanks for the response. I really appreciate your help