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  1. The sidekick $145, It has a tiny nick in the paint above the eye which you can see in the pic. The other side is clean. The back hook has a tiny bit of rust which you can see in the pic, really the only evidence it has been in the water, but otherwise looks unused.

    Tiger- New- $125

    Slims- All have little rust stains on the plug and/or some little hook damage areas from being stored improperly. I've kept them in bubble wrap since I attained them but sadly they weren't always kept that way. The white one has the most wear, bunch of little hook gouges, so $60 for white, rainbow and fish scale $85 each

    Surfster-$90 -has little rust stains on the plug and light markings from hook storage. 


    I'll post two more pics, one from underneath so you can see the bottom, and one of the other side of the plugs. 


  2. Brand New Abel super 8 by James Prosek Striper edition. Bought it to fish it on a green nrx (great looking match for the reel) but I still need to raise funds for a new truck. It's #18 of 100 made. Only one I can find for sale is priced at $1100 with a print. I don't have a print but I can draw you a striped bass :) This reel is for sale at $950 and includes new reel, 30lb white backing, new Sci angler 300int line, and box (cardboard tore off on the top, see photo, obviously not important but have to mention it). Sweet reel. Hopefully you can put some mojo on it. Thanks. Eric