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  1. Hey Daryl, here's a quick pic. I can take more in detail pics tomorrow but I promised you I'd get one up for you. Before you get excited, just the right side is for sale . This is what I have left of my G2 collection. Forgive me, it's been awhile so I don't remember the exact names of some of the plugs, just that I paid a lot or traded a lot to get them lol. For instance, I may be messing up slim or skinny, hybrid surfster etc. I tried to go over each plug as it seems you're going to be collecting them and are looking for mint plugs. I have a few boxes as well. The top charcoal sidekick and the rainbow slim look to have been swam. I have never personally swam any of them, just collected over the years, but they have little telltale signs that they've been in the water. If they were going in a case or on the wall you'd probably never be able the difference but just so you're aware of it. The bottom slim has scratches like a bass grabbed a hold of it. The other 5 plugs are new. Charcoal sidekick $150 Yellow sidekick $180 Yellow slim $125 White and red slim $125 Rainbow slim $95 White glitter hybrid surfster $150 White glitter slim $125 White used slim $70
  2. From the album G2, GARY HULL LURES WTB

  3. Hey Striper Silly, I have a bunch of G2 plugs that I will post. I'm leaving for thanksgiving and won't be home til monday but I'm afraid I'll forget by then. If I don't post pictures by tuesday please just remind me with a pm . Thanks, Eric
  4. PM Sent with info. Thank You
  5. Hey Tony, Would you take $55 shipped for the movies? I'll send the money out today paypal or check. Thanks, Eric
  6. striper fiend, what is your height and weight? Just curious because it's too small. I'm 5'9, 160. I'm thinking it would be too big in the chest area but figured I'd ask
  7. Sage TCX 10wt. I bought this rod used and have yet to even cast it so I'm looking to trade it out. I bought it right before a trip but didn't end up throwing the sinking lines I thought I was gonna. Condition is very good. Shows signs of normal use from the previous owner. $425 shipped Sage XI2 9wt. I have used this rod in the mix with my other rods and have loved it but I'd like to try something new. It's in very good condition. Well cared for. Comes with good mojo. $400 shipped Abel Super 10 red. Bought this new on SOL and have never placed it on a rod or even put backing on it. It sits with literally 6 other new Abel and Tibor reels that I've never used because I'm a gear freak, or freaking idiot, one or the other. Anyway, looking to trade it as well. It is beautiful. $425 shipped Abel Super 10 (black,blue,orange) Used on my sage XI2. It is a great looking reel in excellent shape. It is an older model Super 10 so does not have an outgoing click, only incoming. $385 shipped I am looking for a new/used G Loomis NRX in blue 9wt. Or Sage XI3 8wt. I could always add additional money to a trade to seal a deal. I will post pics shortly. Thanks, Eric
  8. Sage XI2 is sold. Met up with obelix150 (Matt) in Montauk for the exchange. Thanks again Matt and SOL.
  9. I'm located in Seaford. I'm going to be in Montauk this sunday and monday. If you can grab it from me in town, you're welcome to take it and fish it if you'd like. I'll get the rod or the money from you on my way back home monday. That work? I'll pm you my phone number. I'll throw it in my truck either way. If it works out great, if not, no worries. Thanks, Eric
  10. I have never sent in a manufacturer's card in my life so I can positively say no to that. But, truthfully I can't even remember where I acquired this rod. I remember it was new but don't remember if I bought it from here, ebay, or a store. So, as far as proving ownership with a receipt or anything, I don't have that. I always buy rods with the pretense if it was never broken and sent in to be fixed, when a company receives the rod, they just declare me the owner. At least that's been my experience with breaking two different manufacturers' rods. No questions ever asked, just pay the shipping and they return you a fixed fly rod. Hope that helps. Eric
  11. One more drop in price before off to bidding site. Abel super 10 red- $375 Abel super 10 black/orange-$ 320 Sage XI2 9wt-$315 Sage TCX 10wt- $375
  12. Hey iphish, the post says price is $525 or BRO, not sure if that meant you were open to an offer? Would you take $500 and I'll paypal it over now? Also, are you interested in a trade at all? Abel reels, other flyrods, G2 plugs? I can offer a new Abel Super 10 in Red, plus $175 dollars or we can work something out. Thanks, Eric
  13. if this falls through for any reason I'll take it at $30 shipped
  14. Awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing. Can't believe the clarity of the video. It's like a go pro commercial. It makes me want to go out and buy one
  15. Hey, any interest in trades? I have a thread up with two abels and two rods (sage xi2, sage tcx 10wt) No problem if not. Thanks, Eric
  16. Hey can you post pictures of the reels please. Are you interested in trades for other fly fishing gear? Thanks, Eric
  17. New Prices!!! Abel Black/orange $355 Abel Red Super 10 $405 Sage TCX 10wt $400 Sage XI2 9wt $360
  18. Not sure of the terminology exactly but the red reel is set up with a clockwise retrieve, drag operates counter clockwise so it's set up for the rod in your left hand and your right hand would operate the reel. It's an easy switch either way you want it. Thanks
  19. No paperwork. I bought it off of someone here and never got it. When Abels come from the factory, in my experience, all are left handed. Meaning rod held in your left hand. Directions to flip the reel are found online. It's easy. Thanks, Eric
  20. Reel pics are up. Thanks for your patience guys. The red abel is brand new and I have the pouch and box. It looks beautiful and that's not because I'm selling it ;)The black/blue camo reel I have the pouch but no box. The body of the black/blue reel is excellent, no scratches. The drag knob as seen in photo where it says super 10, the black circular disc, shows small signs of use. The reel with come with the orange backing. The line on the reel is a 9wt rio aqualax intermediate I believe with 90% accuracy. Or, a 9wt intermediate mastery series, I always fish one of those two. I will add it in for an additional $25 dollars or keep it myself. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks, Eric
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