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  1. Sorry to hear Lou. Best wishes to your wife. Eric
  2. Awesome thank you. Found the eBay guy and he's got everything I need. Thanks for the help!
  3. Brand New. Still in original Aquaskinz package. $26 Shipped to your door. PM me if you reply to the thread please so I remember to check back Thanks!
  4. Brand new in the box. Black Gloss, $415 shipped to your door. Specifically want a G Loomis NRX 8wt in Green, Sage XI3 8wt. or a Hatch Finatic 7 and I will add cash accordingly. Gonna be here for the weekend then off to auction site. Thanks, Eric
  5. This thread is closed. Off to auction site. Thanks
  6. Price?
  7. Goggle it. ************ has an extended whip finisher as well as standard sizes. $4 bucks
  8. Sorry don't remember who makes it but there definitely is a standard whip and a large whip finisher. I have both and It is definitely helpful when finishing bucktails.
  9. Sorry for the double post.Figuring out how to add images with Iphone
  10. Spits sand like a champion! You'll never look back. Smooth And reliable.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. I was in the middle of editing the original post. Not sure if you got a chance to see it yet. Either way I'll take the bag. Whatever works best for you. Thanks, Eric
  12. Hey Flysully, where are you located? I'm in Seaford. Would you accept $100 bucks and we'll meet up? Otherwise if it's just easier I can pm you my address and I'll take the bag for asking price. Thanks either way, Eric
  13. Hey Spnyfish unfortunately I'm not looking for a two handed rod but I have a used sage tcx 10wt if you're interested. I bought the rod used on SOL right before a trip with intentions of throwing sinking lines and never used the rod. Still have never even cast it. It shows normal signs of use, (a little dirtiness on the cork), but is in great condition. I recently closed the thread It was for sale in but I had it listed at $375. Just throwing it out there if you thought you wanted to stay with the same rod just one handed. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hey Daryl, sorry I'm actually down in Alabama. Supposed to redfish tomorrow. How's the 5 new plugs for $630? Let me know. Thanks, Eric
  15. Hey Daryl, I sent you a pm. It seems you misread the posting a little bit. Just to clarify, the rainbow slim (#5) is used. I can post more pics of that plug in particular if you'd like but I'm assuming you're not going to want that one, just the new ones. So to be clear, 2,3,4,6, and 7 are new. Let me know. Thanks, Eric
  16. From the album G2, GARY HULL LURES WTB

  17. From the album G2, GARY HULL LURES WTB

  18. From the album G2, GARY HULL LURES WTB