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  1. The coloring is awesome. Looks like a sprayed plug.
  2. Very Funny. When I first started seeing Rachel Marie's flies I thought the same thing. In my creepy mind I couldn't wait to see this chick who had crazy skills. I even mentioned to my wife who has zero interest in fishing that there's a new chick posting in the forums that's an amazing tyer and I'm curious to see what she looks like. One you tube video and one goatee later I realized this was no 28yr old blonde I dreamed up in my mind lol. Either way, very glad he's decided to continually post new flies. Thanks for making the forum a better place.
  3. Amazing!! Great pic of the school. Such clear water. Wherever it was good for you. Pumped for you. Thanks for posting
  4. Profile came out great. Will definitely work
  5. Amazing as always. They look great man.
  6. Hey what hackle are you using? Necks or saddles? I just ordered a whiting farm hen neck. Hope it's what I'm looking for. Thanks
  7. Always great looking flies! My biggest issue is finding good hackle to palmer with. Not always sure what to buy. Thanks for the hackle pics. Is there anything else to look for when buying it? Thanks.
  8. Looks sick! Love it.
  9. Great flies!
  10. Great looking fish. Can you post close ups of the flies? I like the idea of. Wooly bugger for the salt.
  11. Sorry to not specify. I'll gladly take the sci angler. Please pm with payment details and I'll send it out. Thanks. Eric
  12. I'll take the new 9wt line please.
  13. Thank you so much for the instructional. Here's My first two muddlers and I can't wait to fish them.
  14. Wow!! Sick Video
  15. Hey everyone, if anyone has a source for super hair or ultra hair I would love to buy a few. I can't seem to find it. I just ran out and I love to tie epoxy rain bait patterns with it. I've found white and polar bear which is basically a really light yellow but I much prefer the clear. Thanks in advance for the help.
  16. If you find what you're looking for can you post a pic or description please. I'm curious to see it. Thanks
  17. I love it. Both patterns look great. I assume down but Is it intended to ride hook up or hook down? Thanks for posting.
  18. Didn't get to a show this year where they usually have good deals on lights. What's your favorite and why? Thanks!
  19. Looking specifically for this rod. Thanks. Eric
  20. Hey albieaddict. I have a used sage tcx 10wt I'm looking to sell so I can pick up an 8wt. $375. Great condition. I can post pics if you like. Thanks either way. Eric
  21. Highly impressed by the squid patterns. Those look like fish catchers whether squid is present nearby or not. Nice innovation on the gurgler squid. I'm gonna have to tie up a few of those. Thanks for posting the real squid pics. Very cool to see the different variations of colors they present.
  22. Thanks for the post. Can't remember what week last year I fished it for my first 7-8" fish of the season but hopefully after the warmer weather this week they'll start to show. I'm a wussy though. I'll probably wait til April
  23. I have two reels that I'd like to put black fly backing on and I can't find anything but the normal white and of course very bright yellow/lime, orange colors. Thanks, Eric