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  1. Lots of freshwater/lighter stuff gets sold on ******** com classifieds. I'd join their site and post it up in their forums as well. Worth a shot.
  2. Can you explain the airflo 8wt further please. Don't see a clear fast intermediate in their lineup. Is it their striper line? Sink rate? I'll take it if it's in their striper ridge category thanks. Eric
  3. Sorry mistyped it. To be clear ill take the Rio Saltwater 9wt F/S1 outbound short. Thank you. Please pm payment details and I'll send it right over to you. Also if The Rio OBS 9wt F/I falls through I'll take that too. Thank you. Eric
  4. I'll take the fsi 9wt please
  5. Hey everyone, Wanted to try the striper rio Hover in 9wt. It's moss green/yellow. Also looking for a 8 or 9wt scientific angler or Teeny coldwater intermediate. Lastly Orvis 9wt floating striper line, sand colored. Let me know what you have. Hoping JrzFlyGuy or Herb maybe had some. Thanks in advance. Eric
  6. Thanks for the video. Always love Montauk footage
  7. Payment sent. I have to check myself into flyrods anonymous. Thanks. Eric
  8. Yes. Pm me with PayPal details
  9. Would you take $450 shipped? Or trade for a new Abel super 8 and a $100 dollars?
  10. Any interest in a trade for a new Abel super 8?
  11. Meant to do this a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to put in a plug for the new fly shop Atlantic Outfitters. Fished Manhasset all summer and never even knew it was there(one block west of Louie's restaurant and R&G). Really nice owner, named John. Spent alot of time in there talking to him. He did a good job covering all of the basics for a new shop. Said he's trying to add stuff every couple of weeks. Good supply of fly fishing stuff, some plugs, and even kayaks. It's nice to have a fly shop on the north and west end of Long Island and especially with an owner that is willing to help not just take your money. Check it out and Support the shop. Eric
  12. I'll take the iPod if it falls through with scarecrow please. Thanks. Eric
  13. A big thank you to Mike and Charlie. I stopped by Mike's tent sunday and sampled some of his amazing barbecue. Everything was delicious. Congrats on the call in pork. Eric
  14. Where are you located? Does it come with the hobie cart that usually comes with the yak? Thanks. Eric
  15. As the title says. Looking specifically for this reel. Thanks, Eric
  16. I'll jump second in line please just in case. Thanks. Eric
  17. Hey Flyfishntheride, not sure if shipping was included in the price? If so I'll take the combo. Thanks. Eric
  18. Boxes look sick all packed with flies. How was the trip?
  19. I like the coloring on the foam. Nice job! I need to tie up some crease flies. Thanks for posting
  20. Glad someone told you to keep putting up pics because I certainly want more! Pics like yours motivate me when I sit at the tying bench. Most times I sit in front of a ton of tying materials and walk away because I'm not sure what to tie. When I see the pics I try to replicate them. Pictures are good for everyone with regards to technique and in particular with your flies the great natural tapering and blending. I'm a stalker when it comes to your posts, Jonny's and M.saxatilis's too.
  21. Nice job!
  22. I really like the subtle glimmer all through out your flies. Great color mix too
  23. Great fish! Well done
  24. I agree with Spruce. I would like a line that almost hovers. Most time I'm fishing only a couple feet of water so I want something just under the surface. Unless my cast happens to be booming, which is not typically the case, I'm probably in shallow water even at the end of my cast. I have yet to try it but Rio makes an outbound short that is supposedly a slow intermediate. They have floating, slow intermediate, and intermediate available. There are so many lines available for every second of fast sink. Hoping some other lines come out that are more dramatically slow sinking.