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  1. Hey guys. Thanks for the positive comments. It's the only albacore fish print reel I've seen so I've debated selling it but I need to sell off a few reels. Gonna post some other abels and tibors this week. I'll leave this reel up here for a few more days then off to another site. Thanks. Eric
  2. Deal. PM sent. Thanks. Eric
  3. Would you accept $185 shipped for the R3? Can mail out a check today. PM sent. Thanks either way. Eric
  4. What's your height and weight for the mediums. I have a ton of patagonia stuff. Usually a medium but my 3mil Henderson wetsuit is a large. Thanks
  5. Where are you located?
  6. I purchased an Orvis H2 10wt this past October from the bst. I received the rod,which was fished once, and other than taking it out for a quick look it hasn't been out of the rod case again. I never cast it, fished it, or had it back out of the tube. I just don't need the 10wt and now that I am purchasing the H2 9wt in another thread I need to sell the 10. I want what I paid for it. $450. Prefer local pick up but willing to ship. Thanks. Eric Here's the original post
  7. Thanks island guides. Rod is sold.
  8. From the album FS Orvis Helios 2, 10wt

  9. I'll take it. Pm with pick up details
  10. Love the Mack patterns. Thanks for posting the pics
  11. Hey If this falls through for any reason I'll take it. Thanks. Eric
  12. Your music selection always gets me so amped up!! Love the song for the trailer. Amazing movies. Looking forward to the new one. If you put them to dvd, I'll absolutely buy it. Count me in.
  13. Sick!!! Beautiful Ties
  14. What's the model of the reel? Thanks