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  1. This hurts my brain to think about! Haha. Probably Lami 1201L and VSB150.
  2. Ok, good luck in your search!
  3. Wow! Your persistence is admirable. (Seriously) Good luck with the Striped Fish, and welcome home.
  4. Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not Toby! PM on the way.
  5. Any interest in an 11' 3-6 Vapor Trail? If so, I can take pics tonight. I'm located on the Cape as well.
  6. I'll take this. I'm on Cape too.
  7. Did you ever end up catching anything in Italy? Fishing-wise, that is...
  8. VT's will not make a good jigging rod. You should take a look at the CTS BayCaster (Old Surf & Jetty), Rainshadow 1209 or Black Hole Surf 2 Heavy for that, imo.
  9. I baitfish about twice a year and bought a baitrunner because of how annoying it is messing with the drag! So I'm with you in the loony bin.
  10. Avid Inshore is worth a look.
  11. Wow! Good stuff, RST. I have a lot to learn!
  12. It’s still on there.
  13. Nice! Lawn is looking good too.
  14. Magic Swimmers cast like potato chips. I think the 6” 3oz Little Neck is the worst caster of the Little Neck lineup too. I’d bet you’re not loading the rod properly if it’s with other lures too.
  15. Same rod? If not, you're likely not loading the rod enough. Fast actioned rods are harder to cast, but capable of better distance in the right hands. Could also be under-spooled.