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  1. I’m sure he wanted to when I took his ‘72 Duster for a joy ride when I was 15.
  2. I’d rather have the right lure with an inferior rod, than the right rod with an inferior lure. But that’s why we have so many setups!
  3. That is spooled properly. If you go past the bottom lip, you will get wind knots.
  4. Sling Shots are more on the moderate-fast side. Stealth is their moderate. Can’t comment on the BH.
  5. Any word on a new Saragosa?
  6. I wouldn't expect an 11 inch rod to cast very far. Seriously though, I'd be curious to know which model it was.
  7. It doesn't have to be a well made copy! Good point though.
  8. We only managed one short Sea Bass, but there were countless Sea Robins, and good sized Scup taken.
  9. I have never heard of knockoff 832, but wouldn't be surprised at all if it's being duplicated in China.
  10. MH. Should have been more specific, my bad. I’m with Night Owl. Faster actioned, sensitive rod is superior for light rubber, IMO. Every twitch you do with the rod is imparted to the Slug-Go. Only downside is the butt section is a little too short.
  11. 8’ Avid Inshore for me.
  12. Where did you buy it? Possible Chinese knock off? Was it a one-time occurrence, or has it happened again?
  13. Tuukka came to play so far!
  14. 5k is perfect.
  15. Have you tried the Modified Albright (Alberto)? I use it with 20lb braid and 15lb leader. 9 wraps each way, with an additional two passes through the loop at the end (via Scooby).