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  1. 911

    I was a Senior in High School. We were watching this in Marketing class and saw the second plane hit the other tower. My teacher said "wow, that's a weird coincidence" and shut off the TV and resumed class. Virtually everyone else in school was glued to the TV and we were all in the dark learning about product placement in TV commercials. Lol.
  2. I don't consider warranty a factor in purchasing a rod. Top of the line rods aren't that expensive in the first place and they virtually all offer a 1 year defect warranty, which I consider more than fair. Sidetone: If they started offering an unconditional warranty, the price would increase, and I don't think that responsible owners should have to pay more to cover for irresponsible owners or people that abuse the warranty. At least offer an no-warranty option at a reduced cost.
  3. You made the right choice. Very nice rod for your application.
  4. I have still yet to catch one from shore since end of May. In a friend's boat, not far off shore, they seem to be everywhere. Very strange.
  5. I just use two split rings most of the time. Although I will say that I have never had a fish bend out a cut hook, nor ever seen it happen. You’d be surprised how much force it takes to bend them, I doubt a Striped Bass could bend it out.
  6. Searching lure - SP Minnow or Magic Swimmer. Lami vs Century - Century and it's not close, imo. Although, there are a lot more options than just the two. Storm vs Tsunami - Dealers choice. Floating vs Sinking SP - They're basically the exact same thing. The sinking is more of a suspending and doesn't really make too much of a difference. I use both and notice no difference in catch rate. Leader needed - Yes. Abrasion resistance and more importantly something to grab when landing a fish that won't slice through your hand! Spoons - Never used them, so no comment. The school of fish you saw could possibly be Albies. Fast moving fish that are very finicky, but there's no way to know for sure without more information. Good luck!
  7. The Marauder comes with K guides. The MTK version has Hardloy's.
  8. Fiber Star Marauder 1327 is worth a look.
  9. I have a brand new, in box Penn Clash 4000 I bought over the winter as an impulse purchase I won't need! I could do $135 shipped. Can gets pics in the morning if you're interested.
  10. Shark repellant couldn't hurt.
  11. Thursday's are always packed due to it being a commercial day. NJ guys only show up on the New Moon tides.
  12. You must have pressed “mark forum as read.” I don’t believe there’s a way to undo it, but as topics are posted in, they’ll return to bold.
  13. I love that guy has a rod in the video. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. What do you mean lost? You left them when you left or they were stolen? Either way, check with the local shops (tackle or pawn) and I hope you get them back. Not too many IRT reels out there, so should be a fairly easily recognizable combo. Sorry for your loss.