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  1. A member here posted a video of the initial wobble and a temporary fix for said wobble.
  2. 4" of black ice for me. 3" is doable, but not worth it to me.
  3. I'm kind of losing interest in this to be honest. Doesn't look like much has changed from the previous model.
  4. You’re a rod builder, you shouldn’t be this clueless. I see 5 rods over 8’6 that are one piece. Speaking of not knowing about something...Not to mention the 10 and 11’ one piece lineup they were developing...
  5. This is terrible news. Couple this with my favorite rods (Fiber Star) going out of business and it hasn't been a good two days for me! I wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors, but we all lost something special for sure.
  6. Between this and M&D's closing down, I'm devastated!
  7. Purely out of curiosity. Is it a no-go because it's a Blue Label? It's on the approved roster and is on the short list for my next purchase and was looking at this one.
  8. Super Sap is decent. Haven't tried the first two. I'd just max out on Julius and Haze though, personally. I'm so jealous right now!
  9. This is backwards thinking. Your question should be; Why should weed be illegal. Everything should be legal unless there's a overwhelming reason for it not to be. Hemp vs Cotton and various other political points don't check that box. It should be legal because you can't get addicted to it, can't OD on it, and it has never killed anyone. (Sure, car accidents or suicides have killed people, but that wasn't directly because of the plant.) Can you answer why alcohol should legal? Cigarettes? Caffeine? Sugar? You're asking what happens when someone breaks the law (dui)? Same as anyone else who foolishly gets behind the wheel of a vehicle when they're impaired. By this logic do you think we should make cars illegal? You can be impaired from being over-tired and hit someone, but we all know the risks of driving. Is drunk driving the cost of doing business? How about just straight up motor vehicle accidents? Yes, it's all about politics. You should look up why it was illegal in the first place. It had NOTHING to do with being dangerous to users. Why do you assume weed impedes their skills? How do you think it impeded them rising to the top of their respective sports? You could easily make a case that it helped them. Helps with sleeping, which makes you able to train harder. Helps with appetite, which allows you to get the proper nutrition. Do you see how many clean calories a day a professional athlete needs?! Not to mention as a pain reliever and not being prescribed pills that are known to be dangerous. Like I said before, I do not smoke weed. It's just plain ridiculous to have the mindset that it should be illegal because someone might drive while high. I do realize I sound like a pot sympathizer, and no, I do not think it's some magical plant that will solve all that ails the world, but I do drink IPA's and am simply using logic. Alcohol is without question worse for you, I don't think anyone here would disagree, would you JTR? I know the risks and I drink responsibly (mostly!), which I don't think there's anything wrong with. I wouldn't want my rights taken away because someone else makes the decision to get behind the wheel. (Same with guns, knives, etc) Good luck, gentlemen. I am going to respectfully bow out of this discussion. There are some people that have had the propaganda machine brainwash them into one way of thinking, and I highly doubt that mindset will change. Then there are others, who are more open-minded, but just simply disagree, which there is absolutely nothing wrong with. Just seems like we are all chasing our own tails now. I will be obsessing over the new Stella if you need me!
  10. I don’t smoke weed, so not a pot head, but it’s clearly not a gateway drug. There is no such thing. Trying one substance doesn’t magically make you become addicted to another substance. I bet everyone tried caffeine before alcohol, or weed, is that a gateway drug? And yes, caffeine is certainly a drug. Might want to look up how many people that used weed ended up addicted to heroin. Hint: It won’t help the gateway drug theory. OxyContin is the main reason for people becoming addicted to heroin, because OxyContin IS *gasp* heroin! But Oxy is in pill form and made by big pharmaceutical, so no biggie...
  11. Gamakatsu gets my vote. I generally use Mustad's and always sharpen them before using. There are a lot of good videos on YouTube. I use this method (not with those tools, though) with a file and it seems to work well enough.
  12. 1. Fish less. It’s becoming too addicting! 2. Explore more beaches. 3. Not buy any more rods. 4. Get nephews (8&6 years old) their first striped bass. 5. Sell kayaks.
  13. I also hate hoods and use a Stormr Typhoon beanie.
  14. Women hanging out on the beach trying to snag a lobsterman?
  15. I'm glad you took him early. My life has been rough because I was too stubborn to get tested for Lyme. Ticks are terrible, and their diseases are likely the most under-diagnosed out there. Hope he has no lasting affects!