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  1. Abrasion resistance is a huge reason.
  2. Sorry for your loss, Bob. Looks like you gave him a great life. RIP, Charlie.
  3. Tsunami Trophy II is a good value at ~$120. Tsunami Airwave Elite is another option at ~$200. TFO is generally accepted as the choice for mid-range with a nice warranty at ~$275. Pair with a Daiwa BG 5000 or 6500 if you want to go heavier and you'll be good to go! As for storage, I use Deep Plano Boxes as I find a plug bag very annoying with Canal gear.
  4. Just a size difference, with a stream being smaller than a river.
  5. John Skinner made FishersLog, which isn't technically an app, but might be what you're looking for. Worth a look.
  6. Loctite for me. Stick a short nail in the spout before putting the cap on and you can just pull it out with pliers instead of trying to mess with unclogging. I glue them at home and refrigerate, but the nail method works well enough for me when on the water.
  7. That's fair. I personally do not concern myself with warranties. I'd rather have the option of a based price rod with an added warranty option for an additional cost if given the choice. The 1 year defect is kind of two fold to me. I do believe a defect would show itself fairly quickly, but "quickly" to someone who fishes every day the weekend warrior are vastly different time frames. I have a hard time believing you could fish for 300 trips, then have it break due to a defect on trip 301. I would be hard pressed to believe that is wasn't damaged somehow in that time. I've seen rods break 30 minutes after a purchase from Red Top and the pile they had for returns were all broken in the same spot. That is clearly a defect. I have been happy with Legends, Century's, CTS rods. If I was forced to use only one company's rods, I believe I would choose Century. Luckily for us gear junkies that is a hypothetical scenario!
  8. We know you value their warranty, you post about it often, on multiple threads.
  9. I think it's fair to say Century rods are the best rods. Granted everyone has a different definition of "best," but Century offers a line of rods that is either on par, or better, than their competitors, in most every category, imo. Century FMJ might not be for rock-hopping, but their Kevlar Nor'Easters sure are! Levari values a warranty, so he thinks St. Croix is "best." I really like the Legend series, but that's about it from them for me. I personally wish the rods were cheaper and you had the option to not get their warranty. It annoys me that I overpay for some people to abuse their warranty. I still have two though! Haha.
  10. My first fishing memory is my Dad taking me to a small pond on the Cape. My line is over a branch - likely for the 100th time! - and I'm telling him to stop pulling so hard on the line. He responds with an annoyed "I'm not pulling on the line" and low and behold I'm hooked up to a Large Mouth Bass! I successfully landed it after he got me free from the branch. We still joke about it to this day. I still have the old Mitchell reel, too.
  11. China gets a bad rap because most manufacturer's request their products to be made as cheaply as possible. It's not like the Chinese are incapable of producing high quality items. There are plenty of junk things made here too!
  12. Oh boy, this thread is right up my alley! I have a rod obsession and fish the same areas. St. Croix Legend would get my vote. It's 2 piece, but 70-30 split and the only 2-piece rods I have never had twist. I personally use the 11' 3-8, which is more like a 3-6, imo. Plus it's tough/impossible to beat St. Croix's warranty. Century S2 would be my runner-up. It's perfect action, but it's a bit thin for my personal taste. If you fish in a strong headwind - you will not like it. Starts to feel over-loaded over 4 oz's, but that may be just because it's so parabolic. Very versatile rod. 3-6 Vapor Trail was my go-to for a couple years, but it's a bit on the stiffer side than I like for the beaches. This has been relegated to my loaner Canal plugging rod nowadays. Lamiglas 1322/GSB were the standard for many years, but is now considered "old technology" but it's still a contender, especially if you get a custom. CMS in New Bedford usually has pre-made customs, which is a bit counter-intuitive, but they build a good rod for our area, imo. GSB can take a beating. Speaking of rods that can take a beating, I doubt any rods is more durable than the Century Nor'Easters. Surprisingly I don't own one, but those things are built for abuse and worth a look. ODM makes some nice 1-piece blanks too. My fishing partners uses, and loves, the 11' Evolution. I only have casted it a few times, but I really like my Nex-1 Canal rod and would imagine the newer Evolution's are even better. Lastly, I would suggest checking out the 6k Gosa in comparison to your 8k. 8k overkill for the beaches, imho. Best of luck!
  13. 3 or 4 Turn Uni Knot.
  14. I'd use Joe Baggs Soft Plastic Jigheads. Weight determined by fishing conditions. Or Dan Tinman ball/bullet heads, which are found right here on SOL in the Commercial Buy/Sell/Trade forum.
  15. Congratulations. Looks nice!