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  1. JTR, I thought you retired! What does someone illegally selling something have to do with legalized marijuana? People illegally sell guns, are you of the opinion that we shouldn't have access to legal places to purchase firearms? People illegally sell all kinds of things. Alcohol, knives, pain killers, etc. Should those not be legal for adults too?
  2. I already hate my bracket, but I'm rolling with it.
  3. I don’t think he’s talking about flag colored lures..
  4. I have been happy with the flags NJTramcar sells right on this forum in the Commercial Buy/Sell/Trade section.
  5. Victim blaming is hilarious. It's your fault that cops don't follow the law and stereotype! You can't make this stuff up...
  6. Yes, absolutely. The Saragosa is probably the most commonly used reel at the Canal. 8k or 10k size. All depends on your budget, but any reel I mentioned will suit you well. If you're trolling us, well played!
  7. There's nothing "wrong" with a baitrunner, it's just not needed at the Canal. The baitrunner feature is more for live-lining or bait and wait fishing, which you can't really do at the Canal. At least you can't do it for very long, once the Canal current starts moving. Plus it's just one more thing to break! For the same price range as the 14k baitrunner, I'd go with the Shimano Spheros 8k or Daiwa Saltist 5k and call it a day. If you want to spend some more, go with the Saragosa. If you want to save some money, go with the Daiwa BG 5000. Good luck!
  8. Canal Bait & Tackle has them.
  9. WAY too big. If I was forced to use a baitrunner, which I wouldn't recommend, I'd use the 8k.
  10. Usually get a hat or some other swag, but the rods typically aren't discounted much, if at all. By the time you factor in travel, parking, and entrance fee(s), you're pretty much off-setting any potential savings anyway! Shows are a good way to burn a day in the winter, but I wouldn't go to one just for the purpose of getting a readily available item.
  11. FG Knot is best, but more difficult to tie than the Modified Albright (Alberto) and the Uni to Uni knots. Six turn Surgeon is another contender. I'd go with whichever one you can tie the best.
  12. For what you're describing, I'd go with the '1L', for sure.
  13. JTR, Genuine curiosity questions: What are the differences between Decriminalized and Legal Marijuana that you have an issue(s) with? Alcohol and Nicotine/Tobacco are both ahead of MJ on the substance abuse list. Do you also have an issue with them being legal? What are these downsides you keeping referring to regarding MJ users? Thanks.
  14. This sounds like the ever elusive "perfect rod!" If you find it, please let me know!
  15. They make 1 piece blanks.