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  1. Wow, jealous!
  2. Wow, quite a collection some of you guys have. I didn’t know “knife envy” was a thing, but here we are!
  3. Century S1 is exactly what you're looking for, but they are expensive. If you can transport a 1-piece, I would also recommend the 1201L cut down, but not the Skinner Rod. I am not a fan of the guides used on that, personally, but he sure does make them work! Off your list, I would go with the Tirelejo. Good luck!
  4. Shimano Saragosa
  5. This virus is never going away.
  6. Fascinating information in this thread. Might have to start growing! Seems like a good quarantine activity!
  7. Looks much better! That looks like 4 wraps? Try 3 wraps.
  8. That doesn't look to be tied correctly. The tag end should be under all the wraps.
  9. Thing is pretty ugly, imo, but I'm probably still going to end up getting one!
  10. I will check it out. Thanks!
  11. What do you think about this one instead? Also, I have to stop looking before I end up with a custom Benchmade!
  12. I mainly use a knife to open boxes and peel cucumbers out of the garden.
  13. Lost my Kershaw, so looking for a new replacement EDC knife. Not looking for anything too fancy and would like to keep it around ~$50. Thinking about this Sypderco. Thoughts? Alternate suggestions?
  14. Easy. Alcohol is considered a "grocery item" under federal law. Plus Alcohol withdrawals are a terrible thing, so it also falls under medical.