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  1. Russ - Hit “Choose files” next to the paper clip under where you type a message. Next select “Photo Library” from the pop-up Then, select the photo(s) you want to post. (I chose my likely next purchase for this example.) Finally hit “submit” and you’re done!
  2. Didn’t this happen like 7 years ago??
  3. Thanks, Seadogg. Appreciate the confirmation!
  4. Pout is my only guess. Any help? Thanks!
  5. I like this! I’ve just been using a volleyball net on 2x4’s, but this is making me think about switching. Thanks for sharing
  6. Barnstable non-resident recreational shell fishing permit is $140. Not too bad.
  7. Fascinating to me how some people don't like braid. To me, it's easily one of the best advancements in fishing in my lifetime. Zero chance I could go back to mono!
  8. Palomar Knot for braid. Uni Knot for mono/fluoro. (Number of turns dictated by pound test.) Modified Albright (Alberto) for braid to mono/fluoro leaders. Snell knot for tying to a hook. Perfection Loop for a teaser.
  9. Appreciate the response. I will check them out. Thanks!
  10. Anyone have any cucumber recommendations? I typically just stick with Marketmore 76, but looking to try some new ones this season. Thanks!
  11. That doesn't sound good, Scoob! Hope it all gets worked out.
  12. I would highly caution against leaving any significant amount of money on an exchange. Not just for the potential hacking opportunities, but exchanges aren't required to have a one-to-one backed amount of crypto, meaning you are basically sharing coins with other users and if there's a massive movement - there may not be enough to go around. I like a cold/hardware wallet. I use the Nano Ledger, personally, for the long term hold coins (bitcoin, ethereum, etc) For ease of use, I also have a hot/software wallet for short term/less valuable coins. Coinbase is the easiest to get going on, and as Phish mentioned, use Coinbase Pro (it's free) to buy/sell/transfer as the fees are significantly less than Coinbase. I am a Voyager fanboy, but it did take several months to get approved.
  13. I just logged on to my MAFishHunt account. Not sure if fishing license covers the lobster or not? Was there a specific Lobster option before?
  14. Check out Tribute by 14th Star Brewing Co.