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  1. Sounds like the power button is stuck on on ... is it maybe jammed inwards?
  2. Coping
  3. The last 3 posts all have incredibly attractive lures
  4. Oktoberfest ... or ... Hanukkah
  5. The angle you should hit the wake at has umpteen variables .... your sense of balance, your hips, your yak, wind direction and strength, size of wake, shape of wake wave, your speed, your confidence ... because wake waves are usually steepish and close together, I try and hit them at an offset angle of between 45* to 65* and use hips .... your sweet spot will come with time in the water. As to inlets ... avoid like the plague .... far too many factors outside of your control ... and to be fair to boaters too, having kayakers to also dodge in a busy, ripping inlet is an unnecessary complication ... IMHO
  6. Most tournaments issue a measuring sticker, stick it onto your homemade bump board ... instant certification
  7. Eyes
  8. Joan
  9. Passed
  10. As long as your fingers still function ...
  11. Aged
  12. Bomb
  13. Boat
  14. Ignorant
  15. When putting it on, squat after zipping up and pull open the neck a bit, it'll get rid of most of the excess air.