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  1. Interesting ... what additional info did it display? Tx
  2. Adorn
  3. Embellish
  4. The Coast Guard is my plan Delta, the safety net I rely on with absolute confidence to save me when I can’t save myself. Through no fault of their own, the members of the CG are hurting, and not only them, but their families too. The details of how donations can be made to the Chief Petty Officers Association, whom will channel all tax-deductible donations to those who need it the most, will be added here within the next day or 2. Please look at your finances, consider what is affordable (in relation to what your life is worth) and make a difference to someone who’ll respond to your call for help with no questions asked or thanks expected. Thanks for your help, and to TimS in advance.
  5. Because you're delving into subjective territory number 1, and number 2 because that'd require constant moderators oversight and decision making. At what size does the parking lot become mentionable ... 100 cars? 50 cars? 8 cars?
  6. Shallot
  7. Pantry
  8. Liner
  9. Rotgut
  10. Automation
  11. Gateway
  12. Strut
  13. But but but ... where do the radio, Tums, smokes, lighter, phone, camera, pliers, knife, energy bars, sunscreen, flies, tippet, mirror, whistle, flares, toothpicks and inners go?
  14. Service
  15. Corrupt