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  1. Mom and twins Sash caught dinner and lost a really good Steelie view from the back door
  2. memories of BI
  3. … pics and narrative sometime after 1 June … hopefully
  4. Preparers
  5. Rotator
  6. Hoover
  7. Sangoma
  8. Even when targeting Tog in 80’ of water, I’d still like to keep an eye on the Hammerhead circling 3’ below me …
  9. We have 5 kits and a limping female (assumption) seemingly squatting under our garden shed … can we safely just let them be and assume they’ll relocate when the pool season gets into high gear? Bonus is scarcity of squirrels … although there are 2 pairs of rabbits still very active in the garden.
  10. Cuddly
  11. Scars
  12. Common sense is your greatest safety tool. If you can see/hear the water pushing … probably not anchor conducive If the yak starts listing … probably not anchor conducive If you don’t feel confident … probably not anchor conducive Quick release mechanism which has been tested and familiar should be a must It can be useful but is hellish restrictive… be prepared to quick release when fighting a good sized one in high traffic areas, be prepared to quick release all the time - you have to be on a much higher state of alert of your surroundings when anchored, not the other way around. Short opinion … useful at a price. Good luck
  13. You’re welcome to come and check her out Gus … doubtful I’ll be down your way in the next couple of weeks. PM for cell# and address, cheers Brad