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  1. Bob. Great meeting you the other day. Good luck with them
  2. Thank you. Have a few 965s and 975s. I only have one 955 and would like another.
  3. Deal done. Thanks Mike. Great meeting you.
  4. Two 3 1/2 oz Gibbs pencil poppers. New in the package. 40.00 shipped.. no pay pal. Postal Money order
  5. I'll do a 40 picked up...I have so many plugs it's ridiculous. I'm going to start getting rid of stuff
  6. Long Branch NJ...Monmouth County
  7. Two Leftys. One has a chip missing paint. Other is in ok condition. Selling as a pair. Pick up or postal money order. 50.00 shipped. 45.00 picked up.
  8. I'll give you the one that needs to be repainted. The other 25 dollars. Pick up?
  9. I'll take other pictures if you have any questions. I'd let the old one and the one above it go. And if you where interested the A40. Have 6 off those. Billy was a great guy. Met him when I first started Bass fishing in 1980. Knew him from Steve's Bait and Tackle when Joe La Presti owned it and I built Rods there..
  10. I might have a couple or more. New I'd let go. Will get back to you soon with photos
  11. I'll take the Basswood. Shipping? Not set up for pay pal. Postal money order?
  12. I've seen them around both the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers in Monmouth County NJ. in the past couple weeks.
  13. A few years ago fishing Monmouth County NJ huge school of bunkers in front of me getting pounded by bass. Of course I didn't have a snag rig with me but had a buck tail on. I said WTF the bunker are so thick, I'll snag a bunker with the buck tail and hope for the best right! Cast out swing a snag motion and boom I got a bunker snagged right? All of a sudden this bunker is taking drag!. Five or Ten minutes later I slide up a mid twenty pound bass up on the beach.....He hit the teaser. Go for it, what can it hurt.
  14. Backwaters Monmouth County. They are here but not crazy.
  15. I have a 2000 still in use. Backwater saltwater love the reel.
  16. 7'6" is my go to size. Have six of these full and split grip. Like full grip the best. Three different lure weight sizes. Also have many tidematers and the star rods cast better in my opinion. The price you got was great!
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