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  1. May he Rest In Peace
  2. Bob. Great meeting you the other day. Good luck with them
  3. Thank you. Have a few 965s and 975s. I only have one 955 and would like another.
  4. So 35 shipped to anyone interested
  5. Deal done. Thanks Mike. Great meeting you.
  6. 35 and they are yours
  7. Mike...PM coming
  8. Two 3 1/2 oz Gibbs pencil poppers. New in the package. 40.00 shipped.. no pay pal. Postal Money order
  9. I'll do a 40 picked up...I have so many plugs it's ridiculous. I'm going to start getting rid of stuff
  10. Going to let it ride.
  11. Long Branch NJ...Monmouth County
  12. Two Leftys. One has a chip missing paint. Other is in ok condition. Selling as a pair. Pick up or postal money order. 50.00 shipped. 45.00 picked up.
  13. I'll give you the one that needs to be repainted. The other 25 dollars. Pick up?