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  1. How important are moon phases at the canal when targeting bass? When i was there, some locals say the new moon is best, others say the full moon is best..... I dont know what to believe. Thoughts on this? Thanks
  2. Yea i get that, but just wondering on this design that leaves a gaping hole in the back covered by a piece of plastic.....
  3. I really like how this reel performs. But when I took off the back plate, what is the point to having this exposed???
  4. These are the best to keep the bait fresh and liquid inside. But, if any grain of sand gets on the thread over, it will leak. Gotta be careful not to get any sand on the cover or threads.
  5. Only thing I hated on the reel was the paddle handle, so I changed it to a Gomexus. Already feels a lot better.
  6. Took the reel out this morning and I love it. Caught my 1st ever Cobia!
  7. Just spooled my new stradic FL4000 and compared the weight with my VR50. The VR50 is lighter but damn, this stradic is smoother.
  8. Love TFO rods, i have their Surf rods and the original Gary Loomis designed models, cant say enough good things about those surf rods and their customer service. I Was looking at the TFO Pro rods, Pro S 765-1, is the rod im currently eyeballing on.
  9. Just got my Stradic FL 4000, pretty damn light and buttery smooth. Here's a pic on the reel on a scale before line added.
  10. 5" gulp jerk shad on a .5oz ball 4/0 jig head. 7'6" inshore rod, vr50 with 15lb braid. Retrieve should be super slow with the occasional twitch....been slaying the flukes since I was shown this technique.
  11. Got me a stradic 4000 FL. Got it for $170. Couldn't pass it up. Thanks all for your insights, much appreciated.
  12. I think im going to buy the Shimano ST4000XGFL Stradic FL Spinning Reel. I saw that its on sale at TD. Gonna pair it witl 15lb braid and on to a 7'6" rod for fluking from shore. Anyone have any experience with this model reel? Hoping it can handle the occasional saltwater splash. Thanks in advance, Evil-Bay
  13. I already have a vr50 that I use on my 8' BH inshore rod. Was looking for something different that is as light as a VR50. If there's no such thing as light, saltwater water resistant and up to $300, then I'll go buy another Vr50.
  14. What about the Daiwa Ssaltist? What's the difference between 4000 and 4500 models?
  15. Great reel, but it's the heaviest in it's size.
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