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  1. I've been using HTLureCo bullet jig heads on all my paddle tails. Caught a bass up to 38" and the hooks held up fine.
  2. Bump
  3. I'll be trying out the hydro LC this week. Really curious on how it casts and swims. And hopefully catches something.
  4. If you didn't know, the bone color one is the Daiwa SP and the wonder bread color is the Yo-zuri Hydro LC.
  5. Hi all, I've been fishing the Daiwa SP probably since it made it to the fishing scene when it came out. It casts great and no doubt that it catches basically everything. I recently picked up a Yo-zuri Hydro LC Minnow. I was curious on how this compares the the SP. They look extremely similar. I do notice the hardware is a tad beefier on the Yo-zuri LC. Never used this plug yet. So I don't know how it casts or how it swims compared the the SP. Anyone used the Hydro LC? Below are some pics to compare the two. Daiwa SP 15F Yo-zuri Hydro LC 150F
  6. No matter the plug you use for blues, I'd definitely change the tail hook to a single hook. I decided to change it to a single hook years ago when I caught blues with their mouths locked shut on a treble hook. 2 hooks on the upper lip and 1 on the bottom. Needless to say it was a struggle to remove the treble hook safely. Had to bring that blue home.
  7. Has anyone used these rods? How has it held up? I know they come with SIC guides and some sort of locking reel seat I think. I saw these rods on line and on the tube. They do look sweet. Was looking at either the 9' or 9'6" model.
  8. Definitely send it back asap. The longer you wait, the less fishing you will be doing while the bite is picking up.
  9. Good to know, thanks for the heads up.
  10. Anyone know if Jones beach west end parking lot and Robert Moses field 2 is opened to the public at 6am?
  11. Hi all, anyone know if Jones beach west end parking lot or Robert Moses field 2 is opened to park by 6am?
  12. As Gatr522 said, hockey tape works wonders. Just 3 wraps around your finger and you are good. Also, for the most part, 8stranded braided line won't cut into your fingers as much.
  13. 1pc 8' blackhole inshore rod. $190. Pair it with a VR50 with 20lb braid. If the VR is too much, then anything in the 4000 size range would be good.
  14. Daiwa J-braid 8x only. Have this on all of my reels. I like the smoothness of this 8 stranded line and knot strength. Only downside, color fades after a few outings. But it doesn't affect the line performance.
  15. Slammer has a stronger drag.