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  1. I'd prefer my TFO surf rods over the Mojo anyday.
  2. What he said....if you can live line that...hold on tight....
  3. SOL Perch...very rare...
  4. I went ahead an bought a Gibs wave walker and a Heddon Super Spook XT(probably will load this one). Cant find a place that sells those Sea pups....
  5. Sweet, i will check them all out.
  6. Do all of these float? I'm looking for ones that float.
  7. Anyone know where i can find a Spook that is 6"? I know these things dont weigh much so im looking to buy one of these and load them up to 1.5oz to 2oz. Let me know!
  8. These are the best containers for gulp and their "juices". The ONLY way these will leak is if you get any type of sand along the thread of the jar or lid. If you do, you gotta clean it out. I've never had mine leak. In the off season its in my bucket in the garage. sometimes i do find the jar upside down or on its side. It never leaked on me.
  9. Wow.....that was prepared amazingly well and cooked to perfection. If this was marketed more like this, we might have a limit on searobins in the future. lolz.
  10. Super light and fast action rod. I love mine. It can throw sp minnows perfectly fine. Loads great at 2-3oz plugs. I have the 1st Gen rod and I love it.
  11. A tad far from me. I'm in Brooklyn NY.
  12. Where are you located? I'm looking to sell 2 of my inshore rods. 7' Mojo inshore and a 7'6" Cabela's salt striker zx rod. Both are rated up to 1.5oz.
  13. Where do you put the inserts? In the wader stocking sock or in the wader shoes??
  14. Hi guys, i have to wear orthotics for my shoes and sneakers now to relieve foot pain. Do you use anything when wearing waders? i have stocking foot waders. -Evil
  15. What's the condition of the rod?