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  1. I missed out on this year's Surf Day 2019. Did anyone from SOL go?
  2. I started to get redirected to these other scam sites recently every time I check the main forum from my phone. I'll post a screen shot next time I get it
  3. I've got an itch to fish !!!!!!
  4. Out with the old....in with the new! Future TE are Kelce and Ertz....
  5. Given the fact his numbers this year was at an all time low for him, he's done. He's gonna have back issues for a very long time. Brady will probably retire too.
  6. These hollow body plastics on a jig head are great. 5.5" size is the perfect size.
  7. Bass Magic on a 1oz or 1.5oz jig head.
  8. Wow, this is nuts, I hope surf day is not like this.
  9. It would be nice if this site had some hats, beanies and TShirts to sell showing off the SOL logo. With that being said, we should wear it to these shows. I'd rock it for the shows.
  10. This year's goodie bag for me was great. I love the hogy shad, looks deady for Bass.
  11. Just got back from the show. No snow this morning, just rain.... All in all it was a good show. Doesn't seem like there were as many vendors as there were from last year's event. Place was definitely bigger. Saw a 8' Black Hole rod that was only a prototype. I liked the rod a lot and would have bought it. I should have taken a pic. Was hoping to see Tsunami there to show off the new Salt X,but they were a no show. I hope they move this show back to Hofstra next year.
  12. KC wins vs Pats. KC vs LA Rams in the Super Bowl.
  13. Interesting read... http://via.pix11.com/e04T8
  14. NOOOooo.....i was hoping to see them this month at Striper day and finally get a rod from them!
  15. I was going to buy a VS150 for $400 used. Now that this Tsunami reel is coming out which offers as fully sealed, gonna have to think about this one. Anyone know how the warranty and servicing of this reel is? I would love to see a tear down of this reel and compare it to the others like VS.