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  1. That's bent man. Contact the seller to have it replaced.
  2. Smack it popper/Rattling popper size 4". This thing is deadly....caught many and lost many to blues.
  3. Here's mine...
  4. I live in Brooklyn but I goto Paramus and North Brunswick pretty often.
  5. Would you do $200 meet and meet in staten island great kills park?
  6. Too bad you dont live in NY/NJ, i'd take the 2-6 instantly.
  7. I would believe the 12000 size. I used to use the 8000 size on my 10' rod.
  8. Another Slammer redesign at a higher cost?? At that price range, VS is a no brainer.
  9. If you can save up the extra $200-$300, get the VSX.....you won't regret it.
  10. So just cast and slow retrieve??
  11. How do you work it?
  12. Found this on the beach, anyone know what it is and how to work it?
  13. What penn needs to do is make some cut outs on the spool and rotor. This would reduce some unneeded weight. And it would help drain water and debris so much faster. To me, the slammer 3 and 4 is almost identical.
  14. I have the VR50 Black since it was 1st introduced. Its a work horse for sure. Only had a problem with it the 1st time i used it where the side plate came loose after landing a big bass with it. Saltwaters was able to fix the issues for me as it was under warranty. Since then, its been flawless. Its been splashed and dunked, havent had a problem with it. I have the VSX150 and i love it. I have it on my 9' Jigging world shadow surf rod and it has been excellent. Dunked, splashed and have been caked in sand, no issues. I just got a VR175 to use in the canal this year. I decided to leave the bail on for this one. Im used to using my Slammer 3 6500 in the canal, but I needed something lighter. I hope the drag on the VR175 can with stand the CCC.