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  1. I was thinking of the same thing!!
  2. I normally like to use shadalicious shads, but I found this other brand and they come in a bigger size at 6.5". Bass Magic swimbaits. I can't wait to try them. I bought a few packs from eBay.
  3. Hi JD, Yea, i have tried these shads on weighted hooks. Works well in the back bay areas. But when im on the beach where i need to get it out by the white waters, i need some distance. The problem with these shads is that they tear off eaisly when lil schoolies are in the area just grabbing the tails. But when the big boys are around, they are very effective. -Evil
  4. 6" shadalicious on a 1oz - 1.5oz jig head...awesome.
  5. What about their fresh water rods? They look good on paper and on the tube, but are those rods as flaky as some of their baitcasters?
  6. Thanks for exposing how bad they are. Cant find an honest review on kastking products on youtube at all.
  7. What is your budget?
  8. I just got my 6500 today. How can I tell if mine is the upgraded version?
  9. Tsunami sand eels(weighted). Absolutely deadly...
  10. check the TFO surf rods. Seems like a very popular rod at the canal these days.
  11. Nice, i picked up a 6500.
  12. Saw this on the Tube and i'm simply speachless....i would have never thought of Fluke blitzing like this....Madness...
  13. Saltwater edge is a lil far from the canal. The people there are great.
  14. Thank you Ben! I feel better now! Thanks for pointing out the differences. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE my slammers. The line lay alone makes me all gitty. I do hope the next slammer will incorporate slotted spools to let water out quicker and making the reel lighter. - Evil
  15. Great Review Scoob! Few things: 1 - Adding Nemo in there was classic! 2 - Nice to see no water intrusion even with no crank handle. 3 - If the seals are exactly the same as the slammer 3, what constitutes the price difference? (Sorta feels like i should have waited for this before buying my Slammer 3 4500 and 5500...) just my .02...