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  1. Hi ksong,


    Do you have any pics or videos of, Black Hole USA SUZUKI Special 801L?

  2. I have a Daiwa Emblem pro 1pc 8' rod that handles up to 3oz. Great for fluking, cocktail blues and some schoolies. I have it paired up with a slammer 4500 spooled with 20lb braid. Maybe check this rod out?
  3. Sorry for your loss.
  4. No matter what shoe you wear on the rocks, if it dont have metal studs, you will definitely slip. Best case, do what SinFish said. Just get a pair of Neoprene socks and wear your korkers or boots that have metal studs in them.
  5. I dunno....might have a hard time reeling in snappers with that lil guy...
  6. Nevermind, i was so focused on the reel at the beginning of the 1st video that i didnt realize that the background was a pic of the line lay....sry.
  7. GREAT Video Scoob! How is the Line lay on this reel? Is it comparable to at least a slammer? Do you have any pics on the line lay and how much line you were able to put on this reel?
  8. The exact name, Dark Matter Fishaholic Finback Shad. I'd paste a link, but you know how that would go.
  9. Dark Matter paddle tails come in wonder bread color but only in 5" sizes.
  10. If all else fails, throw a diamond jig with a green trailer tube hook. Sometimes something as simple and cheap like a tin can produce greatly.
  11. If you want a spook that can cast really well, check out the Gibbs wave walker.
  12. Hi guys, I have a few bare tins I would like to paint on. Would Rustoleum spray paint be the best option? Looking to painting some green and some pink. Also hoping it would have a gloss to it after it dries. Thoughts??
  13. I got a Daiwa Emblem 8' 1pc. Very light weight that i have used mainly for fluke, schoolies and cocktail blues.
  14. I just got an Daiwa Emblem pro 1pc rated 3/4-3. I have mine paired with a Penn slammer 4500 spooled with j-braid 8x 20lb. Works great. Very light rod. I primarily use it for fluke. I'm actually thinking of moving my reel seat down a little by rod builder.
  15. Check out the 1pc inshore Star rods at 7'. They are great for fluke and schoolies