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  1. There are soo many choices to metal lip swimmers. And the prices are soo high on the vast majority. I see Creek Chub and Tsunami makes them also, but at a MUCH lower cost. Is the action between the lower cost metal lip swimmers and higher cost swimmers that significant? Looking at a Creek Chub Surfster 6". Thoughts? - Evil-Bay
  2. Hi all, Im looking into this rod stated in the subject line. Its a 1pc rated .5-3oz lure wt. Gonna use this as my spring bass and fluke rod. Will probably pair it with a Slammer 4500 with 30lb J-Braid. Throwing mainly bucktails up to 1.5oz. Anyone have this rod that can share their thoughts on the action?
  3. With a decently mild winter, we can have. Early good production like we did 2-3 years ago when we had a mild winter also. I remember schools of blues we're in the by mid March back then.
  4. Every time I'm in the main forum from my phone, the page redirects to this,
  5. I was wrong, there are TS and XD models. I got me some TS models to compare the XD models I already had. Honestly, I can't feel the difference. The XD models have a single teaser hook in the rear. The TS models have treble hooks. All hooks are VMC as stated on the package. The weight feels the same to me. I also got a tsunami surface blaster popper. Here are pics:
  6. Hi Tony, I will be going to this event. Can i pass by your booth with my slammer 4500 for you guys to look at? - Evil-Bay
  7. So i just realized there are 3 different models of the Tsunami Talking poppers. TS, GT and XD version are available to purchase but if you go to the Bimini Bay Outfitters website, it only shows the TS version. All 3 say they have the weight transfer system in it for long distance casting. Maybe the XD version is slightly heavier for longer casts?? Im curious.....
  8. I ordered myself a 6" GT and XD version and wanted to compare on hardware and castability.
  9. What's the difference between the tusnami XD and GT version? From the specs, they both have weight transfer system in it for casting far.
  10. What reel are you pairing it with? The type of spinning reel and type of line would affect your casting distances.
  11. 6500 on a 12' bait stick.
  12. a roll of Hockey tape can last you for years! Just 2-3 wraps and you are good to go.
  13. I missed out on this year's Surf Day 2019. Did anyone from SOL go?
  14. I started to get redirected to these other scam sites recently every time I check the main forum from my phone. I'll post a screen shot next time I get it
  15. I've got an itch to fish !!!!!!