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  1. Thats exactly what it felt like. I just returned it and hopefully i would get good working ones.
  2. Slammer 5000 size with 30lb braid.(2 slammers = a van staal.....just saying...) But if you can, save up for a VR 125/150 at least.
  3. Hi all, I finally got my VSX150. This thing is a beast of a reel. I decided to buy a power handle knob and a power drag knob for it. I think the parts I received are defective. When I installed the power handle knob, there is some resistance on the knob itself when spinning it. The stock knob spins way more freely then this one As for the power drag knob, 2 turns into screwing it on, it started to tighten up. As if the threading is off or something.... Thoughts?
  4. Ever since I found and tried this bucktail and Zoom split tails, I have not gone back to gulp swimming mullets in over 2yrs. Also, adding a little sticky smelly jelly on the bucktail gave it better attraction. I can use this in various ways. Slowly drag it along the bottom with the occasional twitch. I can bounce it slow or fast back to me.
  5. Been getting random Pop up ads when visiting Stripersonline.com from my Android phone lately. This is getting really annoying especially when im trying to reply to a thread, the damn pop up ad takes over.... Everything is phone from the computer tho.....Seems to only happen to mobile phones only. Evil
  6. where would i find parts for the VR50?
  7. Yup, i looked, and i just see the warranty page...thats it.
  8. I dont see the site to register a van staal anymore. If registering the SN# of the van staal is not needed anymore, why have it printed on the reel? Just curious....
  9. I have a pair of Orvis wading boots and a pair of Cabela's light weight lug sole wading boots. I added these particular studs to boots and I'm golden on the rocks. Also, I wear a pair of knee high water proof neoprene socks.
  10. Ive had my VR50 black since it came out. It did have some issues but was fixed and has been working great. I dont think you would find a lighter reel for light inshore setups. I have mine spooled with 20lb jbraid 8x.
  11. I would include a small bottle of crazy glue. Some soft plastics tend to slide off the hook a little. A little crazy glue and a 1min to let it dry is all is needed.
  12. Possibly the biggest regret on buying these plugs. Like someone else said, it's collecting dust at the moment.
  13. I had the same problem before. Then i just spend $10 on a scale from amazon, problem solved.
  14. I've ordered j-braid from Amazon before, never had a problem. But since you did, you have have no problem sending it back for a replacement or refund.
  15. exactly why i dont want to use them....