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  1. Everyone should read the first link I provided. It gives one a overview of the breadth of the illegality undertaken by the Obama administration and the evolution of those actions back to the IRS targeting right through the Steele Dossier and shows that the players remained constant right through . . . Who was the FBI Director back in 2012 when the IRS shenanigans was going on and §702 of FISA began being abused by the FBI???? Robert Mueller! Who was Mueller's right hand man back then? Aaron Zebley, who became one of the lead lawyers on the Mueller special counsel. Knowing where not to look, who's door not to knock on is important when you are covering things up! To our self-blinded liberals here who think "Obamagate" is fantasy, all the facts that are laid out in the story at this link . . . . . . are facts as set out by the FISA court. It is those facts which the "Russia collusion" hoax was conjured and deployed to obscure, cover-up and excuse. Understand, the Page warrant NEEDED to be got by hook and crook and lie because it would give the Obama cabal a way to legitimize much of the 2016 illicit surveillance on Trump -- by way of the FISA warrant's 18 month look-back and the two-hop rule. With that FISA on Page, they could "legally" retroactively legitimize their spying because the FISA would allow the vacuuming of 40,000 citizen's communications. See the ACLU's article on the "two-hop rule"; Read that Conservative Treehouse page, digest it and at least you will have some sense of what the coming indictments will be all about and you can temper your response to them and maybe, just maybe, you won't sound as stupid as you have sounded for the last 4 years. .
  2. Barr has said as much, that Durham's job isn't to write a report. Not that a report hasn't been written, it just hasn't been written by an official employee of DOJ. The Last Refuge (theconservativetreehouse(dot)com) has been laying it out for years with precision and impeccable research and reasoning. If the links survive, this article is a decent recap and mention's Bash's work: And this one is a recent look at the possibilities of a Durham timeline for indictments with the COVID shutdown of the federal courts including grand juries: .
  3. Yes, Bash . . . And he is investigating the abuse of the NSA database using §702 of the FISA reaching back BEFORE 2016. The FISA court itself has already handed down at least two orders that we know of (that have gone through declassification and have been released to the public) precisely laying out the crimes, literally millions of counts of illegal searches of the private communications of US citizens. There were over 3 million instances AFTER the FISA court told the FBI to cease abusing the NSA database in 2017 . . . The court was so frustrated with this "non-compliance with the new requirements" they contemplated cutting off the FBI's access to raw 702 information in the NSA database. Understand, this time period takes us through Trump's inauguration and right into the cover-up continuation called the Mueller Investigation. The "Russia Collusion" hoax was actually a grand cover-up of the years of illegal spying on US citizens the Obama administration was doing by abusing FISA §702(16)(17) since 2012 (the IRS targeting scandal). Remember, Admiral Mike Rogers has been assisting the investigation since right after Barr was appointed.
  4. Remember this guy? A retired NY cop celebrating his 50th birthday, wearing a gag hat he received . . . Fun and all until some unhinged leftist punched him in the face. Always remember:
  5. The rioters and the politicians are --for now-- working in concert. For the first couple nights it seems like the rioters slinked off and sucked a binky now that state cops were the security force for the courthouse. I guess word came down that no state or city politician wanted the optics of the rioters being lumped, bumped and gassed by state cops. We will see if the rioters remain obedient and concerned about city and state politicians saving face, or they roll the dice, act up and suffer pissed off politicians ordering pissed off state cops to clamp down, with the feds holding the state and local authority feet to the fire while lurking back in the shadows, black-bagging the bed-wetting larpers. The Democrats are in a tight spot, it will be interesting to see how they proceed.
  6. According to the 1995 Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons, directing a laser at the eyes intending to damage the eyes is a violation of international law. So technically speaking, after the federal court ruling approving of chemical irritants, the only "combatants" committing "war crimes" are the rioters . . .
  7. Barr did miss a golden comeback opportunity, I was screaming at the TV . . . When the one goofy Dem showed the video of the actual peaceful protesters chanting and singing, holding candles as a rebuttal to the violent actions of the blac-block, Barr should have asked him where was the gas and the baton beatings? The Dem's narrative was that "peaceful protesters" were getting beat and gassed but then a video is shown of a serene, truly peaceful protest proceeding without any interference from federal officers. Huh?
  8. Yes, they are called Democrats, supposedly woke mayors and Soros backed, hug-a-thug-cop-hating-social-justice-let-em-loose DA's . . and they enforce their silent racism in these cities they have operated for decades. They posture and point to reams of top down reforms written by leftist academics and restorative justice warriors and they claim it all will be implemented for the benefit of their "marginalized communities" by their politically correct appointees in the police command structure, but we STILL see brutality and murder by their police officers. How is that possible? An even more puzzling question, why don't leftists like you do any introspection and ask your leftist leaders how this was possible in these cities? No, you are incapable of doing any self-examination, incapable of any challenge of your representatives and incapable of operating outside your NPC Orange-Man-Bad programming. You are a useless, unthinking douche nozzle worthless for anything except to ridicule.
  9. Post one quote of someone defending the actions of said law enforcement officer.
  10. Should Democrat elected officials be embracing an Anti-American, anti-constitution, radical Marxist revolutionary group and giving tacit approval to the riotous actions of blac-block anarchists?
  11. Does being THAT obtuse physically hurt? There was universal outrage and realization that change needs to happen from citizens and law enforcement in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd's murder . . . The radical, scrawny, pasty white, booger-eating communists on your side purposefully rejected and ruined that because consensus and united direction of effort for reform does not advance the leftist agenda. Your side doesn't want reform, they want destruction. Your message above is projection because you are having qualms about the black-bloc-bomb-throwing worthless punk radical you want to see when you look in the mirror. Stop the BS'ing and embrace your core, be honest to yourself and us and stop assigning others your hate and anti-Americanism. .
  12. After all the histrionics today about "chemical" crowd agents and the evils of federal "troops" securing federal property, I found this AP sourced news nugget fantastically hilarious: "MILWAUKEE (AP) — More than 100 police agencies are withdrawing from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, in part because they’re concerned about a recent directive ordering police in the city to stop using tear gas to control crowds. . . . The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission said in its order that Police Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired if he fails to comply. . . . The original plan was to have 1,000 officers on hand from outside agencies to assist with security. Morales said utilizing the National Guard or enlisting federal assistance was under consideration." The Democrats are considering asking for federal assistance to secure the Democrat convention? I hope state police agencies all withdraw mutual support and in all that is good and proper, the DNC should receive a short "we have more pressing needs, sorry, not sorry" . . . from AG Barr. Let those despicable, disgusting Democrats stew in the warm embrace of their constituents. .
  13. My take on Roberts is that he was a target of the deep FISA §702 data mining done by the Obama administration and there exists some damaging information being held over him.