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  1. So, another example of background check failure . . . Shooter was granted Illinois FOID (Firearm Owner ID) card in January 2014 and bought a S&W .40 handgun in March of 2014 (which means filling out a federal 4473 and a federal background check). Five days later he applied for an Illinois CCW and was denied because that [deeper???] background check showed a 1995 felony conviction in Mississippi. The state then rescinded his FOID card (which is a requirement to legally own a gun in Illinois) BUT DID NOT CONFISCATE THE HANDGUN HE BOUGHT! Questions: 1) Why was the FOID card check so shallow? 2) Why didn't the federal NICS check find the '95 felony? 3) Why wasn't the illegally acquired gun confiscated? 4) Why wasn't he prosecuted for false statements about previous criminal history? 5) Why wasn't he prosecuted for illegally obtaining a gun? Things that make you say . . . No more laws until you bastards fix the ones you have!
  2. Why is my comment from 15 years ago, about the enforcement of UN Security Council resolutions on Iraq, being quoted in this thread?
  3. The Hill is reporting she is in attendance for today's scheduled conference . . .
  4. No, it's not. Thermally fused is not braided.
  5. They are very different. Fireline is gel-spun or fused line not tightly braided fibers, as such it is thicker than braid and 50% thicker than Whiplash 30lb (.10mm) vs Fireline 30lb (.15mm). Fireline is great when it is new, as Fireline ages it gets fuzzy. I don't think it effects performance in say fighting fish but I think it does cut casting distance because there's more friction through the air.
  6. I settled on Whiplash a long time ago and have only tried a few high-end braids since, just to confirm my choice. In my experience, Whiplash is the best-behaved, thinnest and most reliable line I have ever used. My fishing is 90% surf fishing East coast USA with a 35 year focus on distance engineered spinning tackle.
  7. A fill to the lip can make them more likely but the real cause is unequal tension on the line as you are reeling in. Anything that can alter the tension can screw you up; pumping the rod (dropping fast, so there's less tension) or reeling a plug in the surf when the lure is being pushed to you (reeling a slack line) and even reeling a sinker or lure across the sand, bouncing and skipping. Tight wraps on top of loose wraps is the cause; I always have my right hand up above the reel putting tension on the line . . . And I still get them from time to time.
  8. Yes, you're right. California Halibut can be either.
  9. Not in and of itself but if you are not very attentive of how you are winding in and have loose wraps, there's nothing to inhibit those loose loops being pulled off the spool. Remember, it is long i, wind knots (from winding, not the wind blowing). Not talking out of my butt, I fish full spools . . .
  10. Unless the image is reversed that is a left-sided flatfish which virtually eliminates any Halibut species from consideration (1 in 20,000 individuals have the eyes on the left side).
  11. You would swear I was lying (or being paid).
  12. Correct. The messaging -- the gun control narrative -- from the left exists as one of the most amazing examples of paradox . . . How something can be so completely about race while one ignores the racial disparities in the fact stream of the effects of criminal use of guns. From the left we see the propaganda coming in two streams; both arguments appeal to low-information people who are susceptible to messaging based only in emotion. The first is generalized and cultural, that White males and law-abiding gun ownership are the "real" dangers to America. No need to examine this further, it is everywhere and ridiculous on its face. The second propaganda stream is more insidious and dangerous; that's the political message which is primarily made to White suburban Soccer Moms and the Beta Males who are either browbeat by them or just think like them. White women are the ones who must be convinced that their precious little Abigail and Bradley and Kaitlyn and Wyatt playing on their cul-de-sac, are at just as much risk of being gunned down as Aaliyah and Demetrius and Jazmine and Marquis in Democrat run urban Hellholes.
  13. And to be true to the Constitution, one must recognize that it endeavors to foreclose the establishment of a "democracy". The Constitution tries to render impotent the ignorant whims of the majority whipped into a frenzy by demagogues.
  14. Berkeley Whiplash hands down; 30lb is .10mm, I use 80lb for casting leader and that comes in at .25mm. It is he only braid I use but you can only buy it from the UK.
  15. The definition of "horrific" is malleable and in the context of gun policy, the level of "horror" -- measured as outrage -- is entirely a product of the perceived political advantage that can be ginned up. It is a reverse dependency; if there is no political advantage to be generated, (or the facts work against the liberal agenda / narrative), we see the situation or event quickly moved out of the news cycle -- or never get there. Just some actual numbers (from the CDC). . . For 2016 there were a total of 38,658 deaths by firearms. 22,938 were suicides, 14,415 were homicides. The per-cap rates, based on a total population of 323,405,935 were 11.95/100K for all deaths, 7.09/100K for suicide and 4.46/100K for homicide. The breakdowns is where it gets, shall we say, interesting. 3,370 non-Hispanic Whites out of a population of 201,184,893, were murdered with a gun for a per-cap rate of 1.68/100K 8,434 Blacks out of a population of 45,361,967, were murdered with a gun for a per-cap rate of 18.59/100K A Black gun homicide rate 11 times the White rate . . . can that be described as "horrific"? Maybe, depends who you talk to I guess. How about this? 2,664 Black males aged 17 - 24 out of a population of 2,977,784, were murdered with a gun for a per-cap rate of 89.46/100K. Read that again; the gun homicide rate for young Black men is 89.46 per 100,000 of population. Just for comparison, the numbers for non-Hispanic White males aged 17 - 24 are; 402 were murdered out of a 10,013,146 total population for a per cap rate of 4.01/100K. If Black males aged 17 - 24 were murdered at the same rate as White males 17 - 24, there would have only been 119 murders, not 2,664. To put this young Black male murder rate into even starker perspective, if the whole nation of 323,405,935 people were shot and killed at 89.46/100K, that would put the number of gun homicides in 2016 at 289,319. The gun "horror" outrage mob proposing gun control is the same mob that labels anyone who mentions these facts a racist . . . Yeah, there's definitely some brainwashing going on.