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  1. And don't forget about Sharyl Attkisson making up that crazy story about the Obama DoJ facilitating assault weapons being sold to Mexican narco-terrorists . . . Damn them White women hating the Black President!
  2. Political Suicide Squad Sisterhood of Sedition / Sedition Sisters Quadraphonic Stupidity Sisterhood of Socialists The Lenin Sisters The OWNID Sisters (Often Wrong, Never In Doubt) Foursome of Fearless Foolishness
  3. The face you make when you have spent eight years weaponizing every aspect of the Executive Branch of government and you are handing it over to someone you "literally" feel is Hitler.
  4. You just have to shake your head at the hypocrisy . . . Trump is bad for "ignoring the courts" when he says he'll put the the citizenship question in the census by EO, but then when he wants to enforce judicial orders for removal of illegal aliens who have had their due process, he's bad too. So, according to liberals; he's bad for ignoring court orders and bad for not ignoring court orders . . . Understand now?
  5. GloZell . . . Her Obamacare video, "Your Higher Taxes pay for My healthcare thanks President Obama": (YouTube will not allow embedding, it is a must click though) Her interview withThe Messiah:
  6. MAGA

    I'm thinking when it is all unwound, this Powers unmasking is going to be all about the Obama admin's hostility / hate for Israel and pro-Arab stances. I think it is all about finding dirt on pro-Israel Americans.
  7. The amount of $$$$$ brought into the region far outweighs the minimum wages being paid to loyal Dem voters temporarily employed to pick it up. All in all, a boom of economic stimulus.
  8. Lessons have been learned from the reactions and aftermath of Mueller's report. I believe that the IG report is finished but the criminality that is laid out in it is being folded into Durham's investigation and his grand juries. The Huber investigation (which was a year old in April) has also been folded into Durham's work. It will be better to have one report with seamless fact streams and plainly evident prosecutions rather than multiple reports issued with possibly contradictory or incongruous conclusions. The slightest discrepancy in timeline or fact stream between reports would be employed to impugn the process and product. It will be worth the wait and the closer the proximity to the election, the more political benefits . . . .
  9. No evidence of abuse? As the article says, the FISC did their own audit and wrote a report focused on NSA database search violations and found 85% of the "ABOUT" queries, exposing identifying information of US citizens, were illegal. The NSA Director discovered the FBI was allowing "private contractors" complete access to the NSA database. NSA Director Rogers ordered the private contractor access to the database shut down on April 18th, 2016; the next day the wife of Glen Simpson (Fusion GPS founder) was at the White House bright and early and stayed for 14 hours . . . By the end of April, Fusion GPS was hired by the Hillary campaign. Shhhh, move along, nothing to see here . . .
  10. ^THIS^ All Russia did was make good on the Democrats duplicitous promise of "transparency". We already know exactly what the Obama administration did when they discovered Russia meddling . . . Nothing substantive except to weaponize our own LE and Intelligence services against Trump. 'We sort of choked': Obama official says it's hard to defend the administration's response to Russian hackers in the 2016 election They "knew" HillDog would win so there really was no need to do any actual work . . .
  11. Seriously? Even if you don't want to believe it you should at least be aware of the information that's emerging . . . Hillary believed she was getting info from foreign government agents and then the investigation hinged on info fromthe same douchebags spewing their BS, Mifsud (Russia) and Halper (Uk) and Downer (Australia) -- who were actually CIA vs FBI operatives trying to outdo each other. The double-standard is going to be shoved down your throats. The outrage being cultivated now for a hypothetical comments from Trump that equate exactly with actual actions of Democrats, will be exposed as just another example of the leftist media and politicians ability to operate without any integrity or principles. Best thing is, this exercise in exposing liberal pieces of garbage will include handcuffs and prosecution for their malfeasance. .
  12. If by "We" you mean the duplicitous, scumbag left, then yes, you are effed . . .