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  1. One needs to recognize that the 'spying" didn't begin with "Crossfire Hurricane"; that FISA Court process was more to put on "legal" footing, the absolutely, without any dispute illegal unmasking and surveillance that was targeting Trump and his people that was already over a year underway. NSA head Mike Rogers was fed up with the unlawful NSA “To” and “From” 702(16) & “About” 702(17) queries and how, a -- for now -- unnamed private contractor had access to the NSA database in 2015 and 2016 (cough, cough, Fusion GPS). Rogers notified the FISA court about these actions and the FISA Court ordered the unlawful activity to cease . . . LOL. Rogers, in his "White Hat" frustration went to Trump Tower ten days after election day and told Trump about the NSA spying, and that in Nov. of '16, with the FISA Court being duped, and even with the SCIF (Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility) that the Obama White House set up, Trump Tower was not secure. Trump vacated Trump Tower the next day and moved critical transition operations to Trump National in Bedminster NJ. Spying did occur, some of it baldly illegal (the NSA “To” and “From” 702(16) & “About” 702(17) queries), some of it facially "legal" only because the legal procedures to obtain surveillance warrants were followed. Barr's comments are based in the fact that since the Mueller Report proves the predicate for the FISA Court legal procedures were all false and the FBI personnel presenting this "evidence" to the FISA Court were misrepresenting said evidence . . . That a full investigation is needed. A compressed timeline of this criminal enterprise from the link above: November 2015-April 2016 – The FBI and NSD uses private contractors to access raw FISA information using “To” and “From” FISA-702(16) & “About” FISA-702(17) queries. February/March 2016 – Trump’s securing of GOP nomination seen as probable. April 2016 – NSA Director Rogers orders NSA compliance officer to run full audit on 702 NSA compliance. April 18 2016 -Mike Rogers shuts down FBI/DOJ contractor access to the FISA Search System. April 18 2016 – The FBI discontinues private contractor access to raw FISA information. April 19 2016 – Wife of Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) Mary Jacoby visits White House. Late April 2016 – Clinton Campaign begins paying Fusion GPS. April/May 2016 – Fusion GPS hires Christopher Steele. April/May 2016 – Fusion GPS hires Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ Assoc. Deputy AG Bruce Ohr. May 2016 – Trump becomes presumptive GOP Nominee. May 23 2016 – Nellie Ohr applies for a HAM Radio license. June 2016 – FBI Agent Peter Strzok – and possibly DOJ’s Bruce Ohr – meet with Christopher Steel. June 9 2016 – Glenn Simpson meets with Natalia Veselnitskaya before Trump Jr. meeting. June 9 2016 – meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Rinat Akhmetshin and Natalia Veselnitskaya. June 9 2016 – Glenn Simpson meets again with Natalia Veselnitskaya after Trump Jr. meeting. June 15 2016 – FBI Agent Strzok changes wording of Clinton charges from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”. June 27 2016 – AG Loretta Lynch has secret meeting with Bill Clinton on tarmac. Late June 2016 – First draft of Trump Dossier shared w/Fusion & possibly FBI’s Strzok. Late June 2016 – First FISA 702 Surveillance Authority request made. It is denied. July 2 2016 – FBI Agent Strzok interviews Hillary Clinton. July 5 2016 – FBI Director Comey exonerates Clinton. July 19, 2016 – Trump officially becomes GOP Nominee. July 24 2016 – Clinton Campaign manager Robbie Mook suggests Russian Government is behind release of DNC emails. Mid/Late July 2016 – FBI begins counter-intelligence investigation into Russia and Trump. Late July – Second draft of Trump Dossier shared with FBI. August 2016 – Strzok sends “insurance policy” text referencing Deputy FBI Director McCabe. August/September 2016 – CIA Director Brennan meets with Gang of Eight suggesting Russia is helping Trump. Late Summer/Early Fall 2016 – Trump Dossier shopped. September 5 2016 – Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of interfering with U.S. election. Late September 2016 – Second FISA 702 Surveillance Authority request made. September 26 2016 – John Carlin, head of DOJ’s National Security Division (NSD), admits to FISC that surveillance included Obama’s political opponents. September 27 2016 – John Carlin, head of DOJ’s NSD and involved with FISA requests, announces he is resigning. Early October 2016 – Bruce Ohr meets with Dossier author Christopher Steele. Early October 2016 – Bruce Ohr meets with Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS). October 2016 – FISA 702 Surveillance Authority request is granted. No evidence is found but surveillance continues – ostensibly for national security reasons. October 20 2016 – NSA Rogers briefed by NSA compliance officer on 702 NSA compliance audit. October 21 2016 – NSA Rogers shuts down all “About Query” activity. Permanently. Reports activity to DOJ and prepares to go before FISA Court. October 26 2016 – NSA Rogers personally informs FISA Court of 702(17) violations. Late October 2016 -Defense Secretary Ash Carter and DNI James Clapper recommend to Obama that Admiral Mike Rogers be removed as director of NSA. October 2016 – The Obama administration is now monitoring an opposing presidential campaign using federal intelligence services. November 17 2016 – NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers travels to see President-Elect Donald Trump. November 17 2016 – Trump Transition Team announces they are moving to Trump National Golf Club. November 19 2016 – Washington Post reports a recommendation made by DNI Clapper in October that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position.
  2. What's wrong with USPS Registered Mail?
  3. My philosophy is a bit different (and darker) from others here. I consider gold and silver to be insurance, not necessarily an investment. Insurance for catastrophe, just like your homeowner's policy. I begrudgingly write that homeowner's check every year but I don't lament my house not burning down. I am willing to accept that the value of PM's will fluctuate but I don't look a it as a loss . . . The old saying is true, you don't lose money till you sell. Gold in my view is a reservoir of wealth / value that has as its primary purpose to reestablish yourself AFTER the SHTF and the new monetary system --whatever it might be-- has come on line. It isn't necessarily to keep yourself comfortable while times are tough. You should have made plans and have survival goods for those times, the last thing you want to do is be in public trying to cash out gold bars. Blending in and at least giving the appearance you are struggling is the way to make it to the next stage. Silver is can be important in those tough times but it needs to be in a form that is readily exchangeable with sometimes unsophisticated people. For that Pre-1964 US silver coinage is the best. Everyone recognizes a US quarter or dime and pre-64 silver ones stand out with their unique dates, appearance and sound. Their value would be something that is universally established in post collapse barter markets and using small face silver coins won't draw attention. Just like gold, silver is a reservoir of value. In 1964 a gallon of gas was .25 cents; at the time of this post, a 1964 silver quarter is valued at $2.72. That's within a couple pennies of what I paid earlier yesterday afternoon. As I said, PM's are a reservoir of value; in "REAL" money, gas hasn't gone up in "price" at all . . . It's that wonderful US "Dollar", that "safe" and "reserve" currency that's been devalued and will continue to fall in VALUE. If you are buying gold for "insurance" I would stay away from bars. The Chinese fake technology is to the point that unless high-tech instrumentation is available to validate, you either won't find a buyer or you will be forced to accept below spot price . . . And this difficulty is happening NOW! Government coin (US Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Aussie Kangaroos) is something that have exact physical attributes that are measurable besides just weight. Coins have an exact diameter and thickness and of course, weight and only authentic coins will match all three. All someone needs to be confident they are holding a real US Eagle is a scale and micrometer. As far as places to purchase, my list is small, #1 is JM Bullion and APMEX a close 2nd. I also maintain a relationship with some local dealers and make some purchases there, especially of pre-64 silver coins (commonly called 'junk silver'). Oh, one more thing . . . NEVER put your stack in a bank's safety deposit box. .
  4. I used to compete in casting tournaments and I used my fishing set-ups for competition (OTG cast). Just the switch from .28mm mono running line and .75mm shocker to 20lb braid and 80lb braid casting leader amounts to a reliable 5%-7% increase in distance with a 125g sinker @ 675ft +/- mono as a base cast. Tackle used: Daiwa Tournament S6000-T, Century Carbon Metal Crest rung with Fiji K's starting with a 50mm.
  5. Well, when your assumption that I didn't read the manifesto is nothing but a supposition relying on a hunch that's based on your being butt-hurt because I dismissed your jerked-off description of Owens, and then you start generalizing and making more suppositions about me and lumping me in with all these other people you have encountered that 'don't read the source material', and you do all that in such an oblivious way that makes it clear you couldn't be bothered to address a single syllable I wrote (assuming for one moment that you even read it), . . . yeah, that's projection. *PLONK*
  6. I said I'm not familiar with Owens' positions, not that I'm not familiar with the manifesto. I know what he said about Owens in the manifesto that's why I said what I said about your ridiculous characterization. Sigh. Projection seems to be your strongest talent. Here's something I wrote in the "White Nationalist" thread, save your fabricated, self-describing conclusions for somebody else.:
  7. The MSM are actively describing the manifesto as incoherent ramblings that nobody should give any credence to (except for the "Trump is my inspiration" part) . . . Examining the manifesto and divining his real motivations would require tough questions to be asked about the left's support of forced immigration from 3rd world ****holes and the purposeful policy of ethnic and cultural replacement in Western nations. And.That.Simply.Can't.Occur. .
  8. I'm not familiar with her positions but I'm not so uninformed / ignorant as to accept your characterizations of them. On its face, that you need to go so far out there does offer some insight into your sanity and stability.
  9. LOL . . . There is a fundamental yearning within rational people to understand why he did this. We scratch out heads about the Vegas shooter because he left no indication of motive; well, this guy left us plenty but the MSM is very focused on discrediting his explanation (except for the mention of Trump so mindless drones can go out and say, "the shooter gave Trump the credit" or "Trump was his inspiration / motivation"). The media and pundits are busy telling us the manifesto is a rambling, nonsensical rant that nobody need pay any attention to; that, as usual is a leftist headfake and misrepresentation. The media and pundits are running cover because the manifesto forces us to ask some tough questions about leftist migrant policy and resultant extinguishment of Western cultural identity. This guy isn't an idiot; he is well educated and well traveled, and to ignore or dismiss his observations and criticisms -- and thus his motivation -- is not the way to address and mitigate the danger of people like him. The left has been offering breathless, pearl-clutching concern and warnings about taking his words seriously, the left simply can not allow that to happen. To actually learn why he did it would, again, demand an examination and discussion of the left's purposeful policy of ethnic and cultural replacement in Western nations. The MSM are dutifully doing the groundwork to make sure no such examination or discussion occurs. The intellectually lazy but guaranteed emotional response labeling of him (Nazi, White Supremacist) is the first step. Next will come admonishment about displaying any interest in his viewpoints and labeling that interest as sympathy, support or kinship. The left's despicable actions in trying to run cover for its policies is the manure that nurtures what the left says is evil and claims that it wants to eradicate. It would be easy to say that progressives are just too stupid to see that, but that would be dismissive of how evil leftist politics really is. The truth is, the left NEEDS evil people like this and other mass shooters out there creating havoc and instilling terror because the leftist reaction to him -- more demands of government power, more clamping of liberty, is the goal -- more authoritarianism and domination. The left isn't really interested in why anyone opposes or resists them; they just want resistance and opposition suppressed and controlled . . . Which of course brings us back full circle to the left's forced immigrant policy and replacement / extinguishment of Western cultural identity and principles. .
  10. Along with conflating violent psychopathic criminals with law-abiding gun owners . . . laying the moral if not actual blame for acts like this at the feet of law-abiding gun owners and their evil overlords, the NRA.
  11. In his own words: Q: Were you taught violence and extremism by video games, music, literature, cinema? Yes, Spyro the dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism. Fortnite trained me to be a killer and to floss on the corpses of my enemies.
  12. The sections of the lawsuit attacking Remington for selling the firearm itself, remain thrown-out in accordance with the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Only one part of the lawsuit was maintained by this decision and that is focused on how the gun was advertised -- the wording / descriptions of the gun and its capabilities. This is now more a 1st Amendment case than a 2nd Amendment one . . .
  13. Wooo-Boy . . . The shooter's manifesto will be fodder for attacks on US pro-gun conservatives from the left. Somehow he wanted to create a civil war between right and left in the USA, cited Candace Owens as a primary influence . . . MSNPC and DNCNN are gonna be lit tomorrow!
  14. Good to see you again. I used to post under Sgt_Slough; if you remember me you know I completely rejected and continue to reject, any argument that conventional tackle is inferior to engineered for distance spinning tackle for day-in-day-out fishing. I spent years beating my head against the wall "discussing" the potential for RELIABLE extreme distance using the RIGHT reel, line, rod and guides. Me to! It is rewarding to catch fish that the majority either don't know are even there, or, that they have surrendered as uncatchable simply because they think they are unreachable. 200 yards with a baited hook is achievable, especially with worm bait and a tapered (torpedo) float. I like your rig, I have tied up and use something very similar. For dropper style rigs I use a Uni to tie in the hook leader (pulled very tight) to the main body of the rig (80lb for me) and it too slides so the tension on the clip can be precisely set. I use pulley rigs quite often, especially for bigger baits targeting bigger fish. When I target fluke / summer flounder I use a pulley rig called an up-and-over which is a clip-down that fishes a long (24"-36") leader on a sliding sinker. I enjoyed your posts and pictures and long-distance fishing is an endeavor that is always evolving (30+ years for me). The fact that the response to your thread has been sparse, tells me most fishermen are happy enough only catching half the fish they could be . . . .