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  1. Only available in North Carolina, let me know what color and how many you need.
  2. Maybe they'll have Superman and his new boyfriend reporter.
  3. I will take it for asking price of $95 shipped. Try USPS for shipping.
  4. Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong again. David Cassidy singing "I think I love You, but what am I so afraid of? Afraid that I'm sure of a love that has no cure for". Some verses have the backing of a Munsters like harpischord.
  5. The Heineken Heister guy looks like a dead ringer for the "Dead Giveaway" hero.
  6. Closed-no sale
  7. 3 plugs--$20 shipped
  8. Broken back eel sold, will let the other 3 go for $25 shipped.
  9. I PM'ed info.
  10. How about $15 each shipped? You mean the green jointed one is a broken back? And I would guess the Gibbs is the other one with 3 hooks?
  11. Had these collecting dust, Moved onboard a boat, still selling off stuff. $50 free shipping.
  12. I went to the theater to watch Saving Private Ryan with my wife (now ex), she said afterward that D-Day was really sad, I said yes but at the same time was The Allies, if not mankind's greatest moment. Rising to the need to get a flimsy grip onto the European Continent to fight back and eventually take back a Freedom that could have slipped away, all of this in the face of odds not in our favor.
  13. He couldn't punch his way out of a paper Steg.
  14. Definitely cheaper to grind up one of those lamps than buying little containers of the stuff, Salt is Salt- or is it not?