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  1. Your Momma so fat, when she danced the record skipped...........at the radio station.
  2. Sadly the only tog I've seen in North Carolina was at the Pine Knoll Shores aquarium.
  3. I fish out of NC now, My light duty rig is a Daiwa Saltist 2 speed LD30 6.3:1--3.1:1 spooled with 40# Spiderwire on a Lamiglass Tri-Flex BL6625C cut to 6', My heavy rig for liveling beeliners is a Penn Fathom 60LD2 spooled with 80# power Pro on a St. Croix TSWC70MHF that has been cut to 6' 5". Rarely use less than 14oz .
  4. I saw that coming, there is a video where He crossed train tracks almost getting plowed by a fast-moving train. I think he was going uphill on a snowmobile, and it flipped back over on him.
  5. You might want to consider a larger top on the Singer treadle, one small bump and your flat screen will be flying. +2 for graphite.
  6. Searing it locks in the juice, slow oven melts the collagen. The collagen holds the muscle together, melt it and perfecto. That's why a flat cut brisket cooked low and slow will shred when it hits 190 degrees internally, only 180 and you have to slice it.
  7. Make copies of all your keys and stow inside the RV, Mount one access key hidden with outside access. Get your Doctor to fill your prescriptions for 90 days worth.
  8. Heard years ago that someone hooked a mako on the Jamaica II and it jumped straight up amidship as high as the wheelhouse.
  9. I heard she liked to hunt................................................................................little kids.
  10. Hold on to them, you're gonna need them after everything shuts down.
  11. A couple from my Dad; Dimbulb-Not too bright. Big Galute- Big Ass or dumb ass. It wasn't until my sis went to nursing school that she learned about the muscle group "Gluteus Maximus", or butt muscle and put 2 and 2 together. Mr. Buttinski- A person that interrupts someone else's conversation. Wisenheimer- a smart alec Clodhopper- someone with big or loud feet. " I knew that was you coming down the steps with your clodhoppers". Modern; Back seat browser- someone that tries to tell you what to click on your smartphone or computer while looking over your shoulder.
  12. I say make the Perfessers that gave out worthless degrees take it in the pants, stiff them for a lousy job.
  13. When it leaves a mark, they remember.
  14. Sold to ridenfish for asking price. Thank You Tim S and SOL.
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