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  1. If they are fish, I guess they are smallmouth bass or trout, because this lake is very clear and most people catch these two type fish. So, what is bait I should use if they are not interested any lures and live worm? Shiners? What bait or lure are you going to use in the very clear lake?
  2. Hello Experts, There is a thing I can't figure out. You can help me. Early this month I went fishing in the newfound lake, NH from my kayak. It was a super calm day, almost no wind. And it was a tournament day, and a lot people caught big bass. From my fishfinder, Lowrance hook2 I can see a lot of marks quite often. But I am not sure are these really fish? Because I tried jig, small bucktail, dipsy diver with crankbait, paddle tail jig, spoon, and live worm with a slip bobber no bite at all. I attached some photos of my fish finder, and hope you can give me an advice. I was thinking these marks are bait schools, but the water was deep and some single mark is not small.
  3. I went to scituate harbor again this evening. In the high tide, those silver fish were still there and many bigger fish came. I saw some fish like banana size and they ate small silver fish! Does smelt eat smelt? I drop a #12 hook with a piece nightclaw, a few small fish bite it, but not hooked up. Those fish are too small even put a pencil bobber. Bigger fish swim around the nightclaw but not interested at all. They like chase smaller fish and eat them. I caught a grass shrimp by accident, and use it as bait. No fish interested it. Also I prepared a piece mackerel with stomach, those fish swim around it but not bite at all. I spent 2 hours in the pier and watch those fish. I can't figure out how to catch them. Maybe dip netting, but that is illegal in Mass. I hope our experts can help.
  4. Angler, I guess they are small size smelt. They have silver body and back is black. I remember smelt I had in restaurant, they have yellow color on the back. Last time I snagged one small fish on sabiki rig, because they are so many! If cast a net, may catch about hundred in every cast. I know Mass allow use cast net to catch bait, but I am not sure how do they consider smelt? If they are smelt in Scituate harbor, I think use smallest hook as possible. The little fish I snagged on, the mouth maybe only quarter inch, I try to compare its mouth my sabiki hook, which is way bigger than the mouth. I will try to bring some pan fish flasher with me in next time. But I am not sure what the water column smelt like to stay in this time. I watch on youtube, some people use bobber, suppose leave the bait on top water, someone use 1 oz sinker?? Scituate harbor water is very deep, in low tide I guess they have more than 8 ft, because may commercial fishing boat stay there. The silver fish I saw, are definitely stay on top. I will bring a noodle rod and tiny hook try Scituate harbor again in this week. If someone know where has big smelt, I'd like to know.
  5. There are a lot useful info here! I am wonder, does anyone catch smelt recently? Can you share the spot and when did you catch? I went to scituate harbor couple days ago, I saw a lot tiny silver fish swimming around. Looks like herring, they are figure size. I try to drop sabiki rig with a little worm, they do eat at all. Swimming around my rig and no one touch it. I was on front st., the commercial fishing pier at night, and high tide in that time. I also went to here in earlier time, at low tide. These silver fish was gone. High tide or low tide is good for smelt?
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Matt a poisett Trip and fall on the rocks ,,,,something is gonna break,could even be a leg. As far as rods goes, take your pick of what works for you,your best friend and fishing mentor may not like your choice, but as long as you do ,is what matters. It's like Dodge ,Ford ,Chevy. !!! All work, all break ! Excellent point! Protect my legs first.
  7. Seems like everyone want lamiglas surf rod. Does anyone has good experience with other brands surf rod to share? Price, power, material are all important factors. Durable is important too. Surf fishing is really damaging our gears. Fishing in cape cod canal, what is important to consider when we choose a rod? We'd like cast far, but not cross the canal
  8. How to use the depth to locate fish? Like flounder and striper? And I am a new fishing guy, where can I launch yak in Jbay? Thank you!