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  1. I thought they were handicapped parades anyway.
  2. Quick question. Are you even allowed to take those birds back with you even though legally harvested?
  3. Thanks. That was a rough day I let the boys out and sat out with them a while. They lasted about an hour and went back in. That night they were both wheezing and sneezing. I woke up with one eye glued shut and other just about the same. It was much better today though.
  4. Might not of been your first choice of reels? Those Mitchlell's are tanks. The only thing that was prone to failure were the bail springs. I still use a pair of 308's with pack rods. I keep in the car with a emergency bag geared for Trout & Panfish. Btw them are some nice fish there. Those White fish are kool I wouldn't mind catching a few of those.
  5. I'm not sure if I'm able to dumb this up with out using big words I'll try. I had a little ball and I stuck it on the wall.........................the end.
  6. Hang out in rough joints your gonna get roughed up the curious in me has got to ask how does one come to fire up a gaggle of bull dykes ?
  7. By all means explain why
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