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  1. The Rat patrol
  2. Yes it is ,
  3. That was a great era to be a kid I oughta know I was one of them.
  4. They're starting to stick around waiting for the wife to come home . She gives them treats every day around the same time . I don't know how they can tell but around the same time every day you can bet they're jolly on the spot.
  5. Good morning 51/80 partly cloudy
  6. I'd rather get pissed at and missed than shi* on and hit . When you get tired pushing it pull it .
  7. Good morning 51/75 pm thunder storms .
  8. Good morning 55/73 afternoon thunder storms
  9. Hasn't been a picnic across the pond here either , I hope for all that's holy you can get vaccinated before the scum in prison do, I took a lot of things in stride because honestly it didn't put me in a position where I couldn't do as I pleased . Still common criminals a head of the general public never did sit right with me .
  10. Good morning 50 / 75 light rain over night