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  1. Good morning 47/73
  2. I used mostly Wullf lines . I haven't kept up to well on the latest and greatest though. Bout all I can say is I had no complaints using the Wullf lines .
  3. I didn't realize you were actually using a shooting head . I thought you meant say a weight forward , Those type of set ups wouldn't be a good first choice to enter fly fishing with. I'd get a weight forward line to learn on , I prefer an intermediate line ( very slow sinking line ) . I have better contact with subsurface flies . I can still fish poppers with that line if the need arises .
  4. Good morning 57/68
  5. I've been there making my own baskets . I came to the conclusion it cost me way more in the long run than to get a good one from the start, Mung is going to be a royal pain when you run into it . I got no magic bullet to get around it . Myself if I was in skinny water an out going tide and the mung was thick I'm kicking rocks. Can't offer much help with casting except it's all feel. Just guessing maybe your trying to lift as much line off the water as you did on grass. Surface tensions of water is going to feel way different from the start. I'd get in some practice over water like a pond or a lake to get a feel for it.
  6. Even the UFO's are checking it out .
  7. Get a good shooting basket and not one of those cheapy mesh types . A good one like the Orvis ones or similar do wonders at controlling line especially when it's windy.
  8. Good morning 61/75
  9. I'm in the eastern zone .
  10. Good morning 69/93
  11. You wouldn't happen to have the recipe for this would you? I'm always on the lookout for gems with names like these. I feel like cooking today and want to bake a batch of these for the little brookies .
  12. Good morning 60 / 95 T storms
  13. Good morning 52/78
  14. Good morning 55/58 rain