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  1. 1 min ago, PeterO said:

    A friend who lives in Virginia has given me an open invite to come down and “play” with him and friends.  No fishing but they fire machine guns off the back porch into the woods, among other diversions.  He did a big caliber high $ hunt in Africa.  With the lighter traffic on the roads I would love to make a trip.  Your post has me thinking.

    If you never have done that I would put that high on the bucket list. 

    Or send me as a Peter Proxy I’ll try not to bring shame to your doorstep.


  2. 2 mins ago, Slacker said:

    I was out walking Freak.  Saw a cat taking a crap in someone's boxwood hedge.  I thought of Snaps and smiled.

    I saw deer **** in my yard which is unusual for my street and I thought of Snaps and smiled. 

  3. I actually think I might pull off a fun trip in the next couple weeks. 

    One of my best friends is fully retired tomorrow. He ain’t that old so good for him.

    He has a nice place in the Catskills where he will be going for the summer and a hunting camp nearby that is pretty nice that has been vacant since deer season. 

    He wants to trout fish and get together so I will stay in the deer camp with our other friend and he will stay either home or with us don’t know but I have high hopes that some trout fishing will happen in the next two weeks. 

    Trout fish by day, guns and booze on the porch before dinner , and a fire pit at night. Sounds like a Covid fatigue remedy about now. 



  4. 7 hours ago, Mike said:

    Anyone have a Landroid? Looks like a cool toy. 


    That is funny because I was on the worx site the other day looking at stuff. I got the 40v weedwacker delivered yesterday because I am sick of messing with 2 stroke gas engines. I was looking at that “power washer” gizmo. I’ll see how the weedwacker works out before I even consider the roomba for the lawn.

  5. 58 mins ago, csteven said:


    You'll take those points but wouldn't give Central Park Karen 1 date? Becuz standards?

    He sucks. Give those points the autocorrect and double down Penalty for trying to claim points for spellchecker provided word. Shame on him for even looking. And change his screen name to Karen.


  6. The German menu for the most part is very good. 

    The potato pancakes are A++

    The Old Hofbrau house special is a good value and very good. 

    The Perogies not so much, it is served in a creamy sauce with kielbasa which is not for me. They do a Brat and Knockwurst app with sauerkraut that is good. I get just that and potato pancakes for dinner.