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  1. Gear foe Sea Bass is the same as I would use for fluke or blackfish depending on how deep.
  2. 5/0 I would consider on the Huge side for a teaser. 1/0, 2/0 is more “normal” for me. 34007 is fine just hit em with a file or stone to get them sharp.
  3. Sleep well Annie bananas
  4. He would have left the golf cart path to get to the Winn Dixie parking lot. Regardless of DL. Even here in Jersey if you get popped for DUI in a boat you lose your drivers license like it was car DUI.
  5. The golf cart charge was the same penalty as driving a car Loss of license and a few thousand in fines +lawyer. really stupid
  6. Gives me hope in the youth of America
  7. I had. Buddy that lived in one them golf course communities in SW Florida. There was a convenience store right at the entrance gate. He took his golf cart down there to get some beers and got grabbed up and charged with a DUI. He thought he was being responsible.
  8. I’m sure he could saw a set from a roadkill this coming fall/winter. God knows he can’t kill anything more than a six pack.
  9. That was my first reaction until I saw the possibility for content.
  10. Improvise, overcome, you’re not a quitter.
  11. Where do you launch from? I thought you was a south jersey guy.
  12. Headlights and beer holder, I predict future content.
  13. I don’t have time for this it’s time to churn the butter for breakfast
  14. Dinghy saw WiFi and his blood pressure ticked up a bit. I’m sure it is gonna be great.
  15. He is organizing the Atlantic highlands protest for tonight. I'm just waiting for a text.
  16. I have a mask
  17. Work with me here. He coughed when the mate was unhooking him so into the bleach bath head first.
  18. Wassup with the albino head on that guy. Did you get purell on him.
  19. The thing didn’t pop
  20. Trout trip in in the book. Leaving next Sunday after coffee. returning Tuesday afternoon.
  21. You got a text. Tim don’t like links.
  22. I thought the signs were just a BS scare tactic for the sheep to slow down. I been down to my moms a couple times and the parkway is like the Indy 500and I don’t see any cops pulling anyone over.
  23. That’s it. I did have to poke around to make sure it was the genuine article because the drag star and handle are not the pretty blue. But I think that is just the difference between the P and the H models. The price was good so I just pulled the trigger.
  24. 15P is the one I got. It will be paired with nano particles before October.
  25. You had a kayak that weighed 80 pounds? Just get a friggen boat for christsake