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  1. Reed Stop listening to him
  2. My assessment was a little better than that jeez
  3. Clam roll same price as lobster roll aye carumba
  4. My son and his girlfriend are moving to Rockville MD in a couple months from Chicago. I’m sure it doesn’t look like that.
  5. I can remember when a 5% mortgage rate was pretty good
  6. Remember when the geniuses put internet kiosks on the streets. The homeless were watching porn and whacking it in Times Square
  7. Just you and captain quik
  8. Just awful.
  9. Mama said there’d be days like this
  10. Try cleaning it first.
  11. I have been north and understand the rocks. What's the plan if you hook a good fish.
  12. Walking sod banks sounds good. A yak is different if you can't stand up. Rocks sounds like a challenge.
  13. Bunch of stripers hanging around
  14. I think the pro trim is more about offroad capabilities
  15. Who could tell