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  1. Now @Mike needs to edit the part where he quoted you with the email address in the quote or just delete it.
  2. Take that to the waffle house
  3. Maybe @Snaps likes all of the mail to get cheap viagra
  4. Tony you may want to edit your post to disguise the actual email address. The spammers have bots that worm through the internet and harvest email addresses. If you get spam now it will go up exponentially if you leave it there. Just change the @ to at
  5. Plus Georgia
  6. Lubing the lines is good advice. I use dish soap for that purpose so I am not dealing with grease.
  7. That is the only reason I know what it is. I called to cancel my Sirius account a few weeks ago. They gave me a 56% reduction for a year and I didn't even have to try. So i kept it.
  8. No points for merkin Slacker had mentioned merkin to Tom to put on his head a year ago.
  9. And full Bush but I suspect that was a merkin She gotta be shaved amiright
  10. We didn't even get the hotel sock picture with the twins on in the background
  11. Denied
  12. The Red hats are popular in that part of the country.
  13. I was going black fishing with Capt Ray a bunch of years ago and some dude was having a banana for breakfast while we were at the dock. The captain said that we will wait here at the dock until he **** it out.
  14. You have a slicer or cut that with a blade?
  15. I would say that you need to hit them a little quicker