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  1. 4 year old in a crib?
  2. Safe travels and Happy Birthday
  3. why not
  4. You want to go drop off a few cats?
  5. I did the recon down there. Lovely little community. Nicely manicured. No sign of any cats for a four block radius.
  6. Congrats on the milestone anniversary. Is 25 years Diamonds or Wood? I forget
  7. Hickory can be strong. Pecan or some fruit wood.
  8. Some Funt just dropped a 6pm call on my calendar for tomorrow. I want to tell him to **** off but he out ranks me.
  9. I am sure that I am headed for a pellet smoker some day. The set it and forget it is most appealing to me.
  10. braised I know she puts a whole bottle of Bordeaux in there. I made the mashed potatoes.
  11. I also made a couple bronzinio’s that may be the prettiest of all.
  12. The short ribs were stupid good.
  13. Making short ribs with mashed potatoes
  14. Do you pull the plug when driving to and from the ramp? If not you should be doing that. driving up and down the hills is a great way to get all the water out.