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  1. A couple of sheep for those chilly nights.
  2. That is funny because I was on the worx site the other day looking at stuff. I got the 40v weedwacker delivered yesterday because I am sick of messing with 2 stroke gas engines. I was looking at that “power washer” gizmo. I’ll see how the weedwacker works out before I even consider the roomba for the lawn.
  3. As long as every dead enemy was shooting a 1911 of the same caliber it wouldn’t be a problem.
  4. Very cool. What’s going on out on the leader end in that pic of the fish still in the water?
  5. He does that at home Y even go out
  6. What do you want me to do exactly? Just put up todays game an challenge him for words?
  7. He doesn’t seem interested Karen
  8. He sucks. Give those points the autocorrect and double down Penalty for trying to claim points for spellchecker provided word. Shame on him for even looking. And change his screen name to Karen.
  9. The German menu for the most part is very good. The potato pancakes are A++ The Old Hofbrau house special is a good value and very good. The Perogies not so much, it is served in a creamy sauce with kielbasa which is not for me. They do a Brat and Knockwurst app with sauerkraut that is good. I get just that and potato pancakes for dinner.
  10. The wings there are not in the rotation..
  11. We got Bahr’s take out a couple weeks ago and liked it. I have a handful of things that I like and I like the owners so we do go there on the regular rotation. Are there better options around, of course.
  12. Tonight was a disaster. Beef tenderloin on coals overcooked for me. Shrimp in a fussy tomato sauce that she said had no flavor. The rest is irrelevant. I went for a walk.
  13. The set it and forget it is a nice feature for a long cook. I could see this in my future. I cannot get a less than 200 degrees smoke in the egg. I probably don’t try hard enough but set it at 165 and go about your day is an option I never had.
  14. He’s a Tequila Fairy. Every time he drinks tequila he sucks a dick.
  15. Some of them fussy bitch Brooklyn dogs showed up here last week. They are good but I think that is all beef variety.