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  1. He was just messing with you for the no show
  2. They were delicious and plenty to go around.
  3. Tom is over like 125k Does he get a prize or something.
  4. How fond are we of this wife? Does she have good insurance?
  5. Ok with splitting the pot In this group I look at it as the only way I have a chance to recover funds. Otherwise I just consider it a donation.
  6. The "species profile " page is interesting. Behold the sea bass
  7. I been getting that one. Click it and let me know.
  8. So a max of 20 rods but 26 is ok too. Does Tom run the booking?
  9. Nah I'll just get in a little later than normal. We left our seats and walked down to the main level in the middle of the 8th cause we had to get back to Penn station for the train at 11:18. So we were watching the yanks bat in the bottom of the 9th Stanton was at bat and hit a foul ball into my now empty seat. We watched the people that were sitting on our right scramble and get the ball. I normally never leave before the last out but a night game on a school night I broke my own rule.
  10. At NY penn now back to red bank Tomorrow is going to be a drag ass day.
  11. 1:00 turned into 7:00 but it was a good win. Judge was back
  12. This one showed up this morning @Tim #notified
  13. Yeah, I got a six pack. In the garage fridge.
  14. The ski place we went to in Vermont for years had a fondue night in the bar. They always had interesting dippping choices like pickles and stuff. I always liked it there but we never do it at home.