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  1. All dolled up for Easter
  2. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
  3. The painted ponies inspired me
  4. Easter eggs are ready
  5. The front porch of the south with purple horses. Don’t take acid and visit that rest area.
  6. Just a test
  7. I could play the other guy in the avatard game but I need permission from other members before I did that. I never put a pic there before. Sparky is an easy one cause I have some from various trips. Sheisty also have a few. Group shot with me Sheisty, TomT, Sheisty’s lady and csteven I would maybe add it but only if everyone said ok. Even if everyone said ok I’d probably just put Sparky anyway.
  8. Bargain for that spread. Looks like a great day with your dad. Booze in that bill at all?
  9. Fixed it
  10. I think he was referring to the toxic Superfund site in the basement of the wife's business
  11. They had storm windows they were just impossible. I looked into ways to keep them and heat my house but in the end it was just a better option to replace them. The new ones look fine. Maybe better because you can clean them from inside the house so it actually gets done once in a while.
  12. My brother did that when he came home all drunk one night. My mother caught him. That was funny as hell. Well for me it was. For him not so much.
  13. 90 percent is a big number but for an NFL player he's probably correct.
  14. I did replacements in a bunch of spots in my house. New construction was not a great option in my case. My house us very old so the original windows were all still leaded glass sash weights and all that. The size of the openings were all large enough that the replacement is not noticeably small. A few French doors I did were all new construction just because it seemed like a better option. It was obviously a lot more work.