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  1. I never had any talk. I always figured that most of the important life lessons are learned on the school bus.
  2. I thought he died. Really cruel to wish a happy birthday to a dead guy.
  3. You probably not so much. Slayer has teen age children it is likely that he knows what it is. The transaction fees are less than PayPal to move money from person to person.
  4. PayPal or cash works for me. If you want a Zelle or a Venmo I gotta get a kid to do it.
  5. Gray long sleeves are good for me too.
  6. If this boat is leaving the dock at 5am to go toggin where the hell are we going? The Flemish cap?
  7. What's the black box on the ground in the shooting lane to the right?
  8. I'll take 2 1 large and 1 xl.
  9. Traveling during open enrollment
  10. But you could recommend a good one if that’s what he is looking for.
  11. His parole officer named him Sheisty
  12. Dr told me that 85% of throat cancer in guys around 50 was from HPV these days.
  13. The website is a a tad rough to navigate but the raging bull is a jig style that they have listed. The sparkies looked like the hook shank was short to me but I know nothing.
  14. I got a dozen banana and a dozen raging bull. A few little a few bigger. Looks like good stuff.
  15. He’s going to surprise us with a special appearance in RI but you’ll have to see it in pictures. Cause old peoples.