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  1. I did get back out to the beach today to see the seals. Got close enough for a crappy cell phone pic.
  2. I told both my kids to do max 401k contributions starting from now until your last working day. I would add a long term life insurance policy when they are very young also like just after marriage and it still a reasonable premium.
  3. Alpine is so small maybe it doesn’t fit some criteria to make the list because it doesn’t fill out some minimum household number.
  4. Sweet ride but I do not like what they did to the bow of the center console. They basically put in bench seats and a table like your at the diner. It takes the bow away as a rail spot unless you are kneeling on the benches.
  5. What wild lands will be roaming this week?
  6. Is Alpine NJ on the list? I always thought that place was the playground for the rich and famous in NJ.
  7. Wasted on the young
  8. Her Is the one on my left. My brother is across the table from me. Just going through some very old pictures. This was a trip to acupolco when we were all very young.
  9. Her is the woman sitting next to me on the couch. She is not all in but there is a chance. She’s like turn it up I can’t hear and then it’s like I can’t watch this.
  10. You fat bastard I been binge watching The Punisher on Netflix for the last few hours. I like it, her not as much.
  11. I always say that there is some benefit from the struggle. It’s not always supposed to be easy.
  12. ‘tis is another one that will get the panties wet. I’m just looking at the pics on the website where everything loooks upside down.
  13. I am somehow not sure that it would have the same effect on the waitstaff at Culver’s. The menu is interesting in that every pic has the lettuce and tomatoes on the bottom of the burger. In the NE i am not sure I have ever seen that, always on the top.
  14. Irish author that wrote Angela's ashes. Grew up dirt poor. Actually a good read. I have a copy I can send to you.
  15. I did ride around the hook a bit today Cool stuff out there