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  1. I thought it was code for doosh
  2. Nice content though. He does have a flair.
  3. Better than wet feet and kind of like the extra sinkers in your pockets idea,
  4. Well there is that place in East Brunswick and that one in Edison.
  5. We are all old, mostly. No sweat.
  6. You left you manners at the door. Please don’t disrespect the MP. Thank you
  7. I have the fiskars super splitting axe and I gotta say it does a nice job.
  8. A very large hammerhead shark on an offshore tuna trip. I didn't time it but I'd say 20 minutes maybe more.
  9. I have two anchors on that boat and used them at least a few times this year. I even rigged one for rocks to pull out from the bottom. It worked out good.
  10. Hank, Santa did get me that garmin plotter we discussed on the boat. I’ll need all your numbers to plug in there. Thanks
  11. That must be a male
  12. I'm sure Mick must have been in there back in the day. It was local for him and it was ok. Fun bar.
  13. It was a old place. It burned to the ground around 1986 and the property is still vacant. I think they had EPA issues with permits and whatnot.
  14. This institute was the Robert E. Lee fine dining establishment in the shadows of the Morgan Creek bridge lovely view of the Raritan river.
  15. I do the same thing. Just good lighting and 3x readers. I hhaven’t been tying anything smaller than 8 bonefish flies though. 5x might be better for 22 sulfurs.