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  1. Just got home from work to check out my new cooler. Gotta say the 40 is a beast lol
  2. I see your train of thought Mark d. Think I'll fix a lil popcorn lol
  3. I felt ....almost like I had to actually work!
  4. This is a loaded question lol. Most people will have varying opinions on what they like. Some like a ribeye while others a strip steak. Both great steaks but just a little different texture if you know what I mean.
  5. I'm a life long coleman/igloo guy but as I have been getting older I have been looking to "invest" in items that will hopefully last longer. I have never had a coleman that a hinge or handle has not broken off. I probably will never need ice to last 5-7 days but who knows I may. But for the more solid construction I am going to try.
  6. My buddy has the Ozark if its the one I am thinking of and has the same shape as the hopper. That was my only hold up with Yeti, the shape...and well the price but my wife was buying
  7. My wife did go with the blue as apposed to the grey color as that was again about $40-$50 cheaper. Im just anxious to get home and check it out
  8. I hear that! I just figured its big enough for a family of 4 for a day out on the boat, or I can scale back the amount of items for the beach or day at the zoo. Pretty sure I don't want to lug 40 pounds around walking the surf! LMAO
  9. Well my wife bought me an Rtic soft pack 40 for fathers day and it just showed up in the mail today. She sent me a pic of the box a I am at work and BOY does it look big lol. She asked if I wanted a Yeti hopper or the soft pack, I chose the soft pack solely on the design of the lid. Now my best bud has the hopper so when we hit the beach this fall for drum time in Chincoteague we will be able to give a true side by side comparison for how it works. I really like the design of the soft pack so I can not wait to see it tonight. I am sure just like bud light/miller light there will always be those whom favor one over the other!
  10. Finally went to look at it Wednesday after work and a nasty storm rolled through. Hope to look at it this Wednesday.
  11. Great fish, better story, incredible memories for a life time!
  12. Man I can NOT wait to get back out on the beach with my boys. If we could all stop having kids during the run or blowing out knees we would be golden! Plan better gents lol.
  13. Hikes run I've dont the 3+ before for a few hours when I lived in Baltimore and drive to Chincoteague lol. Now with the wife, son in summer ball, daughter in gymnastics, and a crazy work schedule that would be tough lol. Now NEXT week the kids are going to grandma and grandpa for a WEEK I might be able to take 1 day of vacation time off lol
  14. I have not been able to get out even at the local beaches, but they are reporting the 2nd one landed from the beach already this year....apparently that's not very common south of the OBX. Report was it was landed on 12# mono and took over an hour to land. Think it was around 30 pounds or so.
  15. Im originally from Allentown but live an hour from Morehead City. I wish I could make this trip...Ive only been offshore once. I wish you the best of luck on your trip!