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  1. I know this is more than a long shot, but I lost my left wading boot. I called simms but they won’t sell me just the left. They we’re almost new so sucks to buy another pair. Figured I would at least post it here to see if I can make a match
  2. I’ll take these
  3. Okay I don’t have any other plugs you would want, how much cash would you need on top?
  4. Looks like GRS sand pikes. You can learn more about them if you look up GRS plugs. Gary R Soldati
  5. Looking for a GRS, med slim you have anything used?
  6. Jbaer, I’m gonna stick with the jointed and cowboy. Thank you for offering that one up. let me know your PayPal
  7. Ok sounds good, let me know about the straight eely
  8. Ok I’ll take it, could you do the jointed eely with it for 70 shipped? Did you find any straight eely you wanted to let go.
  9. Thank you for all the great recommendations!
  10. Ok interested in that one, any chance you have a sr cowboy or straight eel you would want to sell with it
  11. How does the JR. Lip on the eely change the plug? Dive Deeper?
  12. Staying at the campground for a week at the end of the month. Kids are still little so attention span is short but was wondering if anyone could provide some insight on where to look for fun kid fishing. 2 & 3 year olds so no rocks. Willing to drive or bike. At home we hit the local pond for trout or bluegill, almost certain to catch a few quickly so they stay interested. Hope to find same in a salt setting. thanks in advance
  13. @jckcrr I’m going to pass on those, I do appreciate your offer