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  1. What did you pressurize it with tannerite ?
  2. It's better than most of the crap you post.No offense.
  3. What missile facilities ?
  4. Only time i've ever been mad fishing is when someone ran over my spread.
  5. Could you imagine. Their beady eyes perk up,The Zinfandel starts flowing and bam !! They're at the park screaming at the sky.
  6. Democrats like squalor.
  7. Sounds like pissing in the wind to me.
  8. ''So Trump makes his offer'' What offer is that ?
  9. There is no whistle blower.
  10. Like they care about the environment.
  11. No,he's not.
  12. I don't care if Trump met with them on Christmas vacation if it gets us out of that 18 yr **** hole.
  13. Get some gin and juice.
  14. The meth has eaten that guy unrecognizable from photos I've seen compared to him at his bail hearing.
  15. The lefty's feathers are all ruffled up today.