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  1. How does that make you feel ?
  2. Just find a junction box and tie in.
  3. All this strife is warming.Keep going.
  4. And just like that, war monger to savior.
  5. You look a little peckish,pickled even.You alright ?
  6. Did he draw a line in the sand ?
  7. Maybe Obama and his wing man will confess.
  8. Confess
  9. Trump was just pushing these governors buttons to take action. The looting and window breaking will subside since they already broke all the windows and stole all the TV's and shoes.
  10. The only thing circling the toilet is your liberal cities.I suggest you throw some toilet water on the fires.
  11. Seems the Wuhan don't like the black man. Maybe the CCP engineered it that way ?
  12. There was no tear gas fired no matter how much you wanted there to be.