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  1. Still the sanctions are applied and no intercontinental ballistic missiles are flying about.
  2. magpie
  3. He doesn't want to be smeared when he concurs Barr's statement.
  4. I would at least read the date they were made on the sidewall.
  5. Just put them on the back.
  6. They're going to have us all in Chinese finger traps.
  7. Jim Acosta said on the twatter his Berkley professor expert said it was slowed 75% which is hogwash.Maybe 25%
  8. We've suckled the poisonous of teat of our enemy,now dependent on it.
  9. There's great whites out there you know.
  10. He was resting.
  11. We landed in Nevada and he moon rocks are from Utah. The earth is flat with a raised lip to keep everything from sliding off.Oh,it's also in a bubble.
  12. Sounds like a freak show.