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  1. ''If you believe it,it's not a lie'' George Castanza
  2. I hear she's going to give 70 % of her income to the IRS.
  3. Buzz Feed and Anderson Cooper are doubling down on the story.
  4. The special council even came out and said it's hogwash.
  5. Try some 31'10.50's Did you know that you can also tow a thirty footer with a Rav 4. Learned that on da boat forum.
  6. Yawn.Farfetched hearsay.
  7. Seems to me we had some careless soldiers frequenting a restaurant for french fries and chicken.Lindsey Graham was even there a little while back. People notice things like that.
  8. What construction project are you talking about ? Post the building permit.
  9. ''Show your tits'' would be a great sign.
  10. Tissue of lies.
  11. Rockfish !
  12. All back of the bus Nancy
  13. 3rd string
  14. Nancy don't run Barter town.