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  1. The stein dropped the turd and is now looking for that slip out the door,wasn't me, moment.
  2. Tell us about the Macedonian navy.
  3. Maybe you can get a purple peter beater and exchange photos.
  4. Hire someone to break their thumbs.You will be more satisfied with the results.
  5. I've been using ground pork for burgers lately that's been lean and 2.29 lb. Bird burgers suck.
  6. pvc pipe and drywall screws
  7. Have you tripped over that wheelie bar yet ?
  8. Ad I the fairwater planes.
  9. got the blue balls,crabs and the seven year itch.
  10. All things Trump.
  11. you should of etit for brekkus.
  12. It's an elaborate ruse.
  13. That must of been some good weed.
  14. Presidential felony lol.How many shots of a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman did it take to pen that ?
  15. Yep. Thousands of people have turned over every rock and beat every bush...