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  1. You've been crying for six years..A resist cultist.
  2. We're all addicted to the Chinese teat.
  3. You can say the same thing about the left. ''Resist'' now that's a cult.
  4. I bet they found all those tags Trump tore of the mattresses at Mar Lago.
  5. You're either against pedophilia or for it . Which one are you ?
  6. Maybe he can sing jailhouse rock.
  7. Out of town on a rail he will !
  8. Excessive force. Shop owner is going to prison.
  9. PHE

    I bet blowing air up a cow's ass will give you cattle pox.
  10. Maybe her lawyer should give Trump a call.
  11. The prosecutor says he ain't leaving.Can DeSantis have him frog marched ?
  12. Rub some dirt in it could be pinned to the top.