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  1. Everyone's gotta put a little in the kitty.
  2. Talking meatball.Look at him.
  3. Let him eat dirt.Oh wait, he already did.
  4. They act like Trump sits at his kitchen table and does his taxes.Trump has a team of tax lawyers that will make their heads spin.
  5. He's not going to be out of office.
  6. Government break even or a profit ? Lol Peddle crazy elsewhere.
  7. Trump the merciful is giving Kim a chance to reconsider.
  8. Burn it all and push the ashes into the ocean.
  9. Sounds confusing.What if someone tricks you about the amount of time that has past ?
  10. No he won't.
  11. The dnc,your party, drug the pony show out on the stage with his wife behind him where she belonged,Called Trump out and received what they deserved.