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  1. It's like dejavu all over again .season after season after season.
  2. Sounds good.Thank you.
  3. Would you consider $20 for the 3 hobie buckets ? If so I will take them .Thanks.
  4. Do you happen to have the dividers for the hobie containers ?
  5. Yes absolutely, I understand . I know it sounds silly to ask but would you consider shipping it ?
  6. I'm interested ,just not sure when I could meet , I'm crazy busy for the next couple of weeks.
  7. A few miles east of Rt 112
  8. I don't have anything that small , I'm still interested . Do you ever travel east on the island ? I'm in Suffolk county . Thanks.
  9. Looking for anything in a trade by chance ?
  10. Good idea ,looks like it works out well .
  11. Check the DMV website, there should be something on there regarding new registrations. Let us know how you make out. good luck.
  12. I use the c tug cart also , took me a few trips to find the area that works best for me . I am very happy with it .
  13. Good luck with the compass , I am very happy with mine .I haven't had any issues with the tabs ,however I was on another forum and it seems to be happening to other owners as well . Maybe hobie would cover under warranty ?
  14. Nice ! good luck with it .That's a lot of kayak right there.
  15. Good luck with it . It's a sweet looking ride !